Mueller copper pipe price in Pakistan

Galvanized Pipe VS Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan

Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan work can be tricky. Especially if you have to decide which pipe to buy. Plumbing pipes are made of different materials. The two most common types of plumbing are copper pipe and galvanized pipe. The Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan of tubes are very different from each other. Let’s analyze it in detail to see the difference.

Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan

Copper pipes have been the standard for household plumbing since the 1960s. Homeowners love these pipes for their durability and longevity. Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan are manufacture in four grades. The heaviest copper pipe is type K, which is mainly use in residential plumbing projects. Type L copper pipes are rather thin and are mainly use for water pipes, Type M is lighter than Type L, and very thin wall DMW copper pipes are often use for light applications. It is mainly use for sewage and waste water treatment.

Copper pipes are durable and have a longer lifespan than galvanized pipes, making them suitable for residential and commercial applications. These pipes are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, and copper is not hydrolyze.

Copper tubing is lead-free and small in diameter, so it is safer than galvanized tubing. Therefore, it can be use even in a narrow space. Copper prevents the growth of bacteria and is suitable for use in drinking water pipes. In addition, internal copper pipes are less prone to deposit minerals than galvanized pipes. Copper pipes are more earthquake resistant than galvanized pipes. Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan resists corrosion and expands at high temperatures to resist tearing.

Price is one of the main drawbacks of copper pipes. Copper tubing is more expensive than galvanized tubing and other types of tubing. Road installation and repair compare to other types of pipes. Another drawback of copper pipes is that they do not work at water temperatures above 180 degrees. In addition, it can form inside dense copper pipes. When the density in these tubes turns into ice. The flow of water is block. Copper pipes can create a metallic taste in the water.

Pros and Cons of copper pipes

Copper pipes are infinite. We appreciate many important benefits, including:

  • Durability: Copper has proven to be a reliable material with a service life of at least 50 years.
  • Durability: Rice is a durable material that does not leak or corrode.
  • Safety: Bacteria cannot grow in copper tubes. Also, copper does not waste water, so you can carry drinking water with you.
  • Disposal: When the copper tube finally needs to be replace. These materials are recyclable.
  • Heat resistance: Copper can withstand sudden temperature changes. Including hot and cold water. With these strengths, you may be wondering why copper is not use in plumbing in all cases. Copper is not always the choice due to its disadvantages over other materials.
  • Economic cost. The main obstacle to using copper is cost. The price of copper as a global product has been rising in recent years. Therefore, today it costs about $ 285 per 100 feet of pipe.
  • Environmental Costs: Owners of environmentally friendly homes may be concern about the fact that copper mining and production has an impact on the environment. The Copper tubes have a long life and are recyclable, but they are not consider green products.

Mueller copper pipe price in Pakistan

Galvanized pipe

Put the steel pipe into the protective zinc coating to make the galvanized pipe. The coating of these pipes prevents rust and corrosion. Galvanized pipes are commonly use in plumbing homes built before 1960, before the advent of galvanized pipes. Lead pipes are use in plumbing. These pipes are not suitable for plumbing because lead sticks to drinking water and deteriorates its quality. Therefore, Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan were invent to replace these pipes.

The average service life of galvanized pipes is 40 years. These pipes are no longer use in residential plumbing. But use in many old houses Galvanized pipes are subject to corrosion and discoloration of water. These tubes are solid. But rust will form inside over time. In cold weather Rusty galvanized pipes can explode as water expands as it freezes and pushes against rust metal walls.

Galvanized pipes are also use to transport natural gas. But nowadays most other pipe materials are use for this. The reason why galvanized pipes are not suitable for natural gas transportation is because the coating on these pipes is corrode by the action of natural gas and clogs the plates on the pipes.

The main reason why galvanized pipes are not suitable for plumbing work is because they do not retain hard water. Hardness is a mixture of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and lime in water. While these metals continue to pass through the pipes, Electroplating deteriorates over time.

If the house was built before 1960 and has not been restore since then. It is likely that the water in the house will flow through the galvanized pipes. look at your plumbing system You can check if you have galvanized pipes or not. Freshly install galvanized pipes are similar to nickel. The color will become paler or darker depending on the environment. If the pipe is paint, it cannot be identified as galvanized.

In this case, a simple test can be use to determine if the pipe is galvanized or not. All you have to do is use a powerful magnet and a flat-blade screwdriver. Find the plumbing pipe and scrape the outside with a screwdriver. If the scratch area is silvery gray and has a magnet attach Galvanized pipes are use in the piping system.

These pipes contain lead and other harmful impurities. Therefore, Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan should be replace it with copper pipes.

Pros and Cons of Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel pipe is cheaper, stronger and more corrosion resistant than copper. But these Pros outweigh the Cons:

    • Short lifespan: Galvanized steel pipe lasts 20 to 50 years before failure. This life may not seem so short. But it is shorter than other plumbing equipment.
    • Caution: Over time Rust can build up inside buildings. Especially in smaller pipes. In some cases, rust can escape from the inner pipe wall and mix with stream water. This will change the color of the water.
    • Lead Contamination: Corrosion of pipes can allow lead to seep into the water and make drinking dangerous.
    • Obstruction: Over time Metal that accumulates in galvanized pipes can begin to clog and block the flow of water.
    • Weight: One of the downsides to these tubes is that they are very heavy. This complicates the task.
    • Weaknesses: Damage to galvanized pipe damages galvanized outer pipe. and in a short time will cause the pipe to corrode

Copper tubing is better than galvanized tubing

Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan all the benefits of using copper pipes for plumbing. It is clear that copper pipes are far superior to galvanized pipes. It is stronger, more durable and free of harmful lead. At that time, you need to decide which pipe to use for your plumbing project. Mostly used Copper pipe in HVAC Companies in Pakistan.

If your home was built before the 1960s. You think galvanized pipes can be use in your home plumbing system. Ask a plumbing expert to evaluate your plumbing. Our experts will check your plumbing system. If you are using a galvanized pipe that needs to be remove and replace, the plumber will repair the plumbing system.


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