grocery app development
grocery app development

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Features

In the present all of the information is at the fingertips of your fingers. If you need to reserve a cab or order food or go shopping, it’s just one tap on your smartphone and you’re accomplished. Similar to shopping for other products, customers are now also able to buy their food items on the internet. In actual fact, you’d be shocked to learn that more than a quarter of customers across the US buy their food on the internet. Demand is growing continuously and will drive the market to a higher rate of growth. In 2022, it’s anticipated that the online grocery market will have a value of approximately a astounding $133.8 billion. This change in shopping habits has led to a rise in need for businesses that deliver groceries and the development of mobile apps for grocery delivery Solutions. This creates the way for entrepreneurs as well as traditional grocery stores and tech businesses that want to put money into their personal groceries delivery app development company in India design projects.

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Why Should You Invest into the Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development:

“Grocery online store retail sales across the United States from 2018 to 2023.”

While the amount of food purchased online isn’t that high however, the number of customers who have attempted a grocery store online is significantly greater.

If we look at the position of the figure it is clear that South Korea is leading in the market for online grocery shopping with a whopping 20% of their customers prefer to purchase their food items from online mobile grocery delivery apps frequently.

With people becoming more tech-savvy, making use of the most well-known apps to shop is becoming an everyday thing. The number of online shoppers is growing at an alarming rate. when compared to previous we’ve seen an exponential rise in the number of grocery stores using the mobile apps for grocery delivery on demand as well as delivery services. People are embracing the concept of ordering household goods at any moment and receiving them at their desired time. All this without the hassle of going to the store in person, and waiting in the line to pay. This could be the primary reason behind the dramatic increase of online shoppers. This is why businesses, and tech companies around the globe are pursuing the mobile app for grocery delivery development.

What is the process for the grocery delivery mobile app function?

The operation of a food delivery application is easy. It provides a wide range of grocery items , and gives the option of applying specific filters to facilitate searching. After searching for their products they can add the items to their carts before completing the final checkout. With many apps, customers can select the date and time of the delivery of their order. Here are the steps:

  • A sign-up user signed up by entering required details
  • After the sign-up then log in using an email ID or phone number, and Password
  • Find the item that the user is looking to purchase.
  • Select the product you want to add to Cart
  • Complete Address Details where needed to deliver
  • The user confirms the order via online payment
  • The Admin receives the request for an order
  • The request is then sent to the store’s manager.
  • A Store Manager reacts by agreeing or denying the request.
  • The Admin returns to the customer via an email
  • Store Manager creates the order
  • Update Admin to inform that the courier service has received the order
  • Order is successfully delivered to the customer.
  • Courier Service updates the Admin and Customer.

Different types of grocery delivery mobile Apps:

The mobile online grocery delivery application market is extremely competitive. Since there are lots of players on the market, it’s crucial to decide at the beginning what type of grocery delivery mobile app concept will be developed along with the business. Your total resources including your operations and capital investment, depend on the kind of app you intend to create. If you’re looking to create a delivery application to help your business with its grocery You can look through the alternatives. In a simplified manner these apps come in two varieties:

Aggregator Grocery Delivery Apps:

If you’re looking to create an app that delivers groceries using the model of an aggregator, you will need to work with local stores. This kind of model is usually favored by those running their own stores, with their own store chain, or connecting with grocery stores quickly. In this scenario the store would have an inventory of grocery stores available to the customer to choose from, and the customer is able to choose to purchase from any of the stores.

The entirety of the responsibilities, from the fulfillment of orders to delivery is the responsibility of the store and you’re just an intermediary acting as mediator between the shopper and the owner of the store.

Special Grocery Delivery Apps:

The specific grocery delivery apps offer all the benefits that are available in the model of aggregator however in the dedicated model you are required to manage all orders. In simple terms, different grocery stores will sign up to this platform and begin selling the items. You’d have your own delivery managers. Your main job is to help facilitate ordering and delivery of goods to customers. In this scenario it is more of the responsibility on the grocery website because it will require an exclusive delivery fleet with executives.

