To-Do Tracker

With our To-Do Tracker, you might actually notice your kids enjoying getting all of their work completed. Who would have thought? By being able to not just complete to-dos you’ve given them, but by adding their own to-dos, it steers them in the right direction to becoming awesomely self-sufficient people.

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Allowance Tracker

We think providing our kids with an incentive to get things finished is a great way to illustrate the importance of working hard toward an end-goal.

When you set up your kids’ accounts, you’ll set a weekly points/allowance budget for everyone to work toward as they get their to-dos finished. Every time something’s completed, they get points. On Sundays, points earned throughout the week are deposited into the kids’ accounts which they can then redeem for rewards that you or your kids set up. The coolest part? You and your kids can search items through the Amazon store directly from the Stridepost app.

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Online Family Calendar

Sure, you’ve got your Google Calendar and you’ve got reminders going off all the time, then you have to clear the reminder, text your kid that same reminder, and hope they check their phone. With Stridepost, everyone’s on the same page. All of you have access and can view the same calendar. 

Don’t worry though. We’re not asking you to completely ditch your current calendar. You can import your Google Calendars and iCal directly into Stridepost, and export your Stridepost calendar to Google Calendar and iCal.

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Multiple Devices

We wanted to make Stridepost accessible on all of your devices. Parents log into Stridepost Parents with any web browser or on our Android or iOS Stridepost Parents app. Kids can access Stridepost through their smartphone or tablet by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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