Everything You Need To Know About Star Tiles

In terms of design and symbolic connotations, the star & cross tiles in underglaze and lustrous methods that originally adorned the halls of the Kubadabad Palace in Beyşehir are exceptional specimens of Seljuk tile artwork. The underglaze method was used to make the star tiles, whereas the glossy method was used to make the cross tiles. The tiles are adorn with images from the sultans’ everyday lives, and the palace, in particular, reflects a wide spectrum of symbolic images. Numerous household animals and games were also portrayed, and talismanic fantastical creatures were supposed to safeguard the palace.

The eight-point star tiles had been combined with cruciform tiles to create enormous displays in the Kubadabad Palace. The star tiles are largely figuratively decorated, whilst the cruciform tiles are most often vegetal decorate. Under a colorless translucent glaze, the underglaze-colored specimens are adorn in black, turquoise, and dark blue. The authentic manner and great thought of nature are evident in the expressive decoration. The double-headed eagles are portrayed in perspective across the tile’s whole surface. In frontal view, their bodies have cartouches with phrases such as ‘al-sultan,’ ‘al mu’azzam’ (‘the great,’ and so forth. The double-headed eagles, usually border by plant motifs, are supposed to have metaphorical implications. If you want, you can search for them on the internet. There are numerous stars tiles, such as the star tiles blue.

Some Pros of Tiles

Simple to Preserve

Tile flooring is straightforward to manage, which is among its most attractive attributes. Any marks, particles, or liquids that come into contact with it will sit at the top and will not be dissolve. This makes mopping or wiping things off a breeze. Use a vacuum with something like a soft brush connection or a broom to remove any loosened debris and dirt from the floor regularly to keep surfaces tidy. If stains occur, practically any solvent may be utilized to remove them without harming the tile flooring.  Most individuals choose ceramic tile for their washrooms and eateries due to this. In addition to being simple to wash, the surface will not harbor microorganisms. This is advantageous for operating a public-facing organization, such as a cafe.


Some other advantage of tile flooring is that it might be waterproof. The material has a barrier coating on the top that stains and repellents to water. This is especially significant in washrooms and kitchens, where the ceramic tile will last for more than some other materials. It also withstands high moisture conditions, so you don’t have to bother about it getting damage throughout the hot, humid summer months. Ceramic tiles will improve any damp climate. If you purchase the unglazed tile, you’ll have to cover it to prevent it from any fluids it may come into contact with. The grout lines in between tiles, in specific, can be vulnerable to wetness, so make sure they’re coat. Otherwise, liquid can seep deeply into the tiles, weakening their placement and exposing them to mold growth. This will result in expensive complications that you will have to deal with later.


Tile flooring is robust as well as the tiles are difficult to break. If you obtain a good setup, the tiles could last up to 20 years or even longer if you preserve them properly.

Some Cons of Tiles 


Because tile ground does not soak or retain warmth effectively, it can become extremely cold during the wintertime. When these are implement in the house, your feet may feel a jolt whenever they initially walk on chilly flooring in the mornings. If you’re installing tiles in a common area of your company wherein customers could feel uneasy, this is something to think about. Another benefit was that it would seem amazing in the summertime whenever individuals moved on the cool ground while scorching outside.


Tiles are weighty. Thus, it’s not the right alternative for setups on higher floors. If floor tiling is require on a firm’s upper story, an expert must first inspect the building’s structural strength. People must guarantee that they are not trying to place the system under an excessive burden that it cannot bear.

Stiff as well as Slippery

Due to its roughness, floor tiling is simple to maintain, but it is not always pleasant to walk upon. On the other hand, floor tiling cannot be smooth with padding substrate. As a result, it is not the finest substance for all those individuals who must stay for extended periods.

Floor rugs or toss rugs, on the other hand, can be place in areas in which individuals frequently linger, like on the side of a kitchen basin somewhere behind the countertop at the checkout counter. As a result of its hardness, tile flooring is indeed slick. As a company entrepreneur, you would like to avoid any mishaps as much as possible. As a result, this should not be use in places where fluid or water is often splashed mostly on the floor, as this could cause injury to your workers and be a nuisance. The same would be true for accessible restrooms since you do not want to be sue by a client who slips on the damp tile flooring.

Final Words

Star tiles are good alternatives for kitchen areas and bathrooms, so pick the best design for your home.

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