Wooden Wall Mirrors

Glass Vs Wooden Framed Wall Mirrors

A house comprised of aesthetically pleasing mirrors reflects sophistication. These are no more limited to grant reflection but have become a critical part of interior décor. Besides allowing people to see physical appearance, mirrors are a way to delve deeper into inner personality. While an embossed wooden wall mirror confers a vintage look, a glass-framed mirror Defines elegance. Both types have their subjective pros and cons. Here’s an Insight into both, along with a look over the best-selling wall mirrors on WallMantra.

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Wooden Wall Mirrors

The love for a wooden wall mirror in homes is forever. They have concealed the charm for centuries and look royal. Besides giving a contemporary touch, they align a vintage touch to the walls. Let us check out some of their attributes and types:

  • Durable and Sturdy

Unlike glass mirrors, a wooden wall mirror for bedroom has a longer life span. The wooden framed edges stay intact for years to come without any further maintenance. Not just do they match up every wooden interior, but provide intense depth to the walls.

  • Versatility

wooden wall mirror goes strong with wood embodied interior mainly. Unlike glass mirrors, these are less flexible and need to match the theme accordingly.  

  • Maintenance

An intricate wooden wall mirror is easier to upkeep. The shine of the frame does not wither away and accentuates modishness.  

Wooden Wall Mirrors on Wallmantra

WallMantra has a variety of wall mirrors to suit every room in your home, including modern wall mirrors that can be used as a living area and bedroom mirrors that can be used as decorative wall mirrors. There are many sizes and shapes of wall mirrors. You should consider the placement of the wall mirror in your living room and other spaces.

Minimalistic round Wooden Wall Mirror

This brown-hued circular mirror leaves a hint of impressive art. The outer wooden frame is intricately sculptured to give a classy look. Besides covering an area of 71×71 cm, it allows clear reflection. Also, the laminated wood is professionally painted and has a layer of transparent finish. This wooden wall mirror is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Beautiful Leaf Design Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

This piece is specifically curated for living rooms or bedrooms. The leaf structured wooden frame looks extremely modish and stylish. Besides covering the bare walls effortlessly, it reflects an individual’s personality. To enhance its beauty, consider complementing it with beautiful candles or wooden planters. It has a dimension of 61×33 cm and has high-quality saint Gobain glass.  

Classic Oval Vanity Mirror with Bold Motif

This white framed mirror is all about classic look and royalty. The outer laser-cut design gives a subtle impression. It confers an idea of contemporary décor and is ideal for the living room. In addition, its dimension is around 33×21 inches and provides a matte finish.

Beautiful Decorative Sunglasses Shape Wall Mirror with Black Finish Frame

Quirky décor setup never disappoints anyone. This sunglass inspired wooden frame mirror is one of its kinds. The black wooden edges covering the mirror offer brightness and make the space lively. Also, the 10mm laser cut is elegantly crafted and covers a dimension of 30×76 cm.

Glass Framed Mirrors  

In comparison with wooden frame mirrors, glass mirrors look brighter. The clean lines and subtleness around the edges transform the aura dramatically. Moreover, they broaden a narrow hallway and look strikingly beautiful. Let us check out their features and types:

  • Life Span

Unlike wooden frame mirrors, glass mirrors are less sturdy. The glass edges are slightly delicate and require regular supervision. 

  • Flexibility

Glass mirrors are highly adaptable. They go beautifully with every theme without any effort. Also, the availability of numerous designs allows us to bring variance. They look chic and give a modern touch to the area.  

Glass Framed Mirrors on Wallmantra

Scandinavian Frameless Beveled Geometrical shaped Bathroom Mirror Discovered in 1950, the Scandinavian style looks stylish to date. The clean lines and perfectly finished look showcase the strength of craftsmanship. This frameless beveled mirror confers a flawless look to the walls. Giving the exquisite look of a framed mirror, it has an 18.5x 29 inches dimension. The size is ideal for doing makeup and other purposes. Apart from using it in homes, this is an idyllic gifting choice. Also, you can hang it smoothly in the living room or bathrooms.

 Scandinavian Frameless Beveled Tapered Shape Bathroom Mirror

This beautiful, durable frameless decorative mirror looks astounding. The dimension of 30×16 inches covers the bare walls effortlessly. Its simple and unique look makes it better for photoshoots etc. Also, the sharp-edged frameless finish suits almost every theme. Simple and convenient, it offers consistent brightness and sophistication. Being a classy and designer element, it provides an illusion of space in the area. It is a perfect interior décor accessory for your home and an ideal gifting option as well.   

Glass Framed Mirrors at Wallmantra

Scandinavian Frameless Geometrical Geometrical Shaped Bathroom Mirror. This style was first discovered in 1950 and has remained popular to this day. Its clean lines and beautifully finished appearance are a testament to the strength of craftsmanship. The walls will have a flawless appearance thanks to this frameless beveled mirror. It has a dimension of 18.5×29 inches, giving it the look of a framed reflection. This size is perfect for makeup, and other purposes. This is a wonderful gift idea. It can be hung in your living room or bathroom.

Scandinavian Frameless Tapered Shape Bathroom Mirror

This frameless, beautiful decorative mirror is stunning. Its dimension of 30×16 inches easily covers the walls. This unique and simple design makes it ideal for photoshoots, etc. The frameless, sharp-edged finish is perfect for almost any theme. It is simple and easy to use and offers both brightness and sophistication. It is a stylish and elegant element that creates the illusion of space. This is an excellent interior decoration accessory and a great gift option.


The interior design industry is flourishing like never before. People like to make their dwellings striking by way of different elements. The accessories that had functional appeal only serve a dual purpose today. Designer wall clocks and decorative mirrors are the most versatile accessories of all. These help us embrace our surroundings besides imparting a long-lasting effect.      

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