Portable Travel Humidifier
Portable Travel Humidifier

How Harmful is Indoor Air Pollution to the Elderly?

There are various sources of indoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollutants enters the room through the doors and windows of the living room and the gaps in the building. It increases the concentration of the corresponding indoor pollutants. Some buildings contain certain volatile harmful substances, such as radioactive radon in building stones and floor tiles. Best portable travel humidifier is able to improve air and keep it wet for your indoor environment.


mini portable air humidifier
portable air humidifier

There are also indoor pollution sources that are easily ignored by ordinary people. There are also smoke from smoking, pollutants emitted from interior decoration materials, hydrogen sulfide emitted from toilets. Nowadays, many elderly people are prone to illness. Every year, a large number of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases threaten many elderly people. On one hand, it is due to the weakened physical function and weakened immunity of the elderly because of age. On the other hand, it is also related to the environment.

When the human body enters old age, various bodily functions are declining. It is easier to be affected by environmental factors and induce various diseases. More than ten years ago, my country’s housing construction was basically made of raw wood materials. It implies in a large number of housing constructions, making it difficult for indoor air pollutants. In modern life, the elderly live indoors are more prone to respiratory harmful substances. When the indoor pollutants exceed a certain standard, the elderly are prone to various diseases. Mini portable air humidifier bring fresh air to elderly.


best travel humidifier
best travel humidifier
How harmful is indoor air pollution to the elderly?

Due to the weak immunity of the elderly, indoor air pollution often induces respiratory diseases.

Indoor air pollution can lead to colon cancer and brain tumor in the elderly.

Living in a polluted environment weakened liver and kidney functions in the elderly. In addition, chemical pollution has a strong carcinogenic effect. It increases the incidence of cancer in the elderly.

A new study tells us that indoor air pollution not only damages the lungs, but also affects the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular of the elderly.

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