Expectations of UPSC from candidates

Expectations of UPSC from candidates

UPSC is a dream job of many youths. It’s a reputed job of the country. Candidates who are willing to apply for the UPSC exam should understand the value of the exam. UPSC searches for a person who is responsible enough to handle the pressure of the post. The Upsc exam is not just to test a candidate’s knowledge, it’s your overall personality test. They seek a person who can handle the extreme pressure and ability to make correct decisions under such circumstances.

Knowledge can be tested by an exam but in an interview they test your whole personality. So, here are some qualities and personality traits which UPSC expect from their candidates:

1. Understand the seriousness of the exam

Before deciding to prepare for UPSC, first you need to understand the seriousness of the exam. It’s a prestigious job with lots of pressure. After becoming a civil servant, one has to deal with the public and also with higher authorities. So, be prepared and understand the seriousness of the exam. If you are serious, you can clear the exam but the real exam starts when you become a civil servant. So, start your preparation accordingly.

2. Clarity of thoughts

Clarity of thoughts is very important. In many situations, you have to show your personality and clarity of your own thoughts. This would help to face tough situations during the job. Essay paper is meant to test the clarity of your thoughts. What you write shows your personality. After clearing the Prelims and Mains Test Series when you go for an interview,show your real personality and clarity of thoughts.

3. Writing skills

A candidate should have a good writing skill for scoring good marks in the UPSC exam. UPSC wants well researched answers. Making the answers unnecessarily lengthy puts a negative impression. All you need to do is study hard with a well managed study plan. There are many coachings which guide how to write in an essay paper.  Legacy IAS Academy Bangalore is the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore which provides best education for IAS exam. 

4. Ability of decision making 

Decision making is an important aspect which should be present in a civil servant. UPSC wants a candidate with the ability of good decision making. After clearing the exam of the UPSC, a candidate may face many situations where his/her decision will be the final one. So try to work on that. In the interview round, the interviewer can ask you to give any real life situation which you have to answer. They will observe your ability of decision making.

5. Focused approach

Dealing with the people, government and politicians, civil servants should be focused and patient. The three stages of UPSC- Prelims, Mains and Interview spread over a period of one year that shows the focused behaviour of the candidate. UPSC expects candidates to show how focused you are in reality. This will reflect in your behaviour during your job.

6. Awareness about society and ecosystem

Preparation of current affairs and general awareness about society is as important as preparation of UPSC. in essay papers your writing skills show your level of preparation. If a candidate is aware about society and ecosystem then he can express his thoughts correctly. Coaching classes like Legacy IAS Academy is Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore conduct separate batches for current affairs preparation. They make you prepare for the general awareness about society so that you don’t hesitate to answer in exams and interviews.

7. Presence of mind

A candidate must know how to deal with presence of mind. UPSC expects if they give any situation to the candidate, he/she should answer with presence of mind. Presence of mind is the ability to stay calm and self controlled to make sensible decisions.

8. Hard working attitude  

Hard work is the key to success. Without hard work, you can not clear the UPSC exam. Prepare through a well managed study plan. Sometimes it takes a whole year for preparation. Have patience and keep working hard, you will definitely clear the UPSC exam. UPSC always expects a hard working candidate.

9. Time management

Time management is required for the preparation of UPSC Syllabus. When  you learn to manage your time, nobody can stop you from clearing the exam. After becoming an IAS time management plan also works in your public dealing. UPSC expects from a candidate that they should know the value of time management.

10. Communication skills

Communication skills is the most important quality that should be present in a civil servant. he/she should be aware of both sides of an issue. With better communication skills, all the issues can be solved easily.  In the Mains exam, more opinion based questions are being asked and candidates are required to understand all the aspects of every issue.

UPSC wants aspirants to be suitable and hard working for the job of civil services. Candidates who are smart enough can be successful officers in future. A hard working and motivated person can deal with any adverse situation during administrative work. UPSC jobs are not a 9 to 5 job. It is a 24 hours 365 days responsibility. There is a big challenge of responsibilities during UPSC jobs. So, UPSC seeks for a person who can handle the job pressure. Aspirants must prepare themself accordingly. Students become more informed and knowledgeable upon being trained by our tutors who are well versed in their fields of study, thus acting as catalysts to land their dream profession.   

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