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Funny Cat Videos: 5 Bestanimal Clips That Will Make You Laugh Until Your Heart Breaks

Funny cat videos are a surefire way to make everyone’s day – whether you’re feeling down or just need a break from the monotony of everyday life. In this article, we’ve compiled the 5 best funniest cat videos online so that you can laugh until your heart breaks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What are the Funny Cat Videos?

There’s something about cats that makes them irresistible to film. It could be how they seem to always be in a good mood or how they love to play. funny cat videos are some of the most popular on YouTube and for a good reason. From silly reactions to classic feline stunts, these clips will have you laughing out loud. Here are our picks for the best funny cat videos on YouTube.

1. When Jelly Bean catches a toy mouse:

This video of an adorable kitten catching a toy mouse is so funny it’ll make you laugh out loud the first time you see it. Jelly Bean’s reaction is priceless as he jumps up and down with delight, finally catching his prey.

2. When Munch gets stuck in a drain:

Another hilarious video featuring an adorable kitty is this one of Munch getting stuck in a drain pipe. His owner tries everything to get him out – even using a plunger! – but nothing works until he arrives at the rescue squad with his tail still wagging proudly.

Types of Funny Cat Videos

There are a lot of funny cat videos out there, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you! Watch and enjoy these funny cats having fun – you’ll soon be in stitches.

1) This kitty is just trying to figure out how to use the toilet – he’s got his paws all over the place!

2) When this cat walks into a room, everything stops – it’s like he’s the king of the castle!

3) This cute little kitty is always making people laugh with his antics… no matter what he does!

4) This playful kitten loves jumping up and down on its owner’s foot… can you believe it?

5) Watch this adorable little guy playfully chase his master around the house… it’s so funny to see!
6) This silly kitty loves nothing more than getting into mischief – can you guess what it’s up to this time?

7) This adorable little ball of fluff always manages to get its owners (and viewers!) laughing with its funny antics!

8) This perky little kitty seems to think everything is a game – watch it try everything from chasing small animals to climbing up high on furniture!

9) When this cat sees a bird for the first time, it jumps up and down crazily… can you believe how excited it is?

10) This funny little guy loves playing with his food… watch as he tries to swallow his whole dish at once!

The Best animal Clips

1. This hilarious cat video of a kitty waiting on its food dish will make you laugh out loud!
2. This hilarious kitten video of a little feline frantically chasing a toy is pure joy.
3. Watch this adorable dog video of him trying to get his owner’s attention by repeatedly walking up to her and whining.
4. This hilarious compilation of cats playing with laser pointers is sure to have you in stitches!
5. Finally, this cute-as-can-be kitty getting chased by a vacuum cleaner will put a smile on your face!
There are so many great animal clips out there that it’s hard to choose just one, but these are the funniest!


Funny cat videos are one of the best things on the internet, and they’re perfect for when you need a break from all the serious news. Whether a kitty falling down the stairs or an adorable tabby making weird faces, these funny cats will have you rolling on the floor in laughter. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and enjoy some funniest cat videos!


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