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It is a fact that most women love jewelry. They love to use it and love to receive it as a gift. Even if they do not love him, they still tend to acquire a lot of it along their lives. The spouses buy it for handcuffs. Mothers buy it for daughters. Jewelry is a very popular gift for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. With all the opportunities to acquire jewelry, it is true that at a given time the life of a woman will need a jewelry box to keep all the beautiful jewelry of her.

There are a number of different boxes available on the market today. The women’s jewelry boxes become more commonly made of wood, although there are also boxes in ceramic, metal and leather. Wood and leather are the most popular and the easiest to find. Once the material has been chosen, there are apparently infinite options as regards the shape, size, interior texture, whether there are drawers, tapas or doors, and if the box reproduces music. In almost all cases, a woman can find a box that fits her taste and her jewel storage needs.

The functionality is a very important aspect of a jewelry box. If a woman has many necklaces, a higher jewelry box with a place for Tiffany Elsa Peretti necklace, this necklace would be ideal. If she owns many rings and smaller items, a box with drawers could be the best. It is also important to consider what kind of fabric approaches the inside of the jewelry box. Be attentive to any rough or rough tissue that can scratch lovely jewels. The quality jewelry boxes will be aligned with silk velvet; Some will also be before. Suede and other soft fabrics are perfect to protect the jewelry from any damage, while it looks and feels good.

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Tiffany Jewelry box make a wonderful gift. Not only are they practical and attractive, they will create long-lasting memories, as they hold and protect items that are special for a woman. Men often buy jewelry from their handcuffs after they have their first child. Many of these pieces can be added to more children, and finally grandchildren enter the image. Women will want to keep these special and sincere gifts. Make sure that her wife has a place to keep her jewelry before buying an item that she surely trees.

Women’s jewelry boxes can also be customized. The wooden boxes can be carved by hand, while the metal, the porcelain or the glass can be recorded with a special said or a work of art. The unique gesture of the personalization of a box will make it even more special. Wood is the traditional gift for a five-year anniversary making a perfect wooden box. Not only the box will maintain all the lovely jewels of a woman, the box itself will have a special value, as it will represent a special moment in marriage.

Many boxes have the option of playing music when the box is opened. Some will present a dancer dancing or a place to put a special image or a note. Other jewelry boxes can be made to look like pictures of images for greater security. There are hundreds of design options.

While it is always easy to buy the woman in your life another piece of jewelry, this year, try something different. Instead of buying that special lady another piece of jewelry, buy a beautiful box of jewelry to store all the precious pieces of it.

Consider this things-

The purchase of your next jewelry box should be considered a purchase of life. There are very few people who need to buy new jewelry boxes on a regular basis unless they want. However, if you do not take some important items into consideration before making your new purchase, you may not get the right jeweler and you will need to buy another before your current jewelry box has reached its end of life. The following are some of the things you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Size of Box:

While having jewelry, you will need a jeweler. That means you will need a jewelry box for the rest of your life, unless you plan to get rid of your jewelry and go to the Sans jewelry. Therefore, before making your next purchase, keep in mind the next thought. If you plan to make your next jewelry box last for the rest of your life, you should be big enough to accept your existing collection, as well as jewelry that adds to your collection in the future. Calculus of approximately how many pairs of additional earrings, rings and necklaces you will buy and receive as gifts every year, at the same time, estimating simultaneously how many years it will probably be on the ground will help you determine how big the collection of jewelry will be and post

Construction and crafts:

The old adage you get what you pay is applied here as well. Buy a cheap jewelry box and it is likely to be good that you need to replace it in a short time. Pass a little more money to get a quality box and it is likely to last all life if you care correctly. When considering a jeweler, study their quality and craftsmanship. Is it stuck or joined with solid construction methods? Is the actual brass of the hardware or is it false brass that is likely to turn off quickly? Is the lining secured well and carefully done? Look at these things carefully and do not be afraid to spend a little more for a quality box. Quality jewelry boxes do not need to be too expensive; However, they will not be the cheapest on the shelf. Depending on the size of the box, it would not be unprecedented for a quality designed jewelry box to cost $ 150, $ 300 or more for even larger boxes.

Color, style and design:

This may seem like a simple thought, but it is not the least important thing: if you do not buy something you like, it matches your personality and fits with your decoration, ultimately, it will not be happy with your purchase and will end. Even want something new. Then, before going to buy a new jewelry box, take a while to consider what style you want. Do you want something that is vintage that looks like a box that is Victorian stylish or are you looking for something more modern and contemporary? Are you looking for something that is adorned with a lot of intricate wood or is looking for something simple, clean and minimalist?

The color is always an important factor and you should think about this too. If you are looking for a wooden jewelry box, do you want the wood to match your room furniture and you will dye with the same color or are looking for something that is painted with bright colors or perhaps a design? Taking into account some ideas before going to search, it will help reduce your options and, at the same time, you will ensure that you end up with something you like and will not regret immediately and want to replace. Since most jewelry boxes end up becoming an integral part of the decoration of their bedroom, it is important that you put something thought about what you want and not make an impulse.

Consider the lining:

However, having a jewelry box is about protecting and organizing your jewelry without the right liner, you may not be offering protection to your jewelry that originally intended. The coatings you must be looking for include Chamuza, Gamuza Faux and Felt. Also, if you have a lot of silver jewelry that is prone to throwing, you may want to consider a tarnish resistant coating. When considering a tarnish resistant coating, try avoiding those who are chemically as chemicals could finally end up in their jewelry and, subsequently, on their skin. Anti-darfish linings employing silver stains to collect sulfur naturally abandoned by silver jewelry that cause sliding are the best. In addition, try to avoid silk, it is too slippery and will allow your jewelry to slide or velvet, as it will be easily encompassed and the small fibers of velvet will eventually wear out and will be collected in the cracks of your jewelry.

Jewelry boxes not only serve a functional purpose but are also intended to be enjoyed. By taking the time to put a little thought on your next purchase, it will be much happier and you are likely to find something that lasts a lifetime. Carefully chosen, a jewelry box can become an integral part of the decoration of your home, while also serves to protect and organize your jewelry collection and, ultimately, it could become the next family relic.

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