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Equipment to make corrugated packaging

The manufacturing of any type of packaging is always dependent on the use of appropriate equipment. All cardboard boxes on the Market in this way are no different. It is not easy to construct high-quality sturdy cardboard boxes simply cutting sheets of corrugated cardboard. If this is not enough.

Special boxes are required. And the choice of such units is directly dependent on the type of technology used by manufacturers of corrugated packaging and also on the materials they are required to operate. The purpose of this post is that we have decided to investigate in depth every type, model and types of equipment for production that are used today to produce corrugated packaging as well as cardboard packaging.

Also it is important to determine what equipment is the most profitable and efficient. This is why we offer us in this regard typical the range of used equipment is available on the website of the store online. Additionally, you can buy machines of different kinds and capacities for every stage of corrugated manufacturing and production of products made of paper and cardboard. So, let’s begin.

Corrugated lines form the basis for the manufacture of cardboard packaging in the Market

The manufacturing of packaging materials on the Market is a technological process. In order to implement this process it is necessary to use equipment that differs in its capabilities is required. But, even more important the entire manufacturing process particularly corrugated packaging, has to be divided into various stages, which is why machines that are functional are required.

In this scenario it is not possible to make do using just one or two machines. Each stage requires the use of its own unit. Most often, these units are combined into production lines where the entire process of technology is carried out in a sequential manner using suitable units at a particular stage. In addition there are lines for production of corrugated packagingare the most comprehensive list of equipment required in terms of the content. However, it’s not required, since the process of making corrugated containers is performed by a series of steps, in blocks or in blocks, as you wish.

The most basic example is making of boxes made from cardboard to pack made from sheets of corrugated board with three layers. This is where the process of making corrugated board in sheets is substituted by the purchase of the sheets as finished.


However, generally speaking corrugated lines can fulfill all of these requirements completely. For instance, If you require cardboard boxes that print, it’s completely not required to use corrugated lines to accomplish this. You can make do buying cardboard boxes that are already made that are then printed using flexographic printing equipment and other devices.

As you can see, the making of corrugated boxes packaging in general , and cardboard boxes used for packaging in particular is a multi-staged technological process. It is performed only on specially-designed manufacturing lines specifically designed for corrugated packaging.

Modern production lines of corrugated packaging is a relatively large machine. For instance the standard line used to make boxes to pack canned fish could fit into the space of a 3-room apartment.

In some instances, it can easily exceed it. Modern machines for making corrugated board, all processes are automated and the process itself is continuously carried out. The line used to produce of corrugated cardboard comprises various, let’s say modules, however, it always relies on the corrugated unit.

Essential Element

Corrugated unitsare an essential element that makes it basically impossible to create an operation for the production of cardboard or rigid boxes since it is within this part of the corrugated line the paper “turns into” corrugated cardboard. Corrugating machines are being updated constantly by adding functional sections and also enhancing existing ones. A different aspect is that, generally speaking, the case of Ukraine and , in particular, in the Dnieper it’s not required, even though it may seem.

The fact is that fully corrugated lines are able to produce huge quantities in corrugated packing . But, it’s not always feasible to completely fill it up due to the low number of orders. It is, naturally an issue of competition first. In almost every city in Ukraine there are a few or more companies to produce cardboard packaging. however, In fact, each manufacturing plant or facility has a corrugator in its arsenal.

In these economic conditions, the primary importance of modernizing corrugated lines. As well as the improvement of their performance is on increasing its quality. Final product and reducing in the costs of its manufacturing.


Furthermore in order to fill the lines used to manufacture of corrugated cardboard as efficiently. As is feasible, the manufacturers who manufacture corrugated boxes are willing to accept orders for production. Production of three-layer sheets and five-layer corrugated sheets. and rolls of corrugated cardboard with two layers. However, in this instance they’re not just semi-finished boxes, they also offer a lower margin. In general, all things are done can done to accelerate the process of making corrugated cardboard. Which use to increase the capacity on corrugated lines.

All of these elements often cause manufacturers of corrugated packaging be restricted to the introduction of corrugated products. Modern corrugated lines are made up of dry and wet parts. They are designed to cut and transport. The first is utilized for direct manufacturing of corrugated paper and is known as a “corrugated unit”.

General Segment of Cutting

In other words, the corrugators are generally the same segment. That makes up a line of corrugated as a die-cutting or printing module. But, in terms of importance the module for corrugators of the line with corrugation is the very first position.

But the corrugators could be operated independently. This is a fully-fledged device with a full-time operator. It “turns” paper rolls into two-layerand three-layer or even seven layer corrugated paper. Based on your skills and capabilities, naturally. As an example you can find examples of corrugating unitsthat are, for various reasons. Which are suitable for the manufacture of only two-layer corrugated paper. As well as soft corrugated sheets, that is utilized for cushioning purposes.

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