Here’s Why You Should Ditch Cards & Opt Marriage Invitation Video

Marriage! The Word itself brings with itself a lot of tasks and things to plan. We all have visualized our wedding day in one or another. All of us want our wedding preparations to be perfect and our D-day nothing less than a dream.

Starting from your dream wedding location to food, beautiful costumes, and jewelry, all of us want everything to be perfect. But we are forgetting a very imperative thing here i.e. invitation video wedding. The journey of planning your wedding and starting your wedding preparations must initiate with a beautiful and attractive invitation.

In such a situation, what comes to your rescue is a wedding invitation video. Kick start your wedding preparations by preparing an absolutely amazing invitation video.

Let’s begin with discovering some of the most imperative reasons why creating a marriage invitation video is the superlative choice for you.

  1. One of the Most User-Friendly Options

We and the people around us have now become tech-savvy and hence, opting for videos for your wedding invites can be the ultimate choice for you. Wedding video invitation is easier to create and share as well. Also with a professional touch, videos can be made much more creative and attractive. You can go for customization of your marriage invitation videos and get your dream invitation video crafted.

  1. A Striking Mini-Trailer

Each and every couple out there has their own dreamy fairy tale which they want to share with their near and dear ones. By opting for wedding invitation videos, you can start the journey of your happily ever after by sharing your moments in form of a video with your relatives and friends. On the basis of your dreams and fantasies, you can customize your invitation videos.

  1. Give Birth to a Social Media Influencer Within You

With the help of a wedding invitation video, you can exhibit the concealed social media influencer and can create a thrill on social media handles for one of the most imperative events of your life.

  1. Video Invitations have Long-Lasting Validity

As your wedding is going to last a lifetime, your invitation videos should also have a long-lasting validity which you can cherish lifelong. If you get your cards printed, it tends to get misplaced and cannot be preserved for lifelong. Videos can be stored and you can show off your video to your children as well as grandchildren.

  1. Pre-Plan your Entire Schedule

In our busy schedules, it is very imperative to plan everything well in advance. Getting your wedding videos prepared plays an imperative role in this situation. When you circulate your invitation video, your friends and relatives can plan their schedule ahead and can attend your big day to bless you and your partner.


So, here are some of the key reasons to get your wedding invitation prepared. Digital invitations are highly eye-catching and remarkable. These are the obvious reasons to choose invitation videos over traditional cards. The reason being, people tend to preserve what they watch as compared to what they read.

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