How Does CCTV Surveillance Help Conduct Smooth Examinations?

CCTVs are the latest surveillance gadgets that help to surveillance a particular area which you want to cover. It depends on the location and the area in which it is set up. Today, it is used widely for safety reasons and to prevent thefts and misuse of the premises or valuable things. In earlier days, thieves used to steal precious infrastructure and other resources used for a particular purpose, but all these things are now secured by CCTV surveillance. Examinations are also conducted with CCTV security cameras for fair examination practices. Today, most examination centres are using CCTV devices to secure their centres and to prevent cheating and other exam malpractices done by some candidates to score good marks in their examinations. 

Here, we will describe some of the tips that will help you know how smart CCTV cameras help in the conduct of smooth examinations for the welfare of the students:

CCTV Helps Examiner to Keep Track of the Students in Examination Hall 

Today, there are varieties of CCTV cameras available that capture good quality footage in the area where it is installed. Today, these devices come with HD quality that helps the examiners to keep perfect track of every action of the candidates appearing for the particular test. Keeping an eye on the students helps in following smooth examination practices in the examination hall. So, we can say that these cameras leave no scope for any type of unfair means for passing a test or securing better even if they do not deserve the same. 

CCTV Cameras are Must to Deploy in Exam Centers

The Education and Examination Boards has directed exam centres to deploy CCTV cameras in order to keep track of every activity of the students for fair means of examination rules for the welfare of the students. The examination centre should install multiple cameras on the front gate and the examination rooms to capture every angle of the hall to avoid malpractices by students to secure good marks. One reason behind this is that cameras don’t forget anything or miss out on any type of detail. Also, it is impossible for an invigilator to provide equal attention to all the students while they are in the examination hall writing their papers. With the help of CCTV cameras, the chances are very minimal that they miss out on a single portion of the room because they are placed in every corner of the room. So, surveillance service becomes one of the main major aspects of an examination. 

CCTVs Decreases the Requirements for Manpower

Machines are always invented to reduce the manpower for a particular task or work. It applies to CCTV cameras too as it is used in large quantities in examination halls to decrease the presence of invigilators or inspection officers. Nowadays, CCTV cameras are coming in various ranges that provide good quality video footage for fair examination services. The videos and footage are recorded that can be checked and reviewed repeatedly live or after the ending of the examination to check how fair examinations were conducted. Many agencies are involved in conducting good examinations and CCTV plays a prominent role in the whole procedure. 

A Fact or Proof Against Legal Obligations

Every legal procedure needs some evidence in support of the claim. If a claim is filed in a legal court of law for misbehaving and misconduct of examinations, this CCTV footage can be presented before the judge to review the video footage for proof of the claim filed by either side be they are students or examination conducting boards or agencies. CCTV cameras helped in the smooth functioning of the examination because they provide perfect video footage as fact or proof. 

Keep a Track of the Movement of the Staff 

Along with checking the activities of students, these CCTV cameras are used to keep track of all the movements of the staff and examination conducting agencies to avoid misuse of the services of the examination centre. With perfect video surveillance, one can’t use unfair means to leak papers even if they are amongst the examination managing members or staff. With students, staff too are under surveillance.  

CCTV Cameras Help Staff to Make Time Management 

CCTV footage helps the administration and examination boards to check whether the examination is started at its scheduled time and sheets are distributed/collected on a decided time frame. No discrepancy is allowed through video surveillance. 

Process and Quality Control 

The examination should be processed with quality. So, CCTVs helped in this way to provide a better exposure to conduct examinations according to the rules of examination boards. The recorded videos describe all the events of the examinations from the entry of the students to exit. 

Psychological Deterrent

CCTV cameras also work as a Psychological deterrent for holding fair and good examinations with students and staff present in the examination hall. The warning sign “You are under CCTV surveillance” itself reduces the cheating or examination crime rate by 50%. Humans are scared of the videographer of the examinations and high-tech cameras are the need of the hour to conduct good examinations. 

Reduces Security Personnel

Online or offline examinations both need good security to check whether the student is performing fairly according to the rules of the examination boards. If CCTVs are not deployed in examination centres or halls, then a large number of security men is needed for the security of the resources of the centre and also for conducting the safe and secure examination. 

Therefore, we can say that CCTV surveillance services has replaced physical security systems with hi-tech services for tracking every activity of the examination halls. 


CCTVs play a great role in conducting fair examinations as it is helpful in various ways like it controls malpractices and examination crimes by 80% in the examination centres. It acts as a psychological deterrent, keeps all the examination processes in tune, and Tracks time management and proper surveillance of whether the students and inspection staff are following the norms of examination boards or agencies. 

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