How Can You Sanitise A Shared Office Desk?

There’s no denying that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world has changed the way we work together. For some employees, it’s a strict work-from-home schedule, while for others it’s spending time in the office within a controlled environment. Maintaining a controlled office environment means that new practices for health & hygiene should be undertaken to protect not only yourself but also your colleagues. 

So, if you’re familiar with co-working spaces or the use of shared desks for office work, especially during this pandemic, then you’ll definitely know the importance of keeping everything clean & sanitized at all times. But, do you know the ideal cleaning methods for the same? Well, fret not as we’re going to share some proper techniques for the same. 

The Methods That You Can Utilise To Sanitise An Office Desk

  • Unplugging All The Electronics

According to professional office cleaning services in Toronto, Before you start your sanitizing procedure, you have to unplug all your electronics and set them away from the desk. Such a stance will help you protect your costly office equipment such as computers, printers, and the like. 

  • Sanitise All The Surface Items

You must learn that the various items you have on the office desk can be hotspots for the growth of bacteria & germs. Examples include your coffee mug, pencils, pens – all of these will come in contact with your hands, mouth, and face. Thus, removing these items specifically and sanitizing them can help you lower the spread of germs & diseases. 

Each item must be wiped carefully with an antibacterial wipe. Once you’re done cleaning an item, place them in a clean place, away from the office desk. If you don’t have antibacterial wipes, you can use a mixture of antibacterial soap and warm water. 

  • Cleaning Any Permanent Fixtures

If your office desk includes peripherals such as mice, keyboards, trackpads, monitors along with other fixtures that are tricky to move around, these items must be cleaned before you clean the desk. Mice and keyboards are notorious for harboring most of the germs that can spread diseases. 

To clean these items, you have to first use a compressed air can eliminate the accumulated dust & dirt on their surface. Once done, you can then proceed to use isopropyl alcohol with a micro-fiber cloth for deep cleaning. 

  • Dusting The Desk

Now it’s time to clean & sanitize your office desk. Start off by dusting the entire piece of furniture. Use a clean, dry cotton cloth and you’ll be good to go. Dusting before sanitizing will enhance the overall cleaning technique. 

  • Sanitize The Desk

To sanitize your entire desk, you have to utilize an antibacterial wipe. You can use an antibacterial spray as well. Perform a thorough cleaning procedure where all the surfaces of the desk are cleaned including the edges. 

And that’s how you sanitize your office desk. It’s not a challenging method, but you have to ensure that you follow all the steps mentioned above for the best results. All the best, wear masks and stay safe!

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