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One-stop consulting engineering shop – MEG DESIGN FIRM for energy code compliance, new build and renovation permitting, optimal HVAC system design, and enhanced energy infrastructure. Professional engineering licensed in California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Our Services

Our focus is on connecting the engineering design & building compliance dots to make the architect’s or builder’s life easy while saving the homeowner time & money

T-24 Compliance

Every project seeking a Building Permit in California is required to comply with the State of California Energy Code (T24). MEG prides itself on the ability to establish a practical compliance route on any project no matter how challenging.

HVAC System Design

MEG specializes in energy efficient Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems for high-end custom homes. We also offer commercial HVAC design and have lot’s of experience in: Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Office, Manufacturing, Cannabis Cultivation and more.

Plumbing Design

MEG offers Professionally Engineered Plumbing Systems for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings. MEG specializes in T24 Compliant high-efficiency Domestic Hot Water Systems or combination Domestic and Heating Hot Water Systems.

Solar Design & Installation With Sunpower Solar

Solar is mandatory for every new home built in California. MEG offers professionally engineered Solar Photovoltaic plans for building permit approval and is a proud dealer partner of SunPower Solar & Energy Storage Systems

Net Zero Homes

MEG will model out a home’s annual energy consumption and design a solar + energy storage system that will produce as much energy as the home consumes

Off Grid Energy Infrastructure

Increased efficiency and output of solar panels & battery storage systems + rising utility costs has lifted demand for off grid homes. MEG offers professionally engineered & compliant designs to take any home off the grid

The MEG Bundle

Using MEG for one of our services is good, using us for the entire project’s engineering design & compliance scope of work is better. Choosing between a fragmented stack of subcontractors or MEG’s service bundle is a no brainer. Employing MEG for the entire scope optimizes quality control & compliance + time & cost efficiencies.

Monterey Energy Group (MEG)

We are an engineering consulting firm focused on the design of mechanical, energy, plumbing (MEP) systems for residential and light commercial projects. Founded in 1982, MEG has worked with thousands of architects, builders, and owners throughout the country on projects of every size, budget, and varying architectural character.

Monterey Energy Group was incepted in 1982, the year that the California Energy Commission released the T24 Energy Code.  As a teacher at Monterey Peninsula Junior College, the staff elected David Knight as the representative to go to Sacramento to get trained in new T24 Energy Code.  When he returned, David was tasked to teach the night class at MPC where architects and consulting engineers elected to learn how the T24 Energy Code affected their construction projects.  After a few classes, it was apparent these professionals would prefer to pay a consultant to make the T24 considerations for them, and that is when Monterey Energy Group was born.

In 1995 Abe Stallcup with and fresh mechanical engineering degree from UC Santa Barbara joined Monterey Energy Group and fellow Alum David. Abe honed his skills over the next five years becoming a leading expert in Radiant Heating, Plumbing and HVAC design with a focus on the high-end residential market. He became licensed as a professional engineer in the state of California in 2000 and shortly thereafter became partner and made President of Monterey Energy Group. Since then, our staff has grown to over 15 and is now licensed in five western states. MEG has become the go-to consulting engineers for architects, builders, and homeowners in California who need technically creative HVAC design work in order to maintain T24 compliance and a comfortable living environment for the most difficult to comply, bold architectural projects.

Different climate zones, south facing glass, high glass to floor area ratios, increasingly strict energy codes, etc. are all obstacles to designing a home that is symbiotic with the homeowner & architect’s vision. The MEG team, led by David Knight and Abe Stalcup P.E. have made it their mission to enable homeowners & architects to fulfill their creative instinct by designing homes dictated only by their natural surroundings, with little to no compromise from the state energy code. Our collective work can be seen up and down the California coast from San Diego to Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, the Central Valley, and of course, the Monterey Peninsula.

Our relentless approach to understanding the nuances of the energy code and implementing HVAC system design strategies that optimize for energy efficiency & compliance, indoor climate comfort & healthy air quality, and external aesthetic has allowed us to be recognized as the thought leaders in our niche. David has given dozens of webinars & presentations to key stakeholders in the residential and commercial construction ecosystem including architect and builder groups, equipment manufacturers like Samsung, SunPower, etc., and policymakers.

After years of sophisticated dedication to our craft, we are expanding. We have bolstered our engineering team, digitized our internal processes, improved our website, enhanced our Commercial services, received MEP licenses in Texas +Colorado +Nevada + Hawaii, and now offer a full scope, packaged system design services product.

We are excited to continue to be great partners to the clients we have served for decades and are equally excited to bring the same level of commitment to excellent services to our new clients. Our promise is the same, to be significantly ahead of the curve when it comes to State energy codes, cutting edge HVAC equipment & design, NetZero homes, alternative sources of energy, etc. so that our clients don’t have to be.

We’ll allow you focus on what you want to while being comforted with knowing that you’ve chosen to work with the consulting engineers that will achieve the scope of work determined in the fastest, cheapest, and highest quality of work product available.

Our Mission

To provide thoughtful and creative engineering solutions utilizing a wide range of techniques, experience, and attained knowledge. Through this approach, we provide customized integrated solutions without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the design, while delivering comfortable and energy-efficient solutions. We turn our client’s visions into optimal environments and strive to provide the best possible level of service.

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