Food Delivery Business Model Mobile Canvas

General Features to include in the development of the Grocery Delivery Mobile App:

Each app requires a base set of functions and features for its various entities. For a mobile grocery delivery app there are three primary entities that are: Store Owner, Customers and the Admin. The functions for each one of them are:

grocery delivery app

Food Delivery app – Users Panel:

  • Registering: Customers should be registered easily through the application. Users can sign in by entering their basic information which include email, name, name, contact number. address.
  • Browse Product: Customers are enabled to browse for their desired products from a broad selection of grocery and food products.
  • Advanced Search Searchers should be capable of applying certain filters that make the search quick and simple.
  • Pay Mode Users must be in a position to pay using most common and user-friendly payment methods, which include Paytm, UPI, Paypal, Google Pay.
  • Scheduling Delivery This app will allow users to choose the time of delivery they would like to have.
  • Tracking orders: The customer should receive notifications via SMS or mail. Customers can monitor the status of their order in real-time.
  • settings: Users should have complete authority to modify settings i.e. they are able to alter data like contact numbers or email address.
  • Reviews and ratings: Customers can provide feedback about the products they’ve purchased and the store. It can help improve the overall customer experience.

The Grocery Delivery app is being developed Store Owner Panel:

  • Store Locator Store owners can move their store around the map, and through maps customers can find a store that is closed and place their purchases.
  • Shop Pickup Should customers want to pick up their purchases at the store, they are able to. This can improve customer service. Grocery Business of the customers.
  • Manage your profile. The store’s owner is the sole authority to manage his profile. The store owner is able to edit or change their information such as Name, Email Address, phone number, etc. anytime and from any place.
  • Live Tracking Route: The store owner must be able to monitor the current status of the courier service employing GPS trackers or Google Maps throughout the route.

The Grocery Delivery app is being developed Administrator

Advanced feature of grocery app

  • Store Administration: Admin is able to control all features of the business from one location. Even multiple stores can be handled by the admin.
  • Coordinating with Store Owners: Admin can coordinate with managers immediately and ensure an efficient workflow.
  • Management of the product list: Admin can manage and even manage the list of products , and alter prices according to current market trends and the demands of store owners.
  • Order Tracking The Admin keeps an eye on every order that is processed and, for the logical procedure it is able to keep an eye on the working process.
  • customer management: Administrators should be competent in managing customers and draw them to their requirements, through periodic notifications and notifying of their needs from time to time.
  • The feedback Administrator collects every review and ratings, in order to use them for making the experience of customers better.
  • Notification admin sends a message to notify customers and store managers with status on the order.
  • Payment Management Online grocery service administrator panel is responsible for managing the payment model too.

Market Leaders in Online Grocery Delivery

The delivery of groceries online is a good alternative for people who aren’t able to travel out and stand in long lines to buy groceries. In addition, with the COVID-19 epidemic food delivery service is ideal for individuals who do not want to go out of their homes. Prior to developing the application, you must know the basics of the top players in this sector and the way they operate. In this regard, we have laid some of the major players in this sector.

Walmart Grocery Delivery:

Walmart grocery is among the largest grocery delivery services around the globe. It is a service that operates in over 1,600 cities around the globe. It was initially launched in a handful of cities in the year 2015 and quickly grew its operation.

How it works:

You can use your Walmart Grocery program or go to the site. There’s a variety of goods you can purchase from the website. Walmart also provides the pick-up option in addition to delivery. After choosing the items you want to purchase, choose either your delivery option or the pickup.

Delivery and pricing:

The cost of delivery is usually between $8 and $10. There is however the option of a subscription “Grocery Unlimited” that provides unlimited delivery for only $13 per month, or $100 annually. Most of the time, delivery slots are open 24/7.


Instacart has seen a dramatic increase in the size of its market. It has grown by 179 percent since August 2017 and 75% in January of this year. The delivery (and pick-up) service is now available to 80percent of U.S. households, up from 35% in the year 2017. Shipt, Amazon, and FreshDirect all trail Instacart in terms of the market share of grocery delivery.

How it works:

In Instacart, you can find an entire group of local customers who buy groceries from various stores around the area. Instacart also offers an option that lets you shop according to recipe. Additionally, there is the option of arranging delivery ahead of time or placing an order on demand.

Pricing and delivery:

In Instacart the cost of delivery is based on the amount of your order as well as the time of delivery you select. The prices can be high in busy shopping hours. Additionally, there is the option of a membership feature that provides free delivery for orders that are more than $35.

