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How can Make Money with sports betting in 2021?

Are you looking for ways to make money betting? If yes, then this article is for you. We have analyzed some of the essential things to help you get started below. 

Bet on yellow cards

The bets on cautions allow you to earn money significant winnings online.

It will be necessary to predict the warning of a player because some matches are seasonally, and some players are warned regularly.

With the warnings, you have a choice of the kind of bet that is decisive.

The odds are usually higher for scorer bets, yellow cards, and dismissals of a match, thus making it easier for the existence and discovery of Value Bet. It is the primary key to understanding the odds of winning in the world. Of bets, in particular, is a more profitable bet than the others because it is offered with higher odds than it should be.

 Play only on reliable prediction 

To make a reliable prediction, it will be good to have good analytical ability and good intuition. It will be fundamental to know, for example, sports news, the details and the situation of the teams, suspensions, injuries, and the players’ physical and mental state.

These are real tricks to make money with bets. Trying to bet without having thought and, therefore, without having carried out any analysis can only lead to the loss of your money.

To make a good prediction, therefore, it is necessary to consider all the details and information that can influence the conduct of a match, both on a positive and a negative level.

When you predict the outcome of a match, it will be good to evaluate both opponents in sports betting. You need to know how easy to make money with sports betting.

 Play three progressive games

This type of system called “three progressive” is feasible at all sporting events, starting from football to volleyball, basketball to tennis, and minor sports.

It will be necessary to choose from two or more events which, put together in a single play, give a multiplier around 3.00, and it will be required to establish the value of a betting unit, which for this type of system is convenient to fix it to an even number.

The next move to follow is the following. First, you will have to bet a single unit on the bill around 3.00, and if you win, you will return to the first point, but if, instead, you will lose, you will have to pay another bill with similar odds. You are increasing, however, the stake by 50%.

 The sure win value bet

When betting, it is crucial to determine whether the risk to be taken makes sense about the stake to be completed and the potential payout, but the detailed risk assessment is difficult to assess.

The Value Bet is a winning technique based precisely on the estimation and evaluation of the value of a sports bet, identifying the cases in which the odds are underestimated compared to the probability that a result will occur.

Specifically, it is a question of betting on an outcome that has a higher probability of occurring than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

 It will be possible to use this type of technology through a formula; that is, you will need to multiply the bookmaker’s odds by the percentage probability (%) of success of the bet, and then you will have to divide the product by 100, [bookmaker’s odds x probability (%)] / 100. If the result is more significant than one, a Value Bet will have been discovered, but if, on the other hand. The result is less than one, it is not a Value Bet, and consequently, the risk of losses will be high.

It is advisable to consult the articles available on the event. You will bet and analyze all the information that may influence the result.

How to earn Money with Live Betting

One of the most exciting sectors within Online Betting is undoubtedly that of Live.

Sports Betting on in-play events.

Most of our country’s active bookmakers are now activating live bets to adapt to the market trend. They often also offer a series of streaming services that allow players to follow all the bookmakers in real-time. Sporting events they love the most.

Also, if you know how to be patient and constant in this sector, you can find a lot of satisfaction and bring home pretty good figures!

 By consistently applying some simple strategies, you can earn even € 10 or € 30 per day! Remember that, even in the field of Live events, it is essential to take time to identify the highest odds and to study the general picture of the situation without ever placing too risky bets.

Are there any practical tricks to put in place? Well, these are not particular tricks, but simple strategies and, in general, common sense!

One of the tips we would like to give you is not to place your bets at the beginning of the game but to wait until closer to the end. Let’s take a practical example: let’s imagine watching a match between Milan and Inter until the 80th minute. If you understand how to make money with sports betting, it will be easy for you.

Here, if until the 80 ‘minute the competition remains fixed on the score 2-0, then you can decide to place a series of bets with minimal risk: you can bet, for example, that no more than four goals will be scored in the match (it is unlikely that two more will be achieved in the last minutes!).


In this case, surely the odds of the event will not be high, but your victory is practically inevitable.

Choose to apply this method consistently on multiple events every day (without ever committing astronomical figures). You will surely be able to make a profit in the long term.

Another possible strategy, always taking as an example a match between Milan. Inter that we imagined before, is to bet on the victory, now very probable, of Milan. In this case, the odds are low, but the risk is very minimal. So it is in all respects easy money.

As you can see, the trick to earning Money with Live bets is, above all, patience: it is about observing the progress of the matches and placing our chances, at last, taking minimal risk!


This article discusses how to make money with sports betting and get winning. We have shared with you some of the essential tips to get you to win more games. We have some of the best advice when you follow, and you can get the win.

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