Hydrovac Truck

How does Vacuum Truck help In excavation?

Hydrovac trucks are becoming more common on construction projects that require heavy excavation as alternative excavation techniques like hydrovac and air become more prevalent in place of traditional digging. Traditional excavating techniques are expensive and dangerous. Heavy machinery requires more workforce to run, and it is likely to strike a utility line unintentionally. On the other hand, vacuum trucks are lighter, less expensive, and much easier to handle and regulate.

What Is A Vacuum Truck, And Why Should You Use One?

A hydrovac truck is essentially a giant vacuum that has been loaded into the bed of a truck. Depending on the kind of excavation, there might also be a water pump. Hydrovac and air excavation techniques can be utilized with a vacuum truck for safer, more accurate digging. Compacted dirt and debris are loosened and removed using high-pressure water during hydro excavation, and the vacuum removes it. A similar method is used for air excavation but without any water.

Benefits Of Using A Vacuum Truck

Hydrovac Excavation provides several advantages, control being the most important. Hydro and air excavation are more exact methods of digging since they let workers identify precisely where to dig while avoiding other places that shouldn’t be harmed. This reduces the possibility of heavy machines accidentally striking utility lines. Using hydrovac trucks in your next excavation project will save you money and protect you from damaging utility line strikes, but they also have additional advantages.

1.     Fewer Personnel

Compared to other types of conventional excavation equipment, hydrovac excavations require a lot less labor to operate. This is particularly helpful on smaller projects or locations with many other workers and equipment. This leads us to the following advantage: you can save money by using a smaller excavation crew.

2.     Cost-Effective

Hydrovac trucks are more compact and economical than large excavation equipment. Once more, you will only be paying for one piece of equipment rather than the many that would typically be used. You will also be less likely to be responsible for repair costs due to the decreased possibility of utility wires suffering collateral damage.

3.     Safety

The safety of your complete construction crew is the absolute advantage of having a hydrovac truck. Hydro and air excavation reduces the need for extensive, risky heavy machinery on busy job sites and only requires one vacuum truck.

4.     Noise Reduction

Noise pollution can be a significant drawback when using conventional excavation methods, mainly if you must complete the excavation project in a residential neighborhood. Hydrovac Excavation produces very little noise, enabling workers to do your project overnight without upsetting your neighbors.

5.     Enhanced Effectiveness

Hydrovac Excavation also maintains a project on track and improves an excavation project’s overall efficiency. Traditional excavation methods could harm subsurface utilities that need to be replaced, lengthening the excavation process. Hydro jets have efficiency in vacuum excavation since they decompose the soil without harming it. Additionally, hydrovac excavation is economical because less money will be spent on paying contractors’ wages.

6.     Reduced Damage

Hydrovac Excavation allows vacuum truck operators to excavate to reach subsurface resources like water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications without seriously harming any of these services. As the water breaks down the earth, vacuum excavation enables you to repair subsurface lines without difficulty or concern.


Hydrovac services are considerably more economical than conventional excavation procedures. To conduct excavation using vacuum excavation techniques, you need a vacuum truck and an operator familiar with the truck’s components. You must engage several contractors and purchase the necessary tools when using conventional excavation methods.


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