Keratin Treatment Dubai
Keratin Treatment Dubai

Everything you Need to Know Before Getting a Keratin Treatment in Dubai

Have you ever had a bit of frizz in your hair or been looking for a technique to make your hair smoother and shinier? If the answer is affirmative, great! The Keratin treatment is then required. It’s gaining popularity as a feasible rebounding straightening alternative! The key here is to find the best for your keratin treatment. Only with the help of professional hairdressers, you can achieve this. Trying keratin treatment at home can be extremely dangerous for oneself. Therefore it is always better to consult a professional for this purpose.

If you’re going to do a keratin treatment for the first time and are unsure, we recommend going for it. The following is a list of what you can expect from your first keratin treatment. 

Keratin Treatment in Dubai

As discussed above, a keratin treatment is quite famous these days. UAE being the hub of fashion enthusiasts provides you with several choices for . Whichever salon you choose, you must know all about keratin treatments. This way you can make the right choice rather than being sorry later.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin, a stiff protein chain generated by the cross-linking of amino acids, and a combination of water, lipids, and minerals make up hair. The crosslinks in damaged strands might break down due to wear and strain or chemical damage, making the hair prone to shedding and breaking. Protein links unravel when the hair loses moisture and nourishment, leaving you with frizzy, lifeless strands. While deep-conditioning at home might assist a lot, if the damage becomes too severe, you may need to call in the heavy guns. We asked the pros what you should know before booking a protein therapy appointment in the salon.

Pros of Choosing Keratin Treatment

Protein treatments come in a variety of forms and formulations and replenishing or substituting proteins lost through a treatment that best suits your hair type will make it smoother, shinier, and healthier. They also increase hair follicle flexibility by strengthening the protein matrix, which then repairs and seals the cuticle, limiting transepidermal water loss. The most common type of treatment is keratin.

Hair that is manageable, silky, and fuss-free with a salon-worthy blow-dry look is the goal of the treatment. The protein keratin is artificially introduced to the hair during a treatment to fill in the porous patches. These porous strands are prone to frizzing, tangles, and breaking. Wavy ringlets could result from someone with excessively curly hair. A person with wavy hair, on the other hand, would have straight and polished hair.

Process of Keratin Treatment

The hair is carefully washed before the treatment to remove any oils or product residue. After shampooing the hair, apply the keratin product from root to tip, combing through to ensure even distribution. The hairdresser will next blow-dry the hair smooth after drying it until it is 75-80 percent moisture-free. The hair is thereafter straighter and smoother for up to three months after a few passes with a flat iron.

Does It Work for Everyone?

It’s crucial to remember that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Double-check whether a keratin treatment is appropriate for your hair before going to the salon. It doesn’t imply it’ll work for you just because your best friend liked it. Hair with curly or frizzy textures, according to most hairstylists, is best suited for keratin treatment. Fine and fairly straight hair, on the other hand, should avoid the treatment since the heat and heavy proteins might weigh down thin, fine hair rather than revitalize it.

Time Required for Keratin Treatment

In contrast to the conventional rebounding process, which takes 3–5 hours, Keratin treatment takes only 2 hours. The following stages are included in the process:

  • Application of shampoo to remove dirt
  • Hair Drying
  • Apply keratin and wait for 15 minutes
  • Blow-dry keratin onto hair
  • Flat ironing of hair
  • Wash hair for complete product removal
  • Apply keratin sealing serum
  • Blow-dry Hair

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

The best salon to have a keratin treatment from. If proper care is taken following the therapy, it can continue for up to 4-6 months. A molecule called formaldehyde will be released during the procedure. The treatment is intended to permeate the porous area of the hair follicles, leaving the hair silky, lustrous, and frizz-free.

Brazilian blowout, Kerasilk, and Cezanne are all terms for keratin treatment.

Types of Keratin Treatment

There are two major types of hair treatment. We will now discuss both of these types in detail to understand the difference between them. So let’s dig deep into the details of these keratin treatments.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatments are a semi-permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening professional chemical treatment that is also known as a Brazilian hair treatment or Brazilian treatment. Many Hollywood celebrities use them to make their hair straighter, shinier, and healthier. Treatments that produce a long-term smoothing effect.

What is included in the Brazilian hair treatment? Your hair is usually cleaned with a clarifying shampoo and blow-dried before the treatment is applied section by section and combed thoroughly. The hairdresser will then blow-dry your hair a second time and lock the treatment into your strands with a flat iron before you leave. The treatment will either be rinsed out, hair will be blow-dried, and you will leave knowing you don’t have to wait any time to style or wash it, or you will be done and walk out the door knowing you can’t wash, put it in a ponytail, get it wet, or put it behind your ears for 72 hours. Depending on your hair type and length, the full procedure takes two to four hours.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment

No, wait until you’ve washed your hair. 95 percent hair straightening/frizzy hair (excluding African hair, which only gets 70-80 percent), aftercare: There are no restrictions on washing or tying hair with bands or clips. Shampoos and conditioners that are sodium chloride and sulfate-free are advised. However, for the best results, we advocate utilizing Brazilian Blowout follow-up products on a daily basis.

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