Ensure that Your Swimming Pool Area Stays Away from Electrical Hazards at all Costs

Your regular fun and fitness activity in the swimming pool is something that you enjoy each day. And of course, you require regular electrical connections to work in this area as well so that your pool area seems enticing and is even lit up when there’s a need for it. But we all know that water is a great conductor of electricity and that is why these two things together mean a huge mishap if you’re not very careful. And the matter here can escalate from being only a tiny electric shock to an electrical emergency as well.

Tips to follow for keeping the swimming pool area free from any electrical hazards

Your swimming pool is relished by everyone in the family from — from kids to adults.  That is the reason the safety of this area is so important.  But we have seen lots of electrical mishaps happening just around this area either because of faulty underwater electrical connections or improper underwater lighting, old wires which have seen better days, etc. That’s not something you would like to happen in your home, right?

  • Keep electrical equipment away from the pool

Some of you have your television lounge and even garden very close to the pool. But always try and keep the electrical equipment of these locations away from the pool. Yes, we are talking about your television set, electrical fixtures of the garden, and similar items. Because in case their sockets get drenched in water, you know the harsh consequences of it.

  • Never use extension cords in the pool area

Whether it is to charge your mobile or just to turn on your hairdryer, never ever try to keep your extension cords in close proximity to your swimming pool area. You never know when these unsafe cords can cause a drastic electrical shock in the place.

  • Make sure your pool light wiring is installed perfectly

When it comes to pool light wiring, remember to be very sharp on checking each and every connection and socket. Because if there is an issue in this wiring or if the wires are really old, you tend to get nasty electrical shocks. For the best results, call the expert electricians from one of the most reputed electrical companies in Auckland, Wisdom Electrical. They’ll send their best workmen to carry out this entire lighting procedure of your swimming pool area (and also if you need any electrical work elsewhere around the house) and make this place safe for you.

  • Ensure you have good GFCI

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are installed in the deep bottom side of the swimming pool control panel. This GFCI installation is essential as it trips immediately if it spots an active electric current in the pool. But if your GFCI is not compliant, you are vulnerable to this danger because the tripper never turns off — and it’s very dangerous for you.

Also, remember to never enter the pool during heavy lightning or storms and be extremely careful about following all safety tips around your swimming pool so that you are safe even with active electrical connections in and around this area.

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