DIY To Revamp Your Old Shoes Drawer Into New Look

Everybody has at least 2 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe which they mix and match and wear with different outfits. I’m talking about the minority but the majority have more than 2 pairs of shoes, right?  So, what to do with those shoes which you have worn so many times that they don’t look as good as before or they have become dirty. Sometimes you don’t even want to keep them in your shoe rack or often find their way into the bin. But what if you find some ways or techniques through which you can turn your old shoes into new ones? Isn’t it fun plus interesting things to sound folks?! 

Now we are finding new ways to adopt sustainability, thanks to a pandemic that made us realize the impact of our choices on the environment. DIY your old shoes are easy on your pocket, so let’s learn some amazing techniques. 

Paint It Away

This is the easiest and the most cheating you could do to make your old shoes look new. It is a very interesting activity though, you should give it a try on your old shoes. If you like panting then bomb! Show your artistic touch on your shoes and do it. You can also do painting on new shoes too, just simply buy a white pair of sneakers by using the MATISSE FOOTWEAR COUPON CODE and show your skills. Trust me if you choose to do this thing with your shoes then definitely you can transform your shoes into the best shoes for you.

Lace Shoe Makeover 

If your shoes are dirty and you can’t wash dirt out of them then don’t worry, you can stick any lace on top of your shoe and cover the dirt with it and can wear them easily anywhere. You need to choose the right place or a pattern depending on your preferences whatever you like. Or another amazing thing you could do is to trace a design on it and give it a stylish look by adding some beats, sequence, etc and wear them at parties or any themed party as well. 

Add Bow 

If you are getting bored of wearing the same shoes all the time then it is time to make a few changes to them and give them a new look without buying new shoes. Buying new shoes is very heavy on the pocket but thanks to dear frances coupon code everyone can easily afford to buy new shoes. Simply add a bow to your shoes and give a new look to your old heels or shoes!!

Fluffy Shoes 

Wanna do something funky with your old shoes? Then fret not folks!! You don’t need to buy new funky shoes, you can transform your old shoes into funky shoes just by adding fluff, features on top of your shoes and if you want more funkiness then add glitter too. 

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