How Good is Dark Chocolate Against Regular Milk Chocolate

Advantages of Choosing Dark Chocolate Over Other Varieties

Dark chocolates are becoming popular day by day due to their health benefits. As per food experts, it is the most nutritious variety among all. The entire world is in love with this superb confectionery snack. It is a staple food at every birthday party or anniversary party. No wonder its delicate and sweet taste is loved by kids, teenagers, and elders equally. Do not get surprised if you come across a person who simply can’t manage without Indian or foreign chocolates even for a day.

Until the benefits of dark chocolates were revealed completely, it was completely a pleasure food. But the known advantages of consuming dark chocolate make this food a nutritious one. Also, the benefits are related to a healthy heart and better brain health. Here we have discussed if this sweetest snack really deserves to be your everyday food. Or is it just that it is the best among its other counterparts. This write-up is worth going through before you buy the best dark chocolate bars in India.

Advantages of Dark Chocolates for Good Physical and Mental Health

Apart from the chocolates available in India, people are also ordering international chocolates online. Let’s go into depth to learn why dark chocolate is considered good for health. Also, you will learn if this type really deserves to be munched every day. Here we have listed the main reasons that make this variety good for us.

Prevents Depression

Like every other type of chocolate, dark chocolate instantly makes us feel spirited. The presence of theobromine which is similar to caffeine in structure boosts energy. Also known as Xantheose, it is a major component found in cacao plants and thereby in dark chocolate. Phenethylamine is also a mood stimulator found in this chocolate. This makes dark chocolate a powerful antidepressant. 

Prevents Heart-Related Disorders

A very small amount of studies favor dark chocolates as a heart-healthy food. Cocoa lowers blood pressure. The power of antioxidants in cocoa prevents clotting and improves blood circulation. This also minimizes the risks of coronary disorders and stroke. Best dark chocolate to buy in India is anytime a great choice against milk chocolates and white chocolate.

Improves Brain Health

Certain studies suggest the benefits of this type of chocolates for better brain functioning. It improves memory, reasoning, and cognitive processes. Hence, it reduces the risks of diseases like Alzheimer’s and ensures better intelligence. 

Provides Nutrition

Cocoa is high in antioxidants and flavonoids. It is a highly mineral-rich ingredient. Going by the nutritional profile of cocoa, dark chocolate can provide us with good nutrition including minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin, and others.

Good for Skin and Hair

Apart from the above benefits, cocoa beans also protect our skin and hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Due to the rich nutrients of cocoa, dark chocolate is considered to offer a gamut of health privileges. Proteins and minerals in cocoa keep our skin protected from harsh sunlight.  

Dark Chocolates vs Milk Chocolates: Are They Good for Daily Consumption

Dark chocolates do not contain dairy fat and also contain less sugar. They contain only cocoa solids, sugar, and cocoa butter. The cocoa solids content is higher compared to normal milk chocolates. This makes them a better option against milk chocolates and white chocolates. But many confectionery experts are of a different opinion. According to them, most of the nutritional value of cocoa is lost during the making process. Hence, it is not just about the dark chocolate and imported chocolates but about the percentage of cocoa content. Also, different chocolate-making processes play an important role in defining how good dark chocolate is. 

When it comes to daily consumption, no chocolate is not good. The chocolates contain cocoa and it has certain compounds that may turn you addicted. Addiction to any food should be prevented. If you love to eat chocolates, dark chocolate is a better option. Especially for those who are concerned about the intake of sugar and fat. It would be wrong to say that dark chocolates should be consumed daily. The only solution is to consume it with care and without making it a must-have for daily diet. 

How To Choose your Dark Chocolate Bar and What is the Recommended Dose

Despite the possible risks of high sugar and fat, it is not possible to avoid chocolates completely. Sometimes all of us crave something tender, sweet, and delicious. Hence, choosing dark chocolate over other types is not just sufficient. Make sure it has 70 to 80 percent cocoa solids. Never make the mistake of going by the color of the chocolate. Many chocolates look darker due to certain typical production processes. Make sure the chocolate is dark type (i.e. due to the presence of high cocoa content).

Recommended dose as per medical experts is around 30 to 60 gms a day. More than this may result in higher calories for you. For example, you get 539 calories from 100 gms. Kitkat Dark 4 finger bar. Hence, it is not good to replace other rich food with dark chocolates. This generally happens with most good food that is hyped. The ill effects are overshadowed by the certain goodness of the product. 

We would also like to point out that the recommended dose is for an average adult. It may differ from person to person. Due to differences in age and health conditions, it is difficult to recommend a dose of dark chocolate that is common for all. If you are already having any kind of heart disorder or high blood pressure and diabetes, consult your physician or nutritionist. Discuss how you will burn the extra calorie and sugar intake caused by the consumption of dark chocolates. Remember that dark chocolate has many advantages but it is also a punch of high fat and sugar.   

Chocolate is basically a fun food and hence should be taken in moderate amounts only. It would be better to restrict them for festive days. Despite the health benefits, they do not deserve to be a superfood. They are still high in sugar and fat content. But if you love chocolates a lot, a munch or Kitkat once or twice in a week is definitely not a sin. To make it better, prefer dark ones over regular types as dark variety is easily available. You may buy the best dark chocolate in India in-store or online. Even if you are looking to taste the benefits of dark chocolate, consume it only in moderation and not in excess.  


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