Establish Your Business Identity With Printed Box Sleeve

The more a company’s name is in the public eye, the better the chance that it has to generate interest. Creative packaging is a great way to do this and advertise a company without people even realizing that they are having something touted right in front of their eyes. Creative custom printed boxes are just the thing that will generate interest and get the brand out in the public eye.

Printed Box Sleeve is important because customer offer free advertisement for as long as they have that package in their arms. For instance, if a store is located in shopping mall, that customer may pass hundreds of people before they back to their car. That is hundreds of potential customers who could have your business on their mind by simply seeing the business logo.

Many of us are impulse buyers. Whether we need it or not, we see something that triggers our interest and before you know it, the cash register is ringing away. This is the type of person that custom printed boxes will have an effect on. Whether you are selling gadgets, clothing or food items, that simply logo can trigger the impulse that gets a customer to come into the store that had absolutely no intentions on doing so.

Of course, there is also the fact that custom printed boxes also offer the customer a sense of caring and professionalism from the business. Nothing is more annoying that spending a lot of money at a store and then getting some cheap box to put the items into. It may seem like a small thing, but a business that puts their label on their packaging is making a statement that they are proud of their products and have no problem attaching their name to them.

Custom printed boxes are a great way for any business to establish its identity. It is such a small investment, but it makes such a loud statement. Between the confidence that it promotes in the product and the free advertising it offers to the public, the actual cost of the boxes will be recovered in no time at all.

 Custom-printed display packaging directly increases the visual aesthetics of the product. Apart from giving a splash of beauty, it is a feasible way of brand marketing. The best part is, it suits every kind of business. The versatility these boxes offer is unbelievable. For those who think it is an expensive option, you are mistaken. IT IS ONE BUDGET-FRIENDLY SOLUTION! 

OXO Packaging provides you with the best solutions, meeting all of your business and personal needs without breaking your bank. We can be your packaging partner to serve you with the best quality services and excellent customization options.

Designed to offer plentiful benefits, here are a few highlighted reasons that explain WHY you should be using custom display boxes for a charismatic display appeal.

A Money-Saving Marketing Tool

With personalized display boxes, you will be able to save money easily. Being an affordable solution, even small business owners can use them to their advantage. both are economical yet durable materials. 

If you place your ore for custom display boxes wholesale with OXO Packaging, you will be able to avail yourself of more discounts.

Enhances Sales with Effective Branding

Having a customized display packaging imprinted with your logo, name, product description, and visuals helps increase your sale value. For instance, the CBD industry is rapidly expanding. Your CBD display boxes with the touch of personalization will let people memorize your brand effortlessly. Placed on the counters, buyers will assuredly notice the exceptional display, urging them to buy.

Incredible Versatility

Custom boxes give you a chance to be creative, artistic, and innovative with your product. It is a versatile product customized in any shape, size, design, and pattern. It provides brands with several display options as per the product requirements.

OXO Packaging

With OXO Packaging, you can have them made in a circle, elongated, square, or triangle. You can choose Kraft, cardboard, or paperboard material. You can have the box in bold or subtle colors, minimalistic or loud patterns, etc.

Time to Provide Important Information

Custom display boxes give you enough space to write all the essential details. You will have enough room for messages, guidelines, and instructions, no matter the size and design. You can use all sides to provide product information.

Provides a more professional look

Displaying your products in custom-designed display boxes will deliver a more specialized look to your company. The use of plain or standard boxes is only a waste of money. Make sure that clients should consider your brand as high-end by just looking and touching the packaging. Customizing the boxes will give you an extra edge letting the customers choose you no matter how challenging the competition is.

Flat Bags (Captain America)

Flat plastic bags are the most commonly used poly bags and the one that all others look up to. The Captain America of plastic packaging is two dimensional and comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and thicknesses.

Handle Bags and Poly Header Bags (Iron Man)

Handle plastic bags feature a handle at the top of the poly bag to assist consumers in carrying items. The Iron Man of plastic bags grabs the attention of any passerby like Tony Stark himself, with its ability to show colored designs and logos. Handle plastic bags are most commonly used for retail merchandise, tradeshows, carry-out products and special events.


Liners (Incredible Hulk)

Liners represent the muscle and sheer strength in the plastic packaging dynamic. They protect containers or products from moisture and contaminates. They fit inside a box, case bin or drum. . Liners can be custom make up to the 6 mil gauge which guarantees strength and durability.


Gusseted Bags (Thor)

 Side gusseted plastic bags fold along the side of the bag which creates a square/rectangle shape on the bottom.

Storage boxes

 Used boxes are less expensive than new ones. Check out local office buildings in your area for any copier paper or storage boxes they no longer need.


Using recycled/used boxes is an environmentally-friendly move. According to EcoBox, a Texas-based company that sells and buys used boxes, if every moving box used in the U.S. in one year was discarded, it would encompass 113,267 cubic feet of landfill. Opting for used boxes can go along way toward doing your part to reduce landfill waste.


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