How Diverse Styles Of Vape Cartridge Packaging Inspire The Audience

The recent modifications in marijuana products have surprised people. Unlike traditional ways of smoking, modern vape devices have made the smoking experience classier and tempting. The dense smoke of vape pens urges users to put their hands on the best vape products. Taking advantage of this factor, vape brands use vape cartridge packaging to generate the best possible results.

They have an urge to design vape boxes in different styles to get the maximum attention of the audience. This is because the vape brands are increasing and to remain a part of the competition, it has become for them to use enchanting packaging designs. A typical vape pen can be wrapped in the following packaging designs.

Various Designs of Vape Boxes

Wide Boxes

Wide containers bring customers a luxurious vibe. They have dividers in them so that you offer facilities to the users. You can pack the parts of the vape device effectively such as cartridges and mods. The wide boxes have inserts inside and bring convenience to the users to place their items. They have a lid that may contain a magnet leading to a handy enclosure feature.

You can design these boxes in the most modish styles. For instance, you can use different theme prints that can best describe your product and so your brand. To make your item more visible, you can use foil stamps. The unique detailing of the packaging makes it subtle and enticing. In this way, you can create a remarkable brand difference in the eyes of customers.

Flip-Top Panel Boxes

These boxes are also regarded as partial telescopic packaging. Their flip-top neck feature makes the packaging handy and resilient. They are one of the most popular designs for vape packaging. They also have a slider inside that makes the ins and outs of the vape device quite easy.

They are also highly flexible to customizations. You can use different color detailing and themes to make the packaging astonishing and irreplaceable. With that, you can use embossing to give a haptic touch experience to the users.

Narrow And Tall Boxes

These boxes have slim shapes but are tall in length:

  • They have inserts inside to pack the vape items appropriately.
  • You can do effective marketing through these boxes. Make people informed about the product and make it child-resistant. People will get to know and remember you through your brand’s identity such as by adding a brand name and logo, you will be making your brand highly memorable.
  • Use classical theme prints to make the smoking experience more alluring.
  • These boxes are highly durable and work as a consistent keeper for the vape
  • You can do certain finishes on these boxes appropriately. For instance, you can use various types of laminations and coatings to make the packaging highly resistant to environmental exposures.

PVC Blister Packaging

Blister boxes are an effective vape packaging solution. These are generally made of plastic material and have a back covering of cardboard sheets. Small vape pens that have approximately 1mm e-liquid inside are packed in blister boxes. One of the major advantages of using this box is that it displays your vape item appropriately.

The see-through plastic lets the product be easily shown to the customers. In this way, the customers will get to know the product more closely. Subsequently, they will decide to purchase the product that has been displayed uniquely.

The dull packaging cannot become centric to the consumers’ attention. Besides, you would need less packaging material for the manufacturing of blister boxes as less cardboard is required. Also, they have dividers that help you to pack all parts of the vape device more conveniently.

Boxes With Hang Tabs

Most of the small vape boxes have hang tabs with them. You can use these boxes to provide ease to the retailers. They arrange these boxes on power wing boxes with the help of hang tabs. You can add enticing theme prints to these boxes. These boxes ensure the presence of you vape items because they are being displayed in front of the audience.

Besides, retailers get convenience in arranging these boxes. This is because they can arrange several boxes on one hanger rod. As a result, they need less space to hang numerous vape boxes having hang tabs. Like blister packaging, these boxes also pack small vape devices.

Benefits Of Versatile Packaging Boxes

The vape packaging boxes are highly beneficial for vape manufacturers. They prefer adding diversity in packaging designs to get the best results:

  • The same packaging design for every vape device throughout can make the product presentation boring. Therefore, going for diverse designs will help you to create a powerful impact.
  • Vape devices are generally available in different flavors. To specify their nature of flavours, you must pack every peculiar device in a separate packaging design. By doing so, you will be able to inform the audience about the specifications of certain products.
  • Different packaging designs help you to attract different types of audiences. For instance, you have two segments of the audience; youngsters and adults. For youngsters, you may choose funky and vibrant theme prints and colors to attract the right audience. On the other hand, you will use classic and more sophisticated prints for an adult audience.
  • With timely changes in packaging designs, you will be making your product presentation highly innovative. It will help you to stand out in the market that will eventually sustain your sales and attract new people too.
  • When you add several designs in packaging, the chances of purchases also increase. If the customer did not get inspired by one packaging design, he may get influenced by the other design.


Packaging boxes help you to add versatility in vape packaging such as vape cartridge packaging by By adding multiple designs, you can pack small as well as comparatively large vape devices. The clear and concise nature of this example will be illustrated through the packaging of your vape products.

If you take a look at the packaging for your vapor products, you will find that it is usually very different when it comes to displaying its appearance when compared to those being sold in conventional stores. There are ways that you can take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it. Using the trends in the market to increase sales can be used as an example, like you can utilize the hotspot trends to leverage the market and increase your sales.

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