Expert Insight: Streamlined Guide for TV Wall-Mounting

Mounting Your TV: A Simplified DIY Approach

A freshly purchased TV adds elegance and enhances safety when wall-mounted, keeping it secure from accidental tip-overs. With basic tools and a little guidance, this is a feasible DIY task for many. For those less inclined towards DIY, professional installation is always a viable option, especially for challenging surfaces like plaster, concrete, or above the fireplace.

Seeking Professional Installation?

Major electronics retailers provide professional mounting services with starting costs around $70 to $100, increasing with complexity. If you are in Southern Ontario Toronto Home Theater offer Tv installations along with complete home theater services as well.

Pinpoint the Perfect Position

Before purchasing a mount, use painter’s tape to visualize the TV on your wall. Opt for eye-level positioning for seated viewers and consider a tilting or full-motion mount if higher placement is needed. Ensure proximity to an outlet and plan for component storage.

Secure the Suitable Mount

Choose between fixed, tilting, or full-motion mounts based on your viewing needs and ensure compatibility with your TV’s size and weight. Be mindful of wall construction, and confirm bracket fit using the VESA standard on your TV.

Identify the Wall Studs

For drywall and studs, a stud finder is indispensable. Without one, employ carpentry tricks, seeking studs every 16 inches along the wall, using magnets to find fasteners, or locating studs near wall trim or outlets.

Precisely Place and Drill

Use the provided template or the mount itself, along with a level, to determine drilling locations. Drill pilot holes smaller than the bolts for a sturdy hold.

Install the Mount

Align the mount with the pilot holes and secure it with lag bolts, ensuring levelness before final tightening.

Secure the TV

It’s a two-person task to mount the TV, pre-attaching any difficult-to-reach cables. Align the brackets, secure with screws, and adjust for levelness.

Tidy the Cables

For a neat look, conceal cables with raceways or consider professional help for in-wall management, especially for power cables which should never be hidden within walls.

Prefer a Professional?

Many retailers offer tv installation services for those less DIY-inclined or for complex installations.

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