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Dressing etiquette for Pakistani ladies

Pakistan is an Islamic country with many cultures. It has 4 provinces and all 4 provinces have their own separate culture. The similarity between them all is they wear traditional clothing. Furthermore, the fashion industry of Pakistan is very vast. You will have the variety of options to wear from. But there are little etiquette which everyone should follow. In this article we are going to discuss them which are surely going to help you decide your outfit while living or travelling to Pakistan.

1) The dress must not be revealing

In Pakistan, the dress you wear should not be revealing. That means the clothes you wear should hide your stomach and other private areas.

2) Crop tops

Women should avoid wearing crop tops in public places such as markets. Though it is allowed for them to wear in their personal parties and functions, but it is preferred to avoid in public.

3) Wearing headscarf at religious places

When going to a religious place you should always cover your head. Women must wear long skirts or pants and have covered shoulders. Also, don’t forget to remove your footwear before entering any religious place.

4) Spaghetti strap shirts                               

Another type of outfit that is not suitable for women is the spaghetti strap shirts. These kinds of clothes reveal your hands etc. so wearing them should be avoided.

Besides, this you can wear any kind of outfit. The main things that your outfit should have is that it should cover both shoulders and knees. It is advisable to carry a light pashmina or scarf with you to cover your head in case it gets too hot. Some religious places also require you to cover your head, so it may come handy then too.

Below here we are listing few outfits that you can wear in Pakistan and you are surely going to love them.

1) Sarees

Sarees are available in many varieties in Pakistan. A lot of brands in Pakistan make sarees of different designs and fabric. Saree is a common dress in Pakistan. Women not only wear it in their functions and farewells, but it has also become a day-to-day outfit for women in Pakistan.

2) Kurtis

Another very common and stylish dress you can wear is kurti. You can wear it on pants and get a little western look too, while also not breaking any Pakistani clothing etiquettes. Kurtis can be either long or short depending on what you choose to wear.

3) Shalwar Kamiz

Shalwar Kamiz is the national dress of Pakistan. You will find many people wearing it in Pakistan. It is a good option for ladies who do not want t over dress and are looking for a normal attire to wear.

These were some of the options we listed for you to wear according to the Pakistani etiquettes. These are not restricted to these three, but you can wear many others in your day-to-day life. They just have to be not so fancy. Although you can wear it in your private parties and wedding functions But it is suggested for you to avoid wearing them in Public.

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