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UAE is a destination every person wants to visit at least once in their lives. This country with dreams and entertainment and leisure, luxurious as well as some of the most amazing man-made wonders on earth draw tourists from all over of the globe. To get there, you must have an entry visa. To apply for 30 days UAE visa with the help of the best tour and travel agency in UAE. The relaxed policy on tourist visas helps visitors to visit the Emirates.

Visas are an endorsement on a visitor’s passport to prove that he/she is allowed to be able to freely enter, stay in at home and depart for a specific duration in the country of another. In simple terms, Visa is your entry permit to enter any country. However, Dubai is different. There are visa restrictions in Dubai which make it a very travel-friendly destination. A visa is required prior to journey into Dubai is not required for all travelers. The visa requirements in Dubai are dependent on the country of origin of tourists.

If you are planning to take a short trip to UAE to visit your friends or family, then this visa , valid for 30 days is the best option for you. The requirement to obtain an 30-day UAE visa will depend on the nationality of your. The 30 day visa for Dubai is one-time entry visa which permits you to reside in UAE for as long as 30 days. The validity of the visa will be one year from date issue. However, the duration of stay must not be longer than 30 days after your entry date into UAE.

This visa is required for anyone who isn’t in the position to get visa-free entry or visa on arrival in the UAE. Anyone traveling from around the globe is eligible to apply for a 30 days tourist visa to Dubai. A female who is less than 18 years old is not able to be granted this visa unless parents accompany her on the journey.

Short term UAE visa

This Short Term UAE Visa cannot be obtained via an Embassy. If you are interested in to apply for this visa, you’ll require contacting a travel agent or airline or hotel in the UAE. They will take your documents and then send these to UAE Visa-issuing authority on your behalf. Travel agents and hotels located in the UAE are also able to provide a tourist visa. Try to book a hotel in the UAE or buy your tickets through an agent for travel in the country and ask that they provide your with a visa. They’ll be delighted to assist you.

The requirements to obtain an entry visa to Dubai differ based on the nationality of your. GCC residents don’t require visas to travel to Dubai as well as citizens of 32 countries are able to obtain a visa upon the arrival in the Dubai International Airport. GCC citizens who aren’t GCC residents, but who have the highest professional status, such as executives, business owners auditors, doctors, pharmacists, accountants, engineers or employees of the public sector as well as their families, drivers , and those who are sponsored by them personally can apply to apply for a non-renewable 30-day visa on arrival at designated ports of entry in the UAE.

How Long Can I Stay In the UAE with a Visa?      

If you obtain the UAE visa you generally have 60 days to get into the country. When you enter, the number of days you can be allowed to remain in the UAE depends on the purpose of your journey. If you are a tourist, you can stay for as long as 30 days. If you’re traveling in the country, you can stay for a maximum of 4 days. UAE visas to work are valid for a maximum period of 2 months, after which you must transform it into the Residence Visa or leave the country.

How to Apply for 30-Day UAE Visa

Visitors to Dubai are able to easily apply for a short term UAE Visa. For a speedy UAE visa, just follow the 3 steps process:

  • Send an online Dubai Visa application form, which is completed and completed
  • Upload the most recent passport size photograph that was taken with white background
  • Attach scans of the passport’s front and last pages
  • Attach copies of scanned confirmed return tickets for air travel.
  • Pay the fee to process your Visa.

After your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed first through an expert panel and if needed, we’ll ask you to amend your application completely, with more information.

Documents Required For 30 Days UAE Visa

When you are processing your application for the 30 days UAE visa, you have to be specific when giving each document. Inadequate submissions could make your application a target for obstacles.

  • It is required to fill out the application with a form that doesn’t contain any missing details.
  • It should be possible to provide copies of the passport of the sponsor and relatives’ passports.
  • If you’re sponsoring your spouse or partner or spouse, you must be able to provide evidence of the relationship between you.
  • If you sponsor children, you must be able to provide birth certificates.
  • Copy of identification proofs.
  • Recent Photographs
  • Cover letter outlining the reasons for your visit and the duration of the time you will be staying.

Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection

  • If you’re a female who is younger than 23 years old ag traveling alone on your visa can be rejected on account of human trafficking. Additional documents like a no-objection certificate from your husband or parents, a photo ID from parents or husband. A copy of the passport/residence visas can help with processing these applications.
  • UAE immigration doesn’t accept handwritten passports copies like those from Bangladesh and Pakistan and is therefore rejected right away.
  • If the visa that was previously used was not utilized prior to its expiration date. In these situations for UAE visas, the visa sponsor or the travel agency needs to visit the location and get rid of the visa that was previously used.
  • Errors in typing on Visa application forms, the passport code, or professional codes are among the most common reasons for visa applications being rejected and/or delayed.

Get 30 Days UAE Visa With Disha Global Tours

The visa specialists from Disha Global Tours are proficient in processing different types of Dubai visas that include 30 days and 90 days UAE visa. Our team of experts will assist you at each step of the process to ensure that the approval of the 30 days Dubai visa is done on time and with no hassles. Simply fill in the required information and then submit the application with the necessary documents online and We will take care of the rest.

The Dubai visa processing normally takes between four and five working days. If you need to travel urgently we can also provide express visa processing. To prevent any delay or complications it is vital to ensure that you are providing only authentic information.

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