double chamber teapot

Double Chamber Teapots – What Are They?

As unbelievable as it sounds, two liquides can be poured out of one bottle!

One question: How to add wine to a wine bottle without a lid?

Second question: How to pour out two different wines from the mouth of a wine bottle?

These two questions that modern people claim to be well-informed, but cannot find the answer to on Zhihu, were common knowledge in ancient times. Because to solve these two problems, two kinds of ancient special wine jugs must be used: the pouring jug and the two-heart jug.



backflow pot


Backflow pots were the most popular in the Song, Liao, and Jin dynasties, and were also called “magic pots” by the rest of the world.

Its lid and body are designed to be connected together and cannot be opened from above. There is a hole in the bottom of the backflow jug.

If the water is poured into the jug through the hole in the bottom of the jug, the water will not flow out of the spout. Then turn the kettle body over, and the water will not leak out of the hole at the bottom of the kettle.


 And if the body of the kettle is tilted, the water in the kettle can flow out normally from the spout.

How did such a wonderful “magic” come about?

Sectional drawing of backflow pot

It turned out that the pot is provided with a water outlet pipe connected to the spout and a water injection pipe connected to the bottom hole. The key to realizing the “magic” of the backflow kettle lies in the two conduits in the kettle.

When the kettle body is turned upside down, the water can be poured into the kettle along the water injection pipe, as long as the height of the water in the kettle does not exceed the height of the water outlet pipe, water will not flow out from the spout.


When the kettle body is coming over, as long as the height of the water in the kettle does not exceed the height of the water injection pipe, the water will not flow out of the hole at the bottom.

Therefore, although the backflow pot has a hole at the bottom, it can be leak-proof.

Song Yue kiln faucet backflow pot

According to the “Porcelain Catalogue of the Yuan Dynasty”, the production process of the “backflow” pot is rather peculiar, and the firing needs to go through three processes, each of which is more complicated. After these three processes are fired, and then connected in sequence, the exquisitely constructed Yuan Dynasty “backflow” pot is formed.

In fact, the ancients spent so much effort not entirely for entertainment, but also because of the enlightenment: if it is right, it is right. Do nothing beyond the limits. This is similar to the “Justice Cup” we introduced before.


two heart pot

double chamber teapot

There is a plot in the TV series “The Legend of Wu Meiniang”. A concubine wanted to poison the heroine with alcohol, and she used a mandarin duck pot. As long as the jade beads on the pot were turned, the fine wine would become poisonous wine.

Many people think that this is a TV drama made up, in fact, the prototype of this “Mandarin Duck and Poison Pot” really exist in reality, and the mechanism is designed more cleverly. Its name is “Two Heart Pot” .

The mandarin duck pot in the TV series actually has a prototype

As the name suggests, two completely different wines can be placed in the two-hearted pot, and one-pot can be used to serve different wines to guests according to the needs of the pot holder. Does it sound mysterious?

The two-heart pot can be regarded as a combination of an ordinary pot (less lid) and an inverted pot. For example, the two-hearted pot in the shape of a birthday star below, the pot is designed with double water tanks, which are not connected with each other.

Two water injection openings are cleverly set at the lower end of the longevity cane (transformed into a pot handle) and the wine gourd hanging from the shoulder. When using, first turn the pot upside down, pour the A wine from the bottom of the crutch, then turn the pot upright, and then pour the B wine from the shoulder.

trick tepot


If you want to pour wine A, plug the hole on the shoulder, and wine B will not be poured out (depending on the atmospheric pressure). Similarly, if you want to pour wine B, you can plug the hole at the bottom of the crutch.

Because one hole is on the handle of the pot, and the other is under the handle, it is usually the operation of the thumb and ring finger, so it is difficult to find.

Seeing this, the editor can’t help but feel that the wisdom and scheming of the ancients are really beyond the reach of modern people. Friends with insufficient IQ should not easily pass through.

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