Drainage Maintenance Services
Drainage Maintenance Services

Drain problems 3 signs to watch out for

The best time to replace your Drainage Maintenance Services is when the snow starts to melt. It is therefore important to know exactly how to detect the warning signs as soon as they appear so that you can remedy the situation quickly and thus avoid costly problems.

What are the signs of a French drain problem?

Many signs may make you think that your Drainage Maintenance Services should be checked and tell yourself that the sooner you spot them, the better it will be for your property. The severity of the symptoms must be assessed before undertaking major renovations and you must especially take into account the age of your building. Here are a few clues that may give you a clue:

  • Cracks in foundations or walls
  • Significant increase in the humidity level in the basement
  • Water infiltration in the basement
  • Presence of mold on the floor or the walls
  • Stuck doors and windows
  • The appearance of whitish crystals
  • Floor sagging or warped floor

The 3 Most Common Signs Your French Drain Needs Repair or Replacement
Cracks in the foundation

If you see a crack in the foundation of your home, it is most likely related to a French drain problem. The severity of the problem varies depending on the width of the crack. If it is about 1 centimeter, you can simply call a professional who will fill this crack with epoxy injection. The cost for a crack repair is between $250 and $1000 depending on its location. If the crack is larger, you will probably need to renovate your foundation.

The cost to fix a Drainage Maintenance Services problem is much higher, as it involves more work and might require the expertise of a structural engineer. Failing to do anything about French drain problems can have a significant impact on the structure of your building. Be sure to call a French drain expert.

The appearance of a whitish crust

It is often difficult to recognize the signs of a faulty Drainage Maintenance Services system, but the consequences can be so serious that it is better to act quickly. If you notice a whitish powder or crust on the concrete walls of your basement or even mold on the drywall walls, it could mean that water is trying to enter your home.

The white crust forms due to the combination of minerals present in the concrete and its PH level. It is important to contact a qualified contractor as soon as you notice this type of formation.

Water seepage

Water infiltration in a building can have far greater consequences — it is, therefore, essential to act quickly. Indeed, if water seeps into your basement after heavy rains or during snowmelt, there is a good chance that your French drain is clogged or clogged. In some cases, the passage of a specialized file may be enough to repair everything, but this is very rare. It is much more usual to have to repair it or change it completely. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to reduce costs and French drain problems.

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