The Stridepost Story

An introduction

Our Mission

Our wish is to help families inspire kids to build good habits by empowering parents to be consistent. Consistency makes our kids’ lives more predictable and less confusing at home. It teaches them to be accountable for their actions. We know it’s good for our families so why is it so hard for us parents to be consistent? It’s because we are human and we need help to consistently be consistent!

Our Story

How many times have you asked your kids to get their responsibilities done this week? How many times have you told your kids that soccer practice is at 6pm? Or better yet, how many times have you said “no” to the many requests from your kids for what they want or in their words…need?

Stridepost grew out of those everyday frustrations of trying to help our own kids grow to be responsible and accountable. We wanted to help our kids take charge of their own day and teach them some basic time management and organizational skills. What we were looking for was something to act as “training wheels” for building good habits. We looked and looked and were not happy with any of the services and products available.

Light bulb! We decided to build our own awesome online family planner to meet our needs. But, no! It had to be more than just a planner or organizer. It had to have the ability to motivate our kids with custom rewards and have the option to track allowances.

That was the beginning of Stridepost. Our service is built on three key features to keep families organized and motivated–our to-do tracker, family calendar and custom rewards planner. They work together to help set expectations and be consistent with your family. We believe that good habits are key to our kids’ success and we’re here to support families who want the same for their kids. Our online family planner and rewards system is being created by families for families and will help empower kids to begin to take ownership of their responsibilities while helping parents work towards taking off those “training wheels.”

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