How AR/VR App Development Making Workout Accessible for all?

More than millions of COVID-19 cases are already detected and thousands of cases are reported on daily basis, this viral infection has shut down all major industries. But one industry that still going strong amid the pandemic is the fitness industry. This is all possible because of the mobile application development offering fitness freaks ways to remain healthy within the four boundaries of the house. People are loving mobile apps to get all tips & other features amid the pandemic.

These fitness apps are integrated with AR/VR technology to create a similar environment like gym and provide different exercises schedule. Popular Fitness brands like Mirror and Peloton have hired mobile developers to build a digital environment. These apps are integrated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality to engage prospects. As per stats, the digital fitness industry has already generated nearly $30 billion in revenue across the globe. Due to constant demand of fitness tips, major brands are doing all efforts to make AR/VR app development robust and engaging. In this blog, we will discuss the relevance of AR/VR in enhancing workout experience.

Engaging features to gamify workout session with AR/VR apps

Improved fitness

Several app development services are using gamifying features to change how people workout. Major features include virtual cycling competition, this lets users compete with their gym friends and share their progress socially. It is a great way to improve individual performance during workout sessions. Many users are so much involved in gamifying features, they don’t even realize they actually have worked out.

Regular motivation

Most people plan their fitness goals but they face challenge to stick to them. Most start with a lot of motivation but slowly lose momentum. AR/VR app development ensure users get regular motivation to stay on track with their fitness routine. The most exciting thing is the chance to beat your own records in the gamified fitness journey.


The best thing about tracking and achieving fitness with mobile application development is its ability to keep encouraging you towards the desired results. These AR/VR apps push your limits like a trainer and make you do all exercises in a fun way. Sometimes, people fail to identify that they’re working out rather than playing games. This has resulted into popularity of AR/VR app development among masses.

Customized workout plan

Many wearable devices available in the market are proficient to track Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) as per your age and body weight. Each one of them shares only numbers to keep you going. But brands are hiring mobile app developer to integrate gamifying features for the workout, periodic push notifications as well as real-time monitoring of nutrition intake to meet goals quickly.

Trekking-based exercises

These workout apps using innovative technology sync your daily activities as part of your workout goals. You can try cycling in the mountains, running on a beach, climbing up office stairs, and going on trekking to burn extra pounds in a fun manner. With VR/AR app development, workout sessions have become more adventurous and exciting than regular gym sessions.

Augmented Reality is a fast growing trend in the fitness industry. The users not only experience gamified workout sessions but also interact with others in the virtual world. A simulated environment ensures user stays fit in a super exciting and motivating manner.

Wrapping Up:

Fitness popularity through mobile app platforms will surge on a daily basis and people are downloading it in large numbers to stay fit at home. Being a brand, if you are looking to invest in a fitness app but a bit confused about how to get started with the same, simply hire mobile app developer today. In the end, we strongly believe that this pandemic situation will end very soon.

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