Custom Pizza Boxes

How Jen boosted sales with custom pizza boxes

Jen discovered the benefits of custom pizza boxes and ordered them for her oven-fresh pizzas. Jen’s husband migrated to a small town in the USA. He settled here and opened a café that he ran with his brothers. Only after three years into their marriage Jen and her family met a tragedy. Jen’s husband and his two brothers expired in a road accident. It was a troublesome time for Jen and her sisters-in-law.

Since her husband had the major share, she thought of selling the café. But there were too many memories of happy times within these walls. She ran the pizzeria on her own. Hearing this decision, her parents-in-law-in-law relocated to America to help Jen out. Jen was grateful for the supportive family. Her father-in-law was already running a pizzeria in Italy and served his loyal customer base with stone oven pizzas. As he was wrapping his business, he thought of providing the same to his American customers in custom pizza boxes.

Custom printed pizza boxes

The idea of using custom printed pizza boxes did not come to Jen and her father-in-law immediately. For the initial months, they tried to keep the business afloat. Thank God they did not incur losses. One of Jen’s sister-in-law decided to watch over the production section, while the other sister took over the inventory. This way, every family member was contributing to the business. Her father-in-law’s experience in running a pizzeria helped them understand the setup better.

In only three months, they started making profits again. They added new coffee machines and improvised the menu. Jen kept suggestion boxes and encouraged her customers to report a complaint or leave their suggestions. Soon people started suggesting using custom printed pizza boxes for the newly introduced oven-fresh pizzas. Her father-in-law was reluctant about this idea. According to him, this pizza was only eaten fresh. Soon the demand for stone-oven baked pizza started increasing.

Benefits of custom pizza packaging boxes

One day, Jen researched the benefits of custom pizza packaging boxes. She was happy with what she found and shared the same with her father-in-law. She showed him the cardboard-based packaging boxes that the company could use to keep their pizzas fresh and insulated. These cardboard boxes did not make the pizzas soggy. Jen’s father-in-law was a sharp business executive. He understood that these packaging boxes were advertising tools that help disseminate business contact numbers and other details conveniently. To differentiate the stone over fresh pizzas from baked pizza boxes in hexagonal shapes were selected. We printed branding elements on these boxes using;

  1. Logo
  2. Slogan
  3. Corporate image and other related information

The trending and in-demand deals of the cafe were printed on the custom pizza packaging boxes. It allowed random viewers to become aware of the pizzeria, their hot deals, and how to order them.

To reduce the cost of packaging further, Jen used biodegradable pizza packaging boxes. It made these boxes from recycled material. It prevents the use of virgin material and curbs the depletion of resources. Jen found these boxes were more durable than others. The best part was they could perish on their own releasing no harmful chemicals and gases. Jen loved the fact that they were providing green pizza packaging boxes to their customers.

Ordering the perfect custom pizza boxes

The custom pizza boxes come in various shapes and sizes. If you are a pizza brand searching for impressive, functional, and eye-candy custom pizza boxes, check out the customized pizza boxes created by ClipnBox. This Californian firm offers high quality at affordable rates for business entities of all sizes.

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