Residential Dumpster Rentals

Everything You Need to Know About Residential Dumpster Rentals

When you’re tackling a home renovation project, you’ll likely end up with a lot of waste. After all, renovating an entire home is a process that involves tearing things out and replacing them with new ones in many cases. And because you’re not looking to add more clutter to your property afterwards, you need some reliable way to get rid of everything when the project is finished. There are two main ways that people tend to tackle renovations like this; renting a dumpster or renting a dumpster with a residential dumpster rentals service.

Depending on the size of your project, one might be better than the other for your needs. So if you’re planning on tearing out walls and replacing them with something else, read on to learn more about both services and what they have to offer.

Dumpster Rentals

Before we get into the specifics of dumpster rentals and how they work, it’s important to note that dumpsters typically come in two sizes: 10-yard and 20-yard. The size of the dumpster you need will depend on the amount of material you need to get rid of. Dumpsters are usually the most affordable option for large-scale renovations.

One of the best things about them is that you can get rid of everything you have and have no clutter afterwards. It’s important to keep in mind that dumpsters aren’t one-time-use receptacles. You can’t just fill them up and then leave them out on the street. Once you put your items in the dumpster, they need to stay there until the dumpster is emptied.

Residential Dumpster Rentals Services

Residential dumpster rentals services are basically the same as traditional dumpster rentals, except they’re delivered to your home and picked up. They come in two sizes: 10-yard and 20-yard. For a residential dumpster, you’ll likely be charged by the volume of the space the dumpster takes up in your driveway, the number of trips it takes to haul all your trash away, and a one-time delivery fee.

You should also keep in mind that if you’re getting a residential dumpster rentals , you’ll need to have some sort of place to put it in your driveway. Residential dumpsters are typically 5 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 4 feet high. So you’ll need to have enough room for them.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a dumpster rental and a residential dumpster service is that a residential dumpster service drops off and picks up the dumpster at your home. So instead of having it sit out on the street in front of your house, it’s in your driveway while you use it.

Dumpster rentals are more cost-effective if you only have a smaller project that only fills up the dumpster halfway. Residential dumpster services are a better choice if you have a larger project that fills up the dumpster completely.

When Should You Use a Dumpster?

If you’re working on a small renovation project that only requires you to tear out a few walls, a dumpster might be a bit overkill. Using a dumpster for a project like that might be a bit of an overkill. It might be a lot more time-consuming than it’d be worth to have the dumpster on-site for those few walls.

Dumpsters are best for projects where you’re removing a large amount of material at one time and have nowhere else to put it. So if you’re replacing the flooring, removing the walls, or renovating a bathroom or kitchen, a dumpster is likely the best option for you. It’ll help you get rid of everything at once so you don’t have to worry about keeping everything piled up until you have the time to haul it away.

When Should You Use a Residential Dumpster Service?

Residential dumpster services are best for large-scale renovations where you’re likely to fill up a dumpster completely. Residential dumpster rentals services usually have larger dumpsters that can hold more waste, so they’re perfect for projects like a full-scale remodel or a demolition project.

If you’re working on a full-scale renovation where you’re replacing multiple rooms, you’ll need an even larger dumpster. You might want to consider using a commercial dumpster rental company in those cases in order to make sure you have enough room to get everything in the dumpster.

3 Things You Can’t Put in a Residential Dumpster

Just because you can rent a dumpster to clear out your attic or garage doesn’t mean you can put anything and everything in it. There are certain types of materials that you can’t put in a residential dumpster, and if you do, you could end up paying a fine. The following materials are not allowed in residential dumpsters. If you accidentally throw any of these items in the bin, the waste management company will likely come and take it away. The items include:

  • Toxic materials like paint, paint thinner, and petrol
  • Materials that have high levels of moisture like wood, fiberboard, and plaster
  • Large appliances like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators

3 Things You Can Put in a Residential D- Dumpster

While there are a few things you can’t put in a residential dumpster, there are also a few things you can. Here are a few examples of items you can put in a residential dumpster:

  • Dirt, rocks, and garden waste: If you have a garden bed or landscaping project that you need to finish, you can throw the dirt, rocks, and garden waste into the dumpster.
  • Trees and branches: If you’ve got a backyard tree that needs to come down, or you’re doing landscaping and want to clear out some brush, you can put it in the dumpster.
  • Household debris: If you’re doing renovations or remodeling a room in your house, you can put the debris in the dumpster.
  • Excess furniture: If you’re hosting a yard sale, but don’t want to lug all your old furniture to the sale, you can put it in the dumpster.

How to Find the Right Service for Your Needs

Most good residential dumpster rentals services will be able to tell you how much space you need based on the amount of material you’re removing. Most will come and give you an estimate based on the amount of stuff you’re removing so you can decide if you want to use them.

If you’re using a dumpster rental company, you’ll want to ensure you’re renting the correct size dumpster for your needs. Depending on the size of your project, you might also want to consider renting a dumpster for a few days or a week at a time. That way, you can fill it up and then have it picked up once it’s full.

Final Words: Be Careful When Tearing Out Walls

When you’re renovating an entire home, there are always going to be things that come up that you weren’t expecting. It’s just part of the process. You can’t see what’s behind a wall until you tear it down and see it for yourself. When you’re tearing out a wall, be careful not to disturb any utilities that might be behind it.

You’ll want to make sure that you know where your water and power lines are located before you start tearing things out. Dumpsters are best used when you have a lot of material to get rid of. Residential dumpster rentals are better used for either a full-scale renovation or a demolition project. They help you get rid of everything that you need to get rid of quickly with no hassle.


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