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How locologic helps your e-commerce business with last-mile delivery

Introduction – The emergence of eCommerce retail has forever impacted our lives, and this transition is ongoing. Our lives today revolve around the ease of receiving goods and services right at our front door. You would be wise to pause and take into account that a substantial portion of this “convenience” results from how quickly our orders are delivered to us. For instance, the online retail business has been completely transformed by Fulfillment by Amazon’s amazing same-day and next-day delivery. Expectations from consumers have significantly increased and are still rising. We now have 10-minute grocery and hyperlocal delivery; last-mile delivery firms are continually coming up with new ways to offer services more quickly, more effectively, and more affordably using efficient delivery management software.


Things to Consider Before Collaborating with a Startup or Company for Last Mile Delivery –

You won’t gain from the collaboration unless you have a firm grasp on your company’s needs and what you require from a delivery management software. In the alternative, it may be disastrous.

As you choose and conduct your study on last-mile delivery management software, keep the following in mind:

  • Your clients’ demands
  • Delivery times and last-mile delivery startups/companies of your rivals
  • Your shipping aggregators’ and delivery timetables’ effects on last-mile delivery startups and businesses
  • Are last-mile delivery costs as a share of your total operating costs sustainable? Will it stop you from getting successful?
  • The methods for reducing delivery costs while preserving efficiency

 How Do You Pick the Right Last Delivery Service Company for Your Business – 

An eCommerce company would be significantly hindered without dependable and effective last-mile delivery services. But since there are so many possibilities, it is up to you to choose wisely, which means finding last-mile delivery businesses that most closely meet your needs. Include minor specifics like working days, shipping constraints, parcel weight limits, and holiday lists. The following are the important aspects you should take into account:


  1. Price – This is undoubtedly one of the most important starting points to take into account. Businesses that provide last-mile delivery services operate in the real world, contending with hazards like traffic and the forces of nature. As a result, they bill their consumers a fee for their worth, which is frequently high. You must weigh the expense of their services against how crucial they are to your company. This is known as your cost-benefit ratio.
  2. Technology – There is minimal to no room for error in the operations of last-mile delivery providers. Additionally, they labor under intense strain brought on by constantly shifting factors, including costs, irate clients, risky driving conditions, weather, and inventory availability. The list goes on and on. The massively enhanced delivery management software used by last-mile delivery startups and businesses manages all the aforementioned factors to maximize your last-mile operations. They can handle massive scales and do it with amazing speed. Make sure the businesses you are thinking about handle their operations with the most recent technologies.
  3. Mobile Compatable – Mobile devices are the most used electronic gadgets today. Hence, Locologic provides mobile compatible applications for both Android And iOS devices for easily accessing the order and delivery details. We can whitelabel the apps for Enterprise customers.
  4. Following orders – This function serves as an early warning system for shifting consumer preferences. The days of thinking that a product would be delivered within a week or five days are over. Consumers of today demand updates at each stage of the delivery process. You won’t be successful as an eCommerce company without genuine and live order tracking capabilities. Customers who use last-mile delivery services must have access to an easy order tracking tool.
  5. Customer service – Customer happiness determines whether a business concept is successful or not. You won’t receive repeat business or gain favorable word-of-mouth advertising if your clients aren’t delighted. Therefore, the success of eCommerce companies depends on their use of a contemporary omnichannel customer setup.

About Locologic

Locologic is an enterprise solution for optