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Finding A Quality Lotion For Dry Skin

Finding a good body lotion for dry skin can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have no idea where to start. After all, while at the store, how can you really make the best choice?

The aisles of most big-name drugstores are full of body creams for dry skin and, unfortunately. many people who have no idea what they’re looking at end up buying the first one they see that comes in the color or shade that appeals to them.

That’s because a Lotion For Dry Skin is not really all that different from any other body lotion. It’s just that certain ingredients can help your skin feel more supple or moist.

What’s important, too, is that a good body lotion for dry skin is not going to leave you feeling worse for wear than it did before you even put it on. The two types of body lotion for dry skin are emollients and antibacterial agents.

The former keep dirt and grime away from the skin while the latter fight off infection. Look for lotions that contain natural antibacterial ingredients such as neem oil.

Healthy Skin

Tea tree oil, and chamomile. Neem oil is particularly effective against fungus, germs and bacteria that may cause skin problems, such as acne.

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria, so it also makes a good addition to many lotion for dry skin. A body lotion for dry skin should also contain vitamin C.

It has long been known that vitamin C improves the health of your skin. But most lotion manufacturers don’t include it in their products because it costs more than the other ingredients they use.

Manufacturers that include vitamin C in their lotion for dry skin usually add a vitamin E to it, which is cheaper and does not deteriorate the quality of the lotion as much. The better manufacturers include both vitamin C and E in their lotion.

You won’t find a lotion for dry skin that doesn’t contain moisturizing ingredients. Since moisture is essential for healthy skin.

Fragrances Like Perfume

It is best to look for lotions that have grape seed oil, jojoba oil or Shea butter. When using a body lotion for dry skin on your face.

You want to avoid moisturizers with added perfume. fragrances can irritate your pores and make your condition worse.

Remember that your skin can absorb any scented ingredient. Only choose moisturizers that are fragrance-free.

It’s better to choose lotion with natural ingredients than one that contains harsh synthetic chemicals. Some of these ingredients include parabens and phthalates. If you are prone to having dry, flaky skin on your hands and arms.

You should consider using lotion for dry skin on those areas, too. If you shower a lot, especially after sweating, you leave behind dead skin cells that can clog your pores.

lotion for dry skin

Hydrate Your Skin

A shower in a bathtub containing a moisturizing soap or shower gel will soften the topsoil and allow the water to drain. If you use a soap or shower gel with salt or any abrasive.

You may strip your skin of natural oils that it needs for moisture. After a shower, you should follow up with moisturizing lotion for dry skin to lock in moisture.

The next time you shower, use a clay mask to open your pores and extract the water. This will help close the pores and hydrate your skin.

A clay mask also contains antioxidants, which will eliminate signs of aging, as well as provide antibacterial protection. When you use a clay mask, you should shower shortly afterward to absorb the mask’s effect.

For your neck, the best lotion for dry skin is moisturizing neck cream. Your neck requires unique conditions to maintain hydration.

Drinking Enough Water

If you spend a lot of time in a hot car on the job or stand for long periods of time at a computer. You will deprive yourself of the hydration you get from drinking enough water.

The best lotion for dry skin for your neck should contain cocoa butter. Cocoa butter softens and firms the skin while locking in moisture.

If you have eczema, you need lotion for sensitive skin that is fragrance-free. Eczema affects people of all ages. It is not contagious and does not affect healthy people.

The best moisturizer for sensitive skin will contain natural oils, such as jojoba, grape seed or olive oil. In the summer, it is best to use a lotion that is both cool and moisturizing.

The best moisturizer for dry skin is not a thick, greasy cream. But a light lotion that leaves your skin soft, supple and moisturized.

Susceptible To Cracking And Flaking

Lotions for dry skin also contain paraffin wax or liquid paraffin, which don’t help with dryness or inflammation. But may interfere with the effectiveness of the moisturizer.

When a cream does not contain enough moisture, the skin will develop greasiness. which makes it more susceptible to cracking and flaking.

Creams that are too greasy can clog the pores, too, which can lead to even more dryness.

Shea butter and avocado oil are better choices for lotion for dry skin. Both oils are emollients, which soften and soothe irritated skin.

They also provide the body lotion with moisturizing ability and anti-inflammatory properties. If you choose to add shea butter to your body lotion.

Pull Dirt And Grime Out

Be sure to use a natural cream, such as olive oil, for your bath or shower. There are some good non-petrolatum lotions for dryness.

An example is coconut oil, which contains large amounts of natural botanicals like caprylic acid and phytosterols. These plant compounds moisturize and soothe, without having an oily feel.

Other ingredients to look for in lotions for dry skin include kaolin, the clay like material found in toothpastes and mouth washes.

These elements pull dirt and grime out of the pores and keep skin from becoming dry and flaky. Other moisturizers to consider include jojoba and macadamia oils.

You can combine the use of all natural body moisturizer with a good night cream, such as Shea butter. Many people opt for body lotion for dry skin because it soothes and helps prevent itching.

lotion for dry skin

Allergen Free

When used with a good night cream, lotions for dry skin can do wonders. Many night creams contain added alcohol, which is drying and can further irritate dry skin.

A couple of companies have developed a line of all natural body lotions and bath lotions that do not include any petroleum based fragrances, parabens or dioxanes. These lotions are designed to be allergen free and they do not include any synthetic fragrances, dioxanes or other irritants.

They include only shea butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil. This line of lotions for dry itchy skin is not like most lotions on the market, which use many of these ingredients in small amounts.

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