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The day is ruled by the biggest worm in the playground, and you can be that worm! began as a lighthearted web browser game that kept tired office workers entertained for as long as they could squeeze it in. It had become a worldwide phenomenon by the time it was released for iOS.

The purpose of is to grow into the largest worm of the day by consuming your opponents’ pixelated remains. The player who breaks the day’s record for the longest snake gets to post a message on the screen that must be seen by everyone else playing the game.

It’s not easy to rise to the top, but with a few pointers from us, you might just be on your way to being the playground’s biggest worm. Back when Nokia phones ruled the world, everyone had played the classic Snake game. It was fascinating to compete to see who could create the longest snake. The game evolved into, a more modern title that is easily available to everybody, whether on a smartphone or a PC, as smartphones and the internet advanced. Similar to the classic snake game, includes a snake that consumes dots to grow longer.

Thanks to the opportunity to play online, hundreds of individuals may play together and compete. is a great popularity, but if you’ve had your fill of it and want to try something else, you’re in luck. Here are 18 fun games that are comparable to that you should try in 2020.

Make ’em explode: Use those boosts!

The objective is to grow into the largest worm possible. By defeating the most powerful opponents, you’ll be one step closer to reaching the top of the leaderboard.

You’ll have to entice another player to run into your body to murder them. Protect your head; if you come into contact with another snake, you’ll die.

Cutting them off like an enraged driver on the freeway is the finest method to crush the adversary. Place yourself parallel to the head of another worm. Then, to get ahead of it, press the boost button and make a fast curve to cut it off, causing it to crash into you.

Using a boost is a little tricky at first, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll be a speed bump king: While moving quickly, double-tap and hold down the screen. Stop boosting by releasing the screen.

The issue with the boost is that it causes you to lose some of your length, leaving a pixelated trail of your body in its wake. Boosts are required to defeat opponents; however, they must be used correctly or you will never advance.

Eat all the leftovers

Similar to the most popular IO games, has fairly simple gameplay, in which your character is a worm and a growing worm requires food. In, this is how you grow bigger. Cross any bright dot as you slither throughout the playing field. Much of the spritely flotsam strewn about is the consequence of a worm that was recently exterminated. So prepare to gorge yourself on the leftovers like you’re competing in a hot dog eating contest.

When a larger worm dies, it causes a feeding frenzy among the smaller worms. You can gain a lot of weight by eating leftovers, but being in the danger zone can kill you. I recommend sitting on the periphery until the sharks have dispersed until you have more experience navigating the yard. Scraps can be used to make a decent dinner.

Watch out for wicked worms

They want to do the same to you as you want to cut off your enemy’s head to cause their early death. They’re better at cutting you off before your time if they’re small. When you’re about to become a target, you’ll be able to tell. A nearby worm will suddenly close in on you and boost to catch up to you.

Unless you’re sure in your ability to outsmart the stalker, you might wish to flee.

As your attacker approaches, consider spinning in on yourself if you’re ready to fight back. Because you won’t die if you collide with yourself, you can form a circle with your own body. Your head is safe from outside attack, and if someone tries to break into your safety circle, you’ll have a better chance of winning.

Tips and Tricks

The boost trails on the left can be eaten. When a worm boosts, a piece of itself is left behind in the form of eatable dots. You won’t be able to kill a gigantic worm, but you will be able to follow behind it and eat its boost poops.

You become more of a target as you grow in size. If you’re not sure what you’re going to do next, travel to the outskirts and stay away from the hubbub while you collect your thoughts and formulate a strategy.

You can capture smaller worms inside your circle once you’ve become super-sized. Work your way around like you’re catching fish in a net. The naive worm will not be able to escape your protection ring if it does not notice it in time.

The future of on iOS’s development team has worked hard to make the game enjoyable and accessible to all players. They’re not just starting to add game content (like offline mode and ad removal options), but they’re also developing tools to help people deal with lag.

While they acknowledge that some server-side difficulties have caused latency issues with the game, they also acknowledge that it is not always the game’s responsibility. It could be a problem with your Wi-Fi, an old modem or router, interference, or another issue on your end. Diagnostic tools are in the works to help you figure out exactly what’s wrong with the game.

Put your game down if it’s lagging and come back later. The latency issue isn’t always there, in my experience. It has the potential to clear up at any point.

The team is also working on a joystick mode upgrade for iOS. There will be a couple more content releases in the near future, but the team is keeping quiet about them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use skins on iOS as well.

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