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Hearing Aids Singapore: Bernafon vs Bose

It might be difficult to choose the proper hearing aid for you or a loved one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and kind of hearing loss. Every year, more than a dozen hearing aid manufacturers introduce new models to the market. I was having trouble deciding which hearing aid would be appropriate for our hearing-impaired 9-month-old. Since then, he’s gone through three hearing aids from two separate manufacturers. In this article, I’ll present the results of my investigation into hearing aid manufacturers and the many options and features they provide. This unbiased data should help you decide which hearing aid brand and model is right for you. Then, talk to your audiologist or hearing professional about your alternatives. ( Hearing aids Singapore) 




Bernafon, on the other hand, has introduced the Bernafon Alpha hearing aid, which has cutting-edge hybrid technology that allows users to hear natural sound even in difficult situations. This unique method does the following: 


  • A crisper spoken signal while keeping the area’s natural sound. 
  • It is possible to establish a balance of voice clarity and listening comfort. 
  • It has no influence on the clarity of the voice or the sound quality. 
  • You may successfully shelter yourself from irritating noises thanks to feedback. 


Bernafon also offers its new EasyConnect service, which allows customers to contact their preferred hearing center via video conferencing without having to leave their house.




Mumbled sounds are fine-tuned, consonant sounds are clarified, and softer voices are enhanced with Bose SoundControl hearing aids. They are ready to use as soon as you receive them; no hearing test or expert help is required. 


The battery compartment and microphone are housed in a container that rests behind the ear in Bose SoundControl hearing aids, which are behind-the-ear devices. These hearing aids do not require custom fitting and may be purchased online without an appointment or prescription. 


When you buy a pair of Bose SoundControl hearing aids, you get six different silicone ear tips to provide the best fit and comfort. There are open tips that enable more low frequencies to escape and closed tips that keep frequencies in.


When selecting a hearing aid brand, there are several variables to consider. 


Hearing aid manufacturers strive to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a wide range of features and styles. Open-fit devices, completely-in-canal (CIC), behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), on-the-ear hearing aids (OTE), invisible-in-the-canal (IIC), disposable hearing aids, programmable hearing aids, and eyeglass aids are just a few examples.


Different hearing aid companies can produce devices that optimize one or more attributes, such as compact size, wearing comfort, volume levels, battery life, high-quality audio reception and reproduction, and aesthetics, depending on an individual’s needs. Many hearing aid manufacturers now offer high-tech features like customizability, wireless options, directional microphones, and a method known as “telecoils,” which allows specific audio sources to be plugged directly into the hearing aid for best reproduction.


For a number of reasons, most audiologists have a favorite brand list. One of these elements may be the availability of a certain brand in your location, while another could be past knowledge of that brand. It’s also possible that there are monetary motivations at work. So have an open mind and consider all of your alternatives. Your hearing professional should describe the following characteristics/features to you:


  • The degree to which the hearing loss is severe. Is the gadget able to provide enough amplification for someone who has a severe or profound hearing loss? 
  • Cost. A single hearing aid might cost several thousand dollars. Is your health insurance going to cover it? 
  • Aesthetics. This is especially true for children, who must be encouraged to wear them. Is it feasible to make modifications? For example, my child enjoys changing colors. 
  • In noisy environments, audio quality and speech recognition are critical. Is Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) and/or Feedback Suppression possible? 
  • The battery’s service life. The battery should not need to be changed every day, however this is mostly dependent on the amount of amplification and the user application.


Conclusions on the Best Hearing Aid Brands 


Most companies provide free trials, so don’t be afraid to try a few different hearing aids. Select hearing aids that are both comfortable and effective in helping you hear better. Find out what features are available right now. Inquire about direct audio input, which enables you to utilize assistive listening devices, which are commonly available in schools, theatres, and other public venues.


It’s critical to understand all of the costs associated with your hearing aid (including batteries and repairs). Remember to compare expected battery life against the cost per battery if you plan to replace batteries regularly. It’s also critical to know the guarantee’s conditions.


Acclimating to new hearing aids can be difficult. Learn how to make the most of your audio gear. Before leaving your hearing specialist, make sure you can simply put your new hearing aid in, adjust the level, and replace the batteries. One of the most prevalent complaints among new users is that their own voice is too loud. It takes a while to adjust to this. Another factor to consider is feedback. This might be caused by a poor hearing aid fit or earwax accumulation. Adjustments will be required by your hearing practitioner.


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