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FACIAL CLEANING: All the things you need to know

Why is facial cleansing so important?

The skin is the first layer of protection for the body. First, we need to recognize that there is something wrong within us. This could be due to excessive stress, poor nutrition, sedentary living, or difficult-to-control emotions.

It is the largest organ and covers the entire body. However, there is an important factor that can influence it and we have to change it: facial cleansing. It is also an important part of any beauty and skincare routine.


What is the skin’s need to keep its balance?

You need to breathe, just like us. Inhale oxygen, water, and minerals from outside and then expel any internal toxins through your pores. The daily aggression of chemical and physical agents can cause pores to become clogged.

Facial cleansing is the best way to protect your skin from all harmful effects (external as well as internal). It is an important step in making your skin look healthy and beautiful. We allow the skin to regulate, repair, maintain and retain its functions. This is especially true if we do a weekly deep cleansing or every two weeks.




Sometimes the accumulation of dirt is not visible, but over time, bad personal care, including facial cleansing with contraindicated products can lead to problems.

The question of which facial cleanser should you choose?

Different skin types require different care: each person needs their adapted care. You can choose which type of skin you prefer, depending on your lifestyle, taste, and expenses.

Although it may seem simple, it is crucial to consider all factors that can affect the health of your skin.


What type of skin do I have?

It is natural to ask what kind of skin you have. This will affect how we care for our skin every day.

The genetic makeup of the skin determines which type it is. The skin, which is living and constantly changing like us, can be modified and altered by multiple factors. Poor facial cleansing using the wrong products is one of these factors.


Normal skin “for all skin types.”

“For all skin types” is the text you will see on products for normal skin. It is the skin type closest to “perfect skin”, which is a child’s skin. It is the one that reminds us of the shining green apple. Its overall appearance is healthy. It is bright but not too shiny.

It has no visible pores, its texture and tone are uniforms, there are no dry or oily areas, and it doesn’t have any imperfections. It is usually made with gentle ingredients that are non-aggressive and focus on skin health. We believe that natural products are the best for the skin. They are not problematic so you can play with textures to find unique treatments.

The routines are often combined. Water-based cleaners should be used at night to remove more dirt and impurities. For the morning, use a gentler product that doesn’t require rinsings, such as cream or cleansing milk.


Oily skin: Facial treatment

To protect the skin from external agents and ensure its resistance, all skins have a hydro (water-lipid) mantle. An imbalance is when the skin lacks water and has excessive lipids. However, oily skin is more common due to the many imperfections that often appear. These imperfections may manifest as excessive shine, irregular texture, blackheads, pustules, or both. This skin can be easily sensitized.

For oily skin, it is important to balance your skin with the right skincare products. As with all skin types, it is important to cleanse the face thoroughly. Combining the weekly facial cleansing with exfoliants and masks can make it more effective.


What is the difference between dry and sensitive skin?

Sensitive and dry skin are often correlated. This is because the skin has an imbalanced hydrolipidic layer. It has more water but fewer lipids. It has a matte appearance, almost invisible pores, and a uniform complexion.

It can have imperfections due to dryness or hormonal factors. It can feel uncomfortable and may present with dryness on the chin, on the wings, or the nose. This is the most sensitive area of skin, so it must be carefully chosen when choosing personal care products.

The best product for this is cleansing milk. This product preserves hydration and cleans with precision. A good option is also cleansing creams. We recommend that oily skin choose milky textures. However, we don’t recommend that sensitive or dry skin use intense gels. They could cause more sensitization and other problems.

Other than dry skin, dehydrated skin can also be caused by seasonal changes …, or personal factors, but it is different from normal or oily skin. Many experts do an  “SOS” treatment to replenish the skin’s hydration and then continue with the daily hygiene that is appropriate for each skin type.


Combination of skin characteristics and treatment

This skin can be “divided” into different skin types. You can have normal skin, dry or combination skin. However, it may also be oily in certain areas. The treatment of combination skin is dependent on how dry or oily it is.

The climate where it is found will also affect how it reacts. For example, mixed skin from someone who lives in a city with pollution and on the beach will be different.

Each symptom reflects something unique. We can then choose the best cleanser. Remember that skincare is not an obligation but something that can be enjoyed when we understand its importance.

Find the texture, the sensations they provide, the results, and most importantly, know that you are taking good care of yourself. The benefits will vary depending on how each person feels and lives.




Deep cleansing is important because it is the foundation of healthy skin. Many products can be used to cleanse the skin. Even if your skin is clean and well-maintained, it still accumulates impurities. That’s why you need it.

The best thing is to keep using natural cosmetics, or dermatological cosmetics in the case of skin disease. Your skin should use natural dermatological treatments.



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