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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Air Freight but Were Afraid to Ask

Airfreight is any personal property to be transported or carried in a plane. Airfreight includes air freight, air cargo, and airmail. It’s a common method for many businesses to transport inventory, equipment, and supplies between different locations. Many air freight providers have a fleet of airplanes strategically located throughout the world that carry shipments at a cost much lower than sea freight. However, there are differences between air cargo and air freight.

Sea freight involves the movement of bulk cargo by sea. Rather than being moved via an airplane, it is made up of a series of trips between ports. It may include tanker ships, bulk carriers, barges, and other container ships. While the majority of shipments use air freight these days, the air charter service has also become quite popular in recent years. For those who need their shipment to reach its destination quickly and reliably, air charter service may be a viable option.

Air freight shipments

Although they do tend to be quite expensive, air freight shipments can often be delivered on time and at a reasonable price. However, air freight logistics can be complicated. There is often a great deal of paperwork to file, and time is often of the essence. Those involved in the transportation of goods should be well versed in all of the necessary regulations and have a good understanding of how each mode of transportation works. A lack of familiarity and knowledge of air cargo transportation can lead to serious consequences for the sender and the receiver.



One of the main differences between using air freight to transport goods and using sea freight is the speed with which the goods are delivered. Sea freight travels slowly while air freight travels quickly. Therefore, when you are using air cargo to transport goods from one location to another, you will want to determine the shortest route between two points and make sure your goods reach their destination on time.

Damage During Transportation

Another significant difference between the two methods of transportation is that air freight relies almost entirely on air-luggage interaction. This means that if your shipment is delayed or broken in some way, it may not be possible to get your shipment back to its point of origination. Furthermore, if your shipment is broken, the shipper may refuse to take it back due to liability reasons. On the other hand, sea freight requires the use of bareboat trailers or other container vessels. This makes the entire transportation process quite slow, although this is offset by the relatively low price per shipment and the fact that most goods arrive in pristine condition.


When you use air freight to transport goods, you will need to ensure that your goods reach their destination on time. Your shipment can be held up for several hours, sometimes days, simply because there is a hold up in the departure airway. However, once this issue is resolved, your shipment will usually be on its way within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, air freight does not offer customs officers the opportunity to verify the identity and location of your business. Therefore, it is up to you to make certain that all of your goods make it to their designated points of origin before they are turned over to the proper authorities.

There are a few cons to air shipping. First, air freight tends to be very expensive. As a result, many businesses opt to use other options, such as air chartering. However, air charters are not always used to carry large shipments. The lengthy duration of flights may make sense when you’re shipping goods to distant places. But when your shipment is made on an as-is basis, the cost can quickly become unfeasible. Also, air chartering fees can skyrocket without any advance notice, so this option may not be viable for small businesses.

air freight

Save time

Airfreight is often a quick and efficient method of transporting goods, but it may not be ideal for every business. Before you choose this method for your shipment. Be sure that you consider whether air travel is a feasible option for your goods. Check with your shipping carrier to find out if the shipment would be practical using this method and also make sure that you consider how you would monitor your goods once they have left your possession. Airfreight may be a convenient option in some cases. But if you must also worry about the condition of your goods once they have left your care. You might prefer to use other shipping methods.

How to Find the Best Air Freight Company for Your Needs

Airfreight is the service offered by air cargo handlers to move your belongings or inventory from one point in the world to another quickly, easily, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost. A lot of goods are moved around the world every day, all with the help of air freight. But air freight can only be used for a certain amount of time, depending on the distance that has to be covered. You should therefore be able to choose an air freight company. That will keep your shipment moving until it becomes convenient for you.

The whole process of shipping your items is something that has to be done correctly in order to ensure that you get to your destination as fast as possible. So you need to find the right air freight company to help you out. But how do you choose? Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing one for your shipment

Find one with a lot of experience

There are quite a few air freight companies that have been operational for a long time. They know exactly what their clients need and they can deliver what they promise. This means that you should ask them about their shipping rates for certain kinds of shipments. The bigger they are, the better they are at gauging shipping needs based on the specific parameters of each individual client.

air freight

Customer Service

Find out what customer service is like for both the company and the employees. It’s a given that air freight companies have experienced staff members. Who know exactly how to handle situations that come up in the course of their work. But that doesn’t mean you should take everything that is written on the website at face value. Some companies have lower customer service levels. Because they don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising and other marketing strategies. So they can afford to offer low prices to attract customers.

When you’re dealing with air freight forwarders, you will need to know that you can get help in case problems arise during the transport of your shipment. If there are mechanical breakdowns or problems at the wrong port where the goods are being shipp. It can mean delays and extra expenses for the client. The logistics behind the whole process must be easy to understand. And troubleshooting should be simple and easy for the logistics staff to do as well.

Response Time

Find out what the response times are like for the air freight companies. Sometimes, there might be a delay in getting a shipment to its ultimate destination. Which is frustrating for both the client and the logistics team handling the shipment. You should know how fast they respond to emergency situations, and how often they do that. This can help you assess how fast they could provide you with the shipment contracts that you need

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