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GLA University Online Education 2022-2023

Since its founding in 1998 by Shri Narayan Das as the GLA Group of Institutes, GLA University has grown into a full-fledged university with the support of the U.P State Legislative Act of 2009. There are a total of 80 acres on which the school sits.  Vrindavan in Mathura is the location of the university.
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognised GLA University online education as a legitimate institution of higher learning. The university provides a range of online programmes in areas like business, commerce, and the sciences. Several government agencies have officially acknowledged GLA University’s online programme in Meerut.


The founders of GLA University, a private institution, have universal access to higher education as their primary goal. UGC has granted accreditation to the school. The National Council for Teacher Education and the Indian Pharmacy Councils both recognise GLA.


Studies at GLA University Mathura may be pursued in a variety of disciplines, including the arts, sciences, computer applications, Management, education, social work, PhD programme, etc. The university provides more than 84 concentrations in the aforementioned areas of study. The university provides further options in the form of Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programmes. In addition, 23 different academic programmes at the institution are available online.


GLA university online education admission process

All aspects of GLA Online University’s admissions process take place entirely online. There are just six basic important steps to enrol and get a place at the institution, making the entrance and application process quick and uncomplicated

The admissions process mostly consists of the following:


The University Website Registration Process


  • To begin the admissions process, prospective students should create an account at the official website
  • After that, fill out the required information. where enrolling students may fill up their profile information and start the enrollment process.


Submitting an Application and Required Materials


  • Filling out the application with one’s personal information and academic history is the next stage in the process. 
  • Applicants may finish the application process by sending in their credentials and supporting paperwork. 
  • Lastly, For a smooth admissions process, students should double-check the information provided on their application against the information provided in their supporting papers. 
  • Most importantly, prospective students must submit the following items as part of the admissions process:


Proof of Identity Documents


  • Qualifications Assessment Certificate of Good Conduct from the School Administrator Birth Certificate Passport-Size Photograph Official Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Documents Verification
  • The next thing that will happen is that the university will check to see whether the information the student entered matches what is on the papers they provide. . 


With this step out of the way, the admissions process may move forward for the student.


Screening & Eligibility Assessment


  • In addition to filling up the necessary paperwork and making the necessary payments, prospective students will need to take a screening exam before getting enrol on the programme of their choice.


Pay the course fee before enrollment 


  • Paying the course cost, often for the first year, comes after filling out the application, submitting the required papers, and passing the eligibility exam. Contacting the school’s administration is the best way to learn more about the fee’s specifics.


Institutional Recognition from the University


  • Following a careful examination of the applicant’s information, supporting materials, and qualifying exam results, the institution provides an admissions confirmation. After that, the student officially gets admission in their classes and accesses the grant to their login information.


  • That’s why it’s so simple and quick to enrol at GLA Online University.


GLA university online education offers courses

Candidates may choose from a variety of degree programmes at GLA University online education. Majors available to undergraduates include science, arts, commerce, pharmacy, and law. Candidates have the freedom to pick and choose from available options.

  • B.COM: The B.Com (Hons) is a 3-year full-time online degree course at the undergraduate level
  • BBA: The BBA course is a 3-year full-time online course offered by GLA Online at the undergraduate level, with specializations in 4 areas


Numerous introductory undergraduate programmes are available at universities. They offer classes in a wide variety of disciplines, including the humanities, the sciences, information technology, journalism, and more.

In addition, there are a number of Postgraduate Course (or “PG”) choices available at the institution. Courses in the Humanities, the Sciences, Information Technology, the Media, Business, etc.


    • MBA: (6 Specializations) (6 Specializations) The MBA course at GLA Online is a postgraduate degree course completed over a period of 2 years.
  • Diploma courses: GLA Online University courses offer a 6-month Diploma course in Banking and Wealth Management
  • Advanced and executive Diploma courses: GLA Online University also provides students with a number of advanced diplomas and executive diploma courses over a period of 1 year


GLA university’s online education fee structure and scholarships

One of the most important considerations when selecting a university is the student’s financial situation, and the range of tuition costs is a good indicator of this.


