air car purifier market
air car purifier market

Does Pollution Threaten Pregnancy

Car air purifier market works against environmental pollution. In the face of environmental pollution, different groups of people have different responses to harmful factors in the environment. Usually, people who are more sensitive and strong in response to harmful factors in the environment is susceptible groups.


air purifier car market
air purifier car market

Compared with the general population, susceptible groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children have significantly lower body system functions during their physiological development and development. Bai Xuetao explained that the functions of the body systems of the elderly are gradually declining. The functions of the body systems of pregnant women will also change significantly during pregnancy. The fetus is at a critical stage of development. Then the functions are not yet perfect. The body systems of infants and young children are not yet mature. Mini car air purifier portable protects the elderly, women and children from air pollution.


How Air Pollution Affects Different Populations

Due to the obvious deficiencies in the body functions of special groups such as the elderly, pregnant women and children, they will be more sensitive to the damage of environmental pollutants and more vulnerable. It reflects that the elderly and the sick are more vulnerable to the health damage caused by air pollution. Air pollution can induce the onset of diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems and respiratory systems in the elderly. It even increases the frequency and severity of their illnesses.

Car air purifier market is helpful to pregnant women. As far as pregnant women are concerned, they are not only vulnerable to environmental pollutants, but also the fetus. Because many pollutants can enter the fetus from the mother’s side through transplacental transport. The fetus is most sensitive to the hazards of lead. It leads to irreversible brain damage and marked cognitive decline after birth.


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