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How do I get good real estate leads?

How Do I Get Good Real Estate Leads?

There are many ways to obtain real estate leads. There are Expireds, Divorce lawyers, Estate liquidators, Cold calling, and more. There is also an old-fashioned way to generate real estate leads. Cold calling involves calling strangers on the street and asking them about their real estate needs. However, cold calling is a waste of time because the majority of leads you get will not be worth your time.


The key to closing an expired listing is to understand the perspective of the owner. There may be a reason why the listing failed to sell. Then, offer your advice for the renewal. You can also ask for a meeting to discuss your marketing strategy. Be sure to include all the essential information. Text messages are considered less obtrusive than calls, and they’re also more persuasive than emails.

Another way to find good real estate leads from expired listings is to search public records. The process of searching these public records is free, but requires time. To find these leads, you can visit county courthouses or city halls. Public records contain valuable information about property owners. Moreover, you can find out if a property has any pending divorce proceedings or estate references. Additionally, it’s easy to confirm details of the home owner.

Divorce lawyers

As a divorce lawyer, you can take advantage of the current demand for real estate lawyers to help clients in the process of dissolving a marriage. You can get these leads by creating relationships with other divorce attorneys. Divorce clients are generally in a stressful stage in their lives, so if they are referred to you by a friend, they will likely select you. Besides referrals, you can use digital advertising, social media outreach, and out-of-home marketing to attract this niche of clients. It is important to note that divorce clients are emotional and may choose a lawyer they know as a trusted advisor.

In addition to generating divorce leads for divorce lawyers, real estate agents can also generate referrals from their clients. If a divorce leads are interested in rental property, they can be an opportunity for rental property agents. The parties involved in a divorce may require both short and long-term housing. By establishing a relationship with these potential clients, real estate agents can build trust and rapport with them, which can lead to a more significant business relationship.

Estate liquidators

When you get your estate sale leads, you should not expect to make a big sale right away. However, if you are able to develop relationships with your leads in a friendly way, you can turn them into profitable real estate prospects. The first step in gaining estate sale leads is to establish a relationship with the estate liquidators themselves. Ask about their lives and how they relate to you. Be sure not to rush your conversation because rushing could lead to a broken relationship. Remember, buying and selling a house is probably one of the largest transactions people will make in their lifetime.

Another great place to find estate sale leads is social media. Today, everyone uses social media. Many people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Take advantage of this to find leads. Make sure you share your social media content as well, as it will make your leads more likely to remember your business. Whether you have a website or a social media presence, estate sale leads will be found there.

Cold calling

A real estate lead is a potential client who might be interested in purchasing a home. In order to generate good real estate leads, you need to make a positive impression on the prospect and be personable and enthusiastic. While your objective is to gain the client’s business, you must be honest about the real estate business and how you plan to make a sale. Here are a few tips to help you make the best impression.

To start, make sure to schedule your calls for Wednesday and Thursday. These are the best days to contact prospects. If you can, call them on their lunch hour or after they’ve finished work. You’ll find that people are more willing to answer your calls on those days. You should also aim to make a minimum of 60 calls a day and at least 20 calls per hour. Once you’ve determined the best times, you can start cold calling.

Content emails – real estate leads

There are many ways to segment your list to receive relevant content and increase response rates. For instance, segmenting your list by prospective buyers, past/closed buyers, and sellers allows you to target different types of people with different needs and desires. Your list should be targeted toward a specific problem and focus on providing solutions to that problem. Avoid sending them fluff, as this will discourage them from reading your emails and will result in poor response rates.

To generate more leads, you can create and share your own content. Ask happy buyers for testimonials or make videos. Content should be relevant to the buyer’s needs and interests. Remember to use segmentation, targeting, and lifecycle stage to target the right audience. You can even offer incentives to get leads. Your email signature should contain a subscribe link and an incentive to sign up. When generating leads, you should make it a point to provide exclusive content to subscribers.

Networking – real estate leads

In order to generate good real estate leads, you must network with the community at large. Networking with your community and professionals in your field will help you create a client community. Make connections with people in the community and ask them for referrals. By doing this, you will not only earn trust but also gain new clients. Make it a point to introduce yourself to new people and let them know what your specialties are.

To make the most of your networking, you should be involved in the community, attend local events, and network with other industry professionals. You should attend local real estate events and volunteer for community causes. By participating in these events, you will demonstrate your expertise and trustworthiness to potential clients. Continuing your education will benefit you in your work. Attend real estate webinars and take advantage of other opportunities to expand your knowledge. Make sure to take note of the list of participants and research them on social media.

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