Drake Tax Software in the Cloud

Drake Tax Software in the Cloud: Features and Benefits You Get

Do you feel immense stress and anxiety while filing your taxes? Do you feel you might miss tax deadlines? If so, you need to start using a reputed tax software application. As a business entity, you need to file your taxes on time to avoid any legal troubles. Businesses these days prefer the Drake tax software application for managing their tax filing and returns. You can use this software in two ways, either as a desktop application or as Drake Tax software in the cloud.

Desktop applications and cloud hosting both have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, with remote working, employees need to access data anytime, anywhere. Hence, cloud-hosted Drake Tax software makes more sense in today’s time. However, several businesses are still skeptical about getting Drake Tax software on the cloud.

In this article, let’s look at why cloud-hosted Drake Tax software will be beneficial for your business. Also, we will take a quick look at the features of the latest Drake Tax software application. So, let’s start, shall we?

Drake Tax Software in the Cloud: Features You Get

Before we tell you the reasons and benefits you get on installing Drake Tax software on the cloud, let’s talk about the features of the application.

·         Tax Solution Features

Drake Tax Software provides a myriad of features that make it easier for users to complete their tasks and manage their accounts. The software provides an easy navigation system helping the user to switch between tabs, forms, schedules, and more.

Entering data into the software is also very easy. Users can define several features of the data sheet such as data in the field, providing or denying access to a certain form or sheet. The software has exciting and easy importing features too. Users can import files and forms such as Form 4562 assets, transfer parents’ tax information directly into the child’s form 8615, and more.

With the Drake PDF printer feature, users can print their data with just a few clicks. With the Document manager feature, users can manage different crucial documents such as client records, tax documents, and more. The software also allows the users to download forms in Spanish. Use enhanced data tools such as an integrated calculator while creating datasheets. Analyze your data from the current and previous financial year and get a complete summary of the data.

Users also get access to a library of websites where they can browse and read crucial information about any new or old tax regulations. The software also has integrated billing and digital signature features too.

·         Diagnostic Tools

Drake Tax software also provides numerous diagnostic tools namely, LookBack, LinkBacks, and Double Check. Each diagnostic tool offers different features. For example, with LookBack, you can easily switch the view and look at previous data entries.

With LinkBacks, you can find the source data as the tool linkbacks the calculated tax returns to the original data. And with DoubleCheck, you can mark your files as “flagged for review”, “verified”, and “noted for review”. If the data is changed in the files, the tools will change the status of the file automatically. Drake Tax software also provides numerous analysis tools that will help you analyze the data easily.

Drake Tax Software in the Cloud: Why You Should Get It?

Tax season is always stressful for businesses, whether small or large. Accountants are constantly working on finalizing the business accounts, the expenses, the income, the investment, and more. Each dollar spent must be accounted for in the final account records and tax application.

This can result in tax accountants spending hours on end away from their family and friends. However, with cloud hosting the tax software allows them to have flexibility and mobility. They can work as well as spend time with their family.

Not just for tax accountants but cloud hosting the tax software also benefits businesses in the long run. Now, they don’t need to spend too much capital on developing a physical setup. Instead, they can invest in hiring qualified employees and provide them employee benefits.

Although these are not the only benefits of hosting Drake Tax software in the cloud, keep reading for more.

·         Add several users

With Drake Tax software on the cloud, you can add several users who will work on managing your business accounts and tax. Sometimes, you might need the assistance of extra tax accountants. In such a case, you can add them to the cloud-hosted tax software application and give them access to data.

This way you will save crucial business hours and file your taxes on time without much hassle.

·         Easy availability to data

With Drake Tax software, your data is easily available anytime anywhere. On the cloud-hosted application, the data is backed up regularly. Hence, you can access your old and new data easily with just a few clicks.

Also, you don’t need to worry about losing your data. You can always retrieve older data from the server easily with just a few steps.

·         High security

Since it is a matter of your finances, online security will be always on your mind. After all, you don’t want crucial financial data to be misused online. With Drake software cloud, you get high online security of your data.

All the security protocols are based on the security protocols laid out by the United States Department of Defense.

·         Have complete control over your data

With Drake Tax on the cloud, you have complete control over your data. You decide who gets access to what kind of data on the software. Most hosting vendors will give complete access to the users after a few hours of adding them to the software.

However, with special settings and permissions, you can restrict access to users as per the requirement.

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