How are Medical Residents Coping Up with Their Profession and Life?

The life of medical residents is not easy because they have to cope with several issues at a time. The stress and workload may have effects on their health and mindset. Sometimes, they start to get several issues such as health problems, poor mental health, and even poor performance. All of these problems can result in disciplinary actions against them. To deal with them, it is suggested to hire an attorney and learn more about how to get these actions revoked.   

Key factors contributing the medical residency issues 

Several factors can aggravate their problems and make them depressed. A few of them are discussed below:

Balancing work and life

It is a common problem faced by almost all medical residents because they are unable to balance work and life. In the initial years, they feel that medical residency is more stressful than expected. Many a time, they may feel like quitting it and opting for other options. However, with time, they may learn how they can keep a balance between their work and life.

Pressure of timelines 

Medical residents are always on their toes because they are expected to be available around the clock. They don’t have all the time in the world to make important decisions to treat patients. Sometimes, they feel that this pressure is too much and they are unable to do as expected. It is common at the start of their careers.

Fear of making a serious mistake or failure

Many residents fear that they will make mistakes while prescribing medicines or performing surgeries. Due to this, they start to feel stressed and eventually end up making mistakes. This issue is also common at the start of their residency program. Many residents believe that they have had panic attacks and anxiety issues due to failure.

Financial problems 

Most residents take loans to sponsor their education. It is common to feel stressed when this debt needs to be repaid. Sometimes, the resident is unable to pay the money and hence, feels depressed. 

Sleep disorders 

In many cases, residents are unable to sleep properly because they have to attend to patients at any time. Most of them don’t get sleep for about 8 hours, which is a basic need of the human body. Due to this, they may lose their focus and energy at the same time. 

If you are having medical residency issues, you should talk to your seniors. 

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