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Education Tips for High Schoolers by International School

To prepare kids for college and careers, high school is a wonderful period when they learn, grow, and make errors while developing their academic habits. However, high school may often seem daunting to individuals with exceptional abilities.

To get admission to the best colleges and institutions and pave the route for a prosperous future, academic achievements are vital and high school scholastic achievement need not be a mystery. Here are a few guidelines for high schoolers to consider as they seek academic greatness during these crucial years.

Tips for highschoolers at Abu Dhabi International School to achieve academic excellence

Explore and Identify Your Interests

Indian Public High School students should spend as much time as possible pursuing their interests, both in academics and extracurricular, so that they may prepare themselves for a bright future.

However, high school may be stressful if you participate in too many extracurricular activities. Even if you try to participate in as many things as possible during high school, you may find that focusing on a few that you are passionate about may lead to greater success in those areas.

Learn for Personal Development, Not Your Abu Dhabi International School GPA

Regarding passions, cultivate enthusiasm for the process of learning itself. High school should be a period of falling in love with the process of learning, despite the temptation to concentrate on gaining the best possible GPA to get admission to the ideal college or university and land the dream career.

Putting too much emphasis on academics and on-paper accomplishments can lead to a stressful high school session. While you’re still in school, remember to reflect on your surroundings, your friends, and the lessons you’re picking up.

Focus on Improving Your Organisational Skills

Learning how to better manage your time while in school may not seem like a lot of fun, but it will help you have a better experience in at Abu Dhabi International School. Whatever strategy you choose, here are some tried-and-tested methods to improve your time management:

Keep a Printed or Digital Calendar

Calendars remind you of chores you previously believed were essential, and you may colour-code them to see where you spend most of your time—studying, social time, curricular activities, etc.

Before the exam week, arrange for class study sessions.

Rather than cramming a week or a night before an exam, it is best to study over a period of time. It will amaze you how much better you will understand the content, not only for the exam but for the rest of your life.

Focus on the most important tasks first

Make a list of the daily chores that are most essential to you and prioritize them. A good example of this is when you know you have a big project coming up in a week and you want to focus on planning for that assignment instead of doing your other schoolwork that can be done a little later.

Develop healthy routines, that include reviewing notes before bed

Make it a practice to reread notes for your most difficult courses and then go to sleep for better retention of knowledge. It’s a good idea to establish this habit, particularly during high school, as it will help you recall your lessons more easily.

Maintain Schedule

People value promptness above everything else, and you’ll find this to be true throughout your life. In addition, being on time demonstrates your respect for others and your own time. Learning to be punctual is a skill that will benefit you for a long time.

Participate in Your Local Community

A high school student’s life might at times seem like they’re living in a cocoon. However, the more you interact with your community, the more involved you will become in your own life.

Volunteerism not only boosts one’s career but also makes Indian Public High School students happy. It has been established that volunteering in your community may have considerable health advantages, including reduced blood pressure and living longer.

Make the Most of Your Assets

Succeeding in high schools, like most things in life, requires assistance. It’s easy to get support in high school from places you didn’t even know about, thanks to the abundance of resources available.

Even while you should rely on your parents, instructors, relatives, and other loved ones for support during times like these, don’t forget that there are many more options available to you. Let’s take a look at the available resources.

Available resources for Indian Public High School students

Abu Dhabi International School Counsellors

Learn as much as you can about your high school guidance counsellors so that you can rely on them, not just for aid with schoolwork and other responsibilities in your senior year, but also when you begin to think about life beyond high school and your plans for the future.

High School Honour Societies

It’s also possible to join high school honour societies and obtain access to resources such as scholarship applications, leadership training and advice from other academics and educators—all while building a professional network.

Additionally, being a member of a high-school honour society can help you set both short-term and long-term academic objectives.

Senior College Students

The advice of students who are presently enrolled in college, such as family members or graduated Indian Public High School students, might be invaluable if you are considering applying for college.

Get their advice on how to prepare for college, what to study, and how to succeed in school. Though each person’s situation is unique, the more knowledge you can obtain, the more prepared you’ll be for your future.

Printed and Digital Editions of Study Materials

In addition to school-provided resources, you can find books and online articles on how to succeed academically in high school, how to prepare for college, and how to envision the future you desire.

The modern world is rich with resources, so it’s easy to discover answers to any questions you might have. Just remember to verify your sources and be sceptical while gathering information.

Make Your Health a Priority

As an Abu Dhabi International School student, you can’t gain academic achievement if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it, so always put your health first.

Take excellent care of your physical and mental well-being; don’t compromise it for academic success. Listen to your body and discover how it tells you when it’s time to take a break and when it’s time to work harder.

Make a List of Success Strategies of Your Own

Recognise your individuality and the fact that you will be able to develop your own set of high school success strategies. It’s up to you to figure out what your unique lessons are. One can only tell you what they’ve learned about themselves.


Your strength will let you realize that it is only you who can be your best self. Your future self will appreciate you for emphasizing your academic performance in high school, discovering which subjects and activities interest you, and having a secure and supportive environment in which to study.

Discuss with your Indian Public High School mentors, family, and friends about your issues and what dream you want to chase. This article may guide you through setting your perspective right and getting you better results.


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