Fundraising & Affiliate Program

Let's do something great together

Join us on our mission to inspire kids to build good habits by empowering parents to be consistent. Consistency makes kids’ lives more predictable and less confusing at home. It teaches them to be accountable for their actions. We know it’s good for our families so why is it so hard for us parents to be consistent? It’s because we are human and we need help to consistently be consistent!

That’s where Stridepost comes in.

What is Stridepost?

Stridepost is an innovative online family organizer built on three key features to keep families organized and motivated: Our online to-do tracker, family calendar and allowance tracker. These tools work together to help set expectations with your family.

Why should you work with our program?

There are 35 million US households with kids ages 6-17, and on average parents will spend about a quarter of a million dollars to raise each kid. US families in travel sports generate an estimated $7 billion of economic impact on travel expenses alone. US families also spend $5 billion in supplemental education (after school educational enrichment programs, tutors etc…). And let’s not forget about the $16 billion in summer activitiesto exercise, entertain and educate their kids. Those are staggering numbers. US families place big investments in raising our kids!

But, when the Pew Research Center asked US adults, “What is the single most important quality that we can teach our children?” the number one response across the board was responsibility. Responsibility was cited as the most important quality to teach our kids.

Teaching kids to be responsible through building good habits helps to give kids a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance. The challenge is helping parents be consistent. That’s the mission of Stridepost! We strongly believe that Stridepost is a great tool for families, and we know you will too. After using (and falling in love with) Stridepost, share it with your community of families! They will also benefit from everything that Stridepost offers, and you have the opportunity to earn doing it.

How do I sign up?

Our fundraising and affiliate program is currently being developed and we would love to have you participate. Please sign up to receive more information and we will email you with details on the program and how to sign up in the upcoming months.

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