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How can eyeglasses define your personality and appearance?

Is it possible that people recognise you with your eyeglasses? Sounds a little odd? But it is not that odd to be believed. Everybody has an identification mark. Some are known by their faces, whereas some are known by other characteristics and features. But imagine if somebody is identified with their glasses, how will the situation be! This is indeed very unique and uncommon. Usually one does not have many glasses to make them an identified mark.


It is known to many that some people are being identified with glasses, for example, John Lennon. He is known to us as a member of the band Beatles and also because of his look with the glasses. John Lennon used to wear round glasses and that became famous to people like the John Lennon glasses. The round-shaped glasses have made the fictional character Harry Potter famous to people and there are some glasses which are also named Harry Potter glasses.


Famous personality Steve Jobs used to wear rimless round glasses with metal temples throughout his life. He never changed his glasses style in his lifetime. There are many such personalities whose appeal is famous because of their looks with the glasses.


Do you remember Michael Jackson’s look with the aviator glasses and how handsome he used to look? Well, that was something that we will all cherish and remember throughout our lives. Recently one might have noticed how Kim Kardashian has created a non-conventional look with the sports glasses. 


We have the notion that sports glasses are only meant for sports purposes and are mainly needed for athletes or any sportsperson and cannot be used with any other outfits or purposes. But she is the one who has changed the notion that sports glasses can be used as regular eyewear and can be matched with other outfits.


So if these people can be identified with glasses then why not you? You can also be identified with glasses and make your identification differs from others.


How do eyeglasses define you?


Eyeglasses help people to see the real you and also shape their personality. Eyeglasses can also create an image of the person depending on the type of eyeglasses one is wearing. Depending on the types of frames one chooses to wear, tell a lot about that person.


According to the mood, situation, and purpose, one can choose to have more than one pair of specs for each purpose. This defines your personality and the choice which makes you identified and known to people.


It also depends on the profession that you are in and how you dress up. It also involves people with different daily lifestyles and many more.


Choosing the right frames


It is very important to choose the right frames, keeping in mind the profession, style, colour, mood, and purpose. Eye experts also suggest choosing the eyewear according to the face shape and size.


  • Eyeglasses for business- One should wear subtle frames like oval, rectangular, or almond. Colours should be black, brown, grey or gold which will make you look professional.


  • Eyeglasses for creatives and fashion- Frames with thick borders, geometric designs, and some metal frames with modern styles.


  • Eyeglasses of young oldies- Always age cannot define a person as it is just a number. Men should now get rid of the thicker frames which are very old-fashioned and boring. Instead one can shift to modern rimless glasses, retro glasses, and many more. Women can wear soft cat-eye frames and rimless glasses or can wear some soft frames appealing to the eyes.


  • Eyeglasses for students- Students these days love to wear funky and cool glasses. Glasses now are available in many varieties and can be worn according to the choices and the situations. Cool rounds or funky cat-eyes are the perfect fit for the students. They also love to wear oversized glasses with their outfits to create an eye-catching look to the world.


  • Eyeglasses for parents- Though there is no bar on which glasses our parents should wear, one can always take suggestions which will meet the modern fashion and also will keep in mind the profession. Fathers can go with clear glasses or square glasses which will make them look sophisticated and subtle. On the other hand, mothers can go with cat-eye frames with bold colours which are elegant and bold in appeal. One can buy their prescription glasses online with their favourite choice of frames.


  • Eyeglasses for kids- Kids always prefer colourful and bright things. Thus their eyeglasses should also be bright and colourful so that they get attracted to them and can wear them without any second thought. They can also have the knots which help the eyeglasses to hold for the kids so that there are fewer chances for the kids to lose glasses.


Thus these are some which can make you identify among a group with your eyeglasses and one can buy spectacles online to get amazing offers and discounts.


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