Amazon Prime Now:

Amazon is among the largest rivals of Walmart. Both are world leaders and have provided an enormous amount of competition to one another. Amazon’s US food and drink sales were $6.13 billion by the end of 2019, or 23.7 percent of the total US food and drink e-commerce sales.

How does it work:

Amazon Prime Now is amongst the most significant benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership. It is a delivery service that heavily depends on the items that are stored in Amazon’s various warehouses. It also delivers far more than food items in this. Everything from batteries to cleaning products will be delivered to your doorstep within less than two hours using Prime Now.

Pricing and delivery:

Amazon Prime Now comes with the Amazon Prime membership costing $100 per year. Delivery within 2 hours is free and you can also avail an immediate one-hour delivery for typically $10. The minimum value for orders is $35. Orders less than this will incur a $5 delivery cost.


Peapod is an Chicago located mobile grocery delivery app that is online and is available in various cities across the U.S. Peapod offers online shopping is present across the 24 U.S. cities and markets and, as of the year 2015, was the biggest grocery delivery service online across the United States.

How it works:

Peapod is more of the typical supermarket than the other choices that we have listed. Peapod’s store layout is organized using “aisles,” and since most of the inventory of Peapod is housed within the company’s warehouses, customers can avoid some delivery charges by taking their own orders.

Pricing and delivery:

The delivery cost is based on the amount that the purchase. The fee is $10 for orders over 30 dollars (minimum amount) Delivery fees decrease to $7 for purchases greater than $75. It is then reduced to $7 for orders greater than $100.

Business Model:

Whatever your business is, it is essential to determine the model of business you’re looking at. In the delivery of groceries the basic business models for the sector are very simple.


In this way you are able to charge fees for each purchase that the grocery store receives through your website. You could also earn money through delivery services.

Promotional Costs:

You can also include a promotional function, in which supermarkets can advertise through your app, by paying certain charges in accordance with market norms.

Your Own Supply:

If you’re a driven entrepreneur, then you could start your own company and purchase products directly from suppliers and then list them on your website. With this model of business, you could incorporate the revenue model of charging the delivery cost directly from your customers.

Innovative Features to keep in mind while delivering groceries App DevelopmentEcommerce Mobile App Tech Stack

After implementing the standard features of the grocery delivery app now is the time to add the features that will help your app stand out. Here are some sophisticated features that will ensure that your app is always ahead of the rest.

Push Notifications:

Push-notifications are alert-style notifications that are displayed on your screen even when you’re not using the application. Through these notifications you can provide relevant and relevant content to your customers at the most suitable times.

Real-Time Tracking:

Real-time tracking refers to sending frequently real-time tracking information to a GPS gadget, i.e. a mobile. In this way, drivers will deliver the goods according to the timeframes set, in case of delay, the clients don’t need to be waiting in limbo.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking systems in mobile devices provide a highly customized experience for the user. It analyzes the user’s geographical location and gives results, such as the items to be ordered and currency, popular supermarkets in that area as well as nearby stores.

Behavior Monitoring:

Behavior tracking is the process of capturing events of user responses to provide a better user experience. These instances include what items the user has bought, what items are most frequently searched for or items, the time of shopping, and the overall patterns of shopping by the customer. For e.g. If you’re located in Italy The app recommends choosing Italian foods like Pasta, Lasagne, etc.

Real-time Analytics:

Real-time analytics are the analysis of data immediately when the data is accessible. It assists you in monitoring the activities of your users, and identifying fraudulent activities, reducing costs, and increasing profit and conversion rate.

Loyalty Programs:

The loyalty programs of businesses help them remain in constant contact with their customers, which increases customer loyalty. There are many programs to choose from, including redeemable Coins, Vouchers, Memberships as well as gift cards, reward cards that aren’t tangible and more.

In-App Phone Calling (Consumer as well as Store Owner plus Delivery Boy)

There ought to be a way for calling the delivery man from both the consumer and store owner from within the app, similar to with Uber, OLA, and other apps.

Chat in-app (Consumer or Store Owner, as well as Delivery Boy)

Like in-app calls and an option to call and chat functionality, where the delivery driver can talk with the customer as well as the store owners.