By providing courses in extremely inexpensive and fair pricing ranges without any sacrifice to quality or technology, GLA Online University has attempted to close the gap between access to excellent educational services and the affordability of higher education. The fundamental motivation for this is to help more pupils stay in school.

The tuition may be paid in annual instalments, so students don’t have to come up with the whole amount at once and can instead spread it out over a longer period of time.

The full details of GLA university’s online education fee structure have given below:

  • The entire course costs 51,000 in tuition for the online degree. Within a three-year period, the university accepted instalment payments from the students for the tuition. Every instalment costs 17,000. 
  • The entire tuition fee for the GLA university online BBA course is 36,000. Within a three-year period, the university accepted instalment payments from the students for the tuition. Every instalment costs 12,000.
  • The full tuition fee for a GLA university online MBA course is 60,000.  Within a two-year period, the university accepted instalment payments from the students for the tuition. Every instalment costs 30,000.
  • For all the diploma courses the total fee structure is 10,000. The university accepts the full amount of signal payment. 
  • Advanced and executive Diploma courses have a 30,000 fee amount for the whole course and the university accepts the amount in a single payment. 

Scholarships offered by the university

Scholarships based on academic performance are available to students who excel in their classes at the institution.


The university reserves the right to renew and determine the number of available scholarships at its own discretion; its decision will be final and binding.


GLA university online education eligibility criteria

Candidates must comply with a set of requirements set by the University.  Please review the GLA university’s online education eligibility requirements in full before beginning the application process.

  • Priority is given to ensuring that all prospective students are eligible to enrol in their introductory undergraduate programmes. An advanced secondary education (10+2) from an authorised board in any field.
  • MBA applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum 50% GPA.


GLA University’s Requirements for a Master’s Degree:


  • Achieved a minimum of 50% on the Senior Year Exam
  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% from an accredited institution in a field related to the master’s degree being sought.
  • Exams are often important for admission to technical and engineering programmes.


GLA university Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree:


Students from a broad range of academic backgrounds are welcome to apply to and enrol in Bachelor’s degree because of the program’s minimum and student-friendly admissions requirements.

The course outline is as follows:


  • The applicant must have graduated from an accredited high school or equivalent (10+2) programme.
  • There must be a minimum of 50% in both English and math at the 10+2 level for the applicant to bee required. A minimum of 45% on a 0–100 scale is required for general admission into the programme; a 5% reduction applies to applicants from certain restricted categories.
  • All academic backgrounds are welcome to apply.
  • To that end, anybody who is interested and who fits the requirements may apply for admission to the course, which is handled entirely online.


Let’s wind up

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has given GLA Online University an “A” rating for the quality of its online business, economics, and science and technology programs. There are several approvals from authoritative bodies such as the UGC, AICTE, AIU, BCI, PCI, NCTE, and so on.

My sincere wish is that this blog will answer all your queries and dispel all your uncertainties. Those interested in learning more about online education at GLA University can find that information and more in our comprehensive guide. If you do, kindly let us know. 


  • Can I take classes at GLA University online?

-Yes, undergraduate and graduate level courses are offered only via the GLA Online University.


  • Are degrees earned via GLA Online recognised by employers?

The degrees and certificates awarded by GLA Online University are authentic and trustworthy; they have been certified by reputable organisations like the UGC, NAAC (rated A), AICTE, AIU, BCI, NCTE, etc., therefore they are valid and recognised not just in India but across the world.


  • Could you tell me whether GLA is a public university?
    Not at all; GLA Online University is a non-public institution.

  • Does the UGC recognise GLA Online University?
    The UGC does indeed recognise GLA Online University’s eligibility to provide 100% online courses.

  • Does AICTE approve of GLA Online’s courses?
    Yes, GLA Online University’s professional and technical programmes have been reviewed and approved by AICTE.

  • Does GLA University have a distance learning MBA programme?
    To get an MBA degree online? It’s possible to do so with GLA Online University. The programme lasts two years and has ten areas of concentration.

  • To what extent does GLA Online University support students financially?
    Scholarships based on academic achievement are available at GLA Online University.

What kind of placement help is offered by GLA Online University?
Yes, GLA Online helps students obtain employment by forming partnerships with prominent businesses and organisations and hosting frequent placement drives.

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