Every Step is a New Beginning! – The Launching of CIO Women Magazine

Every Step is a New Beginning! – The Launching of CIO Women Magazine

The Enterprise World launches a new platform, CIO Women Magazine, marking a new journey to empower women leaders in all walks of life.

Women for centuries have been known to be the strongest, the ones with the greatest endurance and courage. The ones who have had the courage to break stereotypes and mark the starting of a new era. As with every other role, women have also broken through the challenging role of an entrepreneur.

The current situations that women are known to face towards the accomplishment of high-level leadership positions are seeing a gradual shift. Placing a glass ceiling, society has created trials for women to accomplish their leadership roles.

A commonly accepted notion that women might just be at a loss in the gender gap could actually be a position of power that is underlying. And that has been reflected in their abilities to lead. These notions, negative in nature had barred them from assuming any leadership roles.

But women today have risen above the ordinary, above all the societal negative notions, and are leading companies with great valor. And thanks to the trials and tribulations and the glass ceilings, these have produced some of the strongest women leaders.

Leadership is not only thought but has to be excellently executed for your efforts to show results. Striving hard to prove your place has been yesterday’s phenomenon. Women all over today are taking strong strides and leading large organizations without a scratch. More like juggling between things and making possible what seemed impossible.

The Enterprise World, a platform that was launched for leaders by leaders to publish their success stories, to give them the center stage and inspire many others has now come up with this very new platform, CIO Women Magazine.

Focusing on the achievements of women, and giving them the right boost, CIO Women Magazine is a platform made for it. This exclusive service will provide women a platform to showcase the extraordinary success stories of their enterprises, right from the idea of the company to where it stands today.

CIO Women Magazine is a platform specially designated to applaud and appreciate the invaluable achievements of women all over the world.

CIO Women Magazine is a result of coveted efforts of an ambitious leadership. With a diversified plethora of industry magazines, CIO Women Magazine offers its readers an opportunistic approach to starting a new venture.

The featured stories of women leaders of our generation excite the audience about successful entrepreneurship, while also taking them on a journey of those leaders. CIO Women Magazine remains a platform for the stories of all the successful women that promote growth, with issues featuring successful entrepreneurship of women, disrupting the space with their innovative solutions. Featuring nascent start-ups to influential industry leaders, we at CIO Women Magazine entail a vision to foster a dynamic business environment.

Unlike the established publications, this platform will help to give end-to-end branding experience to different women entrepreneurs. The Cover Story feature will portray the entire business journey from educational milestones to the entrepreneurial experience. A combination of Video interviews, Cover Story, and Brand-story videos will give enhanced coverage in front of our C-Suite subscribers. Here, we have tried to categorize the story into different parts.

Exclusive Video Interview:

The Video Interview will talk more about the Personal Journey, Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurial Values, and Legacy of the Business Leader that they want to convey to the audience.

Cover Story:

The magazine Cover Story will highlight the Professional Journey and Experience, Skillset. The story also talks about the Company, Products, and Services.

Brand Storytelling:

The Brand Story video is an animated representation of the leadership journey.

Apart from these key features, CIO Women Magazine encourages Thought Leadership write-ups from different Industry Experts. The article topics range from technology to healthcare, from education to finance etc.

Apart from the industry-driven content, the magazine tries to address several issues faced by women in business.

“With the ultimate aim to become,- A stop business platform for Women Entrepreneurs across the Globe, CIO Women Magazine tries to induct all factors that matter in a business journey of a woman”, Says Shalmali W, Chief Editor.

With well-informed, researched, and thought-provoking subjects, the articles instruct the audience about industry know-how and key information about the business world. Kudos to the Spirit of Women Entrepreneurship!

About CIO Women Magazine:

CIO Women Magazine is a Magazine Of The Women, By The Women, For The Women. It is one of the best business magazines dedicated to the Success Journey of all the Women in Business.

Contact: Monica Sanders | Marketing Manager

Email: [email protected]

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