Number Masking:

Masking phone numbers can be a technique employed to safeguard the privacy of customers by connecting them to a delivery man without disclosing their personal number.

In-App Navigation:

In-app navigation, particularly via Google Maps, helps the user track their position quickly for the delivery address, and assists the delivery driver to find the address.

Reviews and Ratings:

Ratings and reviews help the company to get to know feedback of customers and assists customers in gaining knowledge of the products and services of a shop by its reviews.


If a client would like to repeat an order multiple times, using the re-ordering feature, he/she can make the same purchase without having to add items repeatedly.

CRM Integration:

CRM integration can help your company by helping simplify, streamline, and improve your communication with customers . It will help you gain more insight into your customers, improve segmentation, retention of customers, among many more advantages.

ERP Integration:

When your business expands and is more complex, it grows more complex and hard to oversee all aspects of it. ERP integration allows you to simplify the business processes and control the results.

Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence enables business owners to make better informed decisions that are backed by accurate information. It can ultimately help to identify new business opportunities and cut costs or pinpoint unproductive processes that require improvement.

Custom Dashboards:

Custom Dashboards give the central place for every company’s employees to interact with, access with, and review the most current information to make better and more informed decisions.

Visual Search:

If the user is unable to locate a product , but wishes to buy through your app, visual search using AI can help in this. Visual search makes use of actual images (screenshots, Internet images, or photos) as stimulus for online searches and provides the desired results.

Voice Assistance:

Voice Assistance or Voice Search lets the user make purchases using only voice commands while performing other tasks at the same time.


The recommendation of similar items users were searching for or browsing in your application created a better user experience, and can also boost the number of sales you can make on your website.

Think about Web applications and PWA:

While the world is shifting toward mobile technology, a lot of people still prefer to shop with the widescreen i.e. or on a desktop so it’s important to build a website application for your company as well as a PCWA for anyone who doesn’t want to download applications for one-time purchase.

Mobile App Architecture Required Development Team

In creating an application for your business, you’ll need an experienced team that will turn your ideas into a reality. The team must be proficient in the implementation of complex customized features as well as enticing UI & UX for better user engagement. The most important team members should include:

Project Manager:

The Project Manager studies the requirement and communicates the requirements to the developers in the technical terminology, then then manages the project.

Mobile App Developers:

Mobile app developers are responsible for the development of your application. They are knowledgeable about the technology and the languages used in mobile technology.

Front-End Developers:

The developers are accountable for the user interface as well as the design of the application.

Back-End Developers:

The developers are responsible for the creation of the plugin as well as database management, APIs as well as other backend features.

Expert in QA:

A quality analysis expert reviews the whole app to ensure that all features and functions are functioning as well as the overall design of the application.

Mobile application for delivery of groceries cost?Ecommerce Mobile app cost

Naturally, the price of developing applications such as grocery delivery also has a significant impact. But, there are many aspects on which the development cost is based. They include:

The credibility that the developer partner enjoys:

An extremely prestigious skilled, experienced and well-known mobile app development business such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro is likely to charge higher when compared to other players who are still in the initial stage of their business.

Geolocation is the primary goal of the app the development team:

The place of the development firm is also a factor in the cost. For instance, the cost of development in South-East Asia can lie within 20-30$/hour and those in the North America region can go upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour.

Timeline and Team Size:

If you require an application within a short time then, naturally, the company will raise its costs. Additionally, a huge team of developers will be more expensive.

MVP or Full-Fledge Food Delivery Application:

Minimum viable products are one that has only the essential features, but a fully-fledged product includes essential and advanced features. The cost for developing an MVP app for grocery delivery within Southeast Asia can lie within 15-25 thousand dollars, whereas an app that is fully functional can cost 25 to 35 million dollars. If you’re a novice in this field, it is recommended to start using an MVP and then gradually increase the features available to the app.

The selection of an App Development partner is Vital:

Even if you’ve conducted thorough studies in the field of grocery delivery, Developing a flawless grocery delivery mobile app development requires a competent and knowledgeable mobile app development partner since the development of apps for grocery delivery incorporates various API integrations and custom functions. It is crucial to select an E-commerce solution provider who has deep knowledge of the subject as well as the required technology stack.


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