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Hiring A Medical Marketing Agency Always The Best Option

Applying a medical marketing agency in your office is essential for attracting more patients and keeping your schedule full.

Being aware of this need is the first step toward more professional clinic management. As you can imagine, choosing the provider that will provide these services for you is the next one.

Anyone who thinks hiring a medical marketing agency is always the best option is wrong. This post will tell you why this choice is not always ideal. Come on!

Role of the medical marketing agency

First, you need to explain what a medical marketing agency is and its role.

This type of business works as a kind of advertising agency, being responsible for actions such as:

  • website creation;
  • management of social networks;
  • blog content production;
  • creating and optimizing ads for Google and Social Ads;
  • visual identity development;
  • video production;
  • writing marketing emails;
  • search optimization.

The great differential between the agencies specialized only in attending physicians is the mastery of the limitations of Medical Advertising established by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). That way, you don’t risk being penalized for any unethical activity.

Another attractive factor is the volume of customers served. As the day-to-day of agency professionals is to get in touch with different professionals, they acquire knowledge to deal with other specialties at a deep level.

In addition, each client is approached in a unique way, which allows for a very high degree of personalization, according to the issues raised. Projects are not closed until you fully approve them and are satisfied.

What is the problem?

This can all sound very exciting, right!? First, however, we need to point out that higher specialization and customization come at a price.

What usually happens, in most cases, is that medical marketing agency end up charging very high values ​​for their services.

In addition to the cost of implementing the strategies, there is usually a monthly fee for maintaining the actions.

In practice, what happens when you hire a medical marketing agency is the decapitalization of your office. This happens when closing the contract and month after month, while the first results do not appear.

The aggravating factor here is that medical marketing agency only works in the medium term. This can mean months of waiting and disbursing an amount that is not always adequate for your financial reality.

What if I take care of it myself?

You are probably wondering if there is any way to invest in medical marketing without spending so much.

First of all, it is important to say that you will hardly be able to implement the strategies unless you have an empty schedule and are willing to invest your time in studying the subject rather than attracting patients.

Medical marketing tactics are very dynamic and require in-depth knowledge to work. Therefore, they are unlikely to be carried out by a health professional who is divided between the service of the office and the management of the business itself.

Even if you manage to configure the first actions, keep in mind that the results must be monitored daily. Without this constant vigilance, you risk wasting your money on failed campaigns.

What is the solution, then?

The good news is that alternatives exist on the market that combines medical marketing strategies with office software functions, such as medicine.

The great advantage of having an integrated solution like this is managing your business from end to end.

Adopting this practice, marketing strategies are much more connected to their real needs and can generate insights to improve patient care and retention.

Medicine Premium plans include cost-effective digital presence methodologies. Through them, you can have access to:

  • high standard medical website;
  • own domain registration;
  • monthly posts on social networks with your visual identity;
  • articles of your specialty for use in your blog, also published in your social networks;
  • setup and configuration of social networks and Google My Business;
  • automated management of ads in Google Ads to attract patients;
  • online scheduling system integrated into the website;
  • automated campaign performance reports;
  • access to medicine consultants to discuss more personalized strategies.

The monthly fee is one of the greatest advantages of joining one of these programs compared to paying a medical marketing agency.

While the agency would include each of the above services in the budget individually, you only pay a fixed amount for everything in medicine. And the best: you still have access to electronic medical record software.

medicine method

The medicine method goes beyond digital marketing actions, and it also includes a relationship module in the system. You will be able to centralize your patient base data and implement measures to increase their loyalty using this system.

An example of these possibilities is the creation of personalized automatic emails, whether on commemorative dates or recurring appointments in your office.

As you can see, there is a range of options that medical customers can apply according to their needs.


Hiring a medical marketing agency is not always the best option, especially if you open a practice or have little money to invest.

Before choosing a supplier of this size, give preference to more cost-effective alternatives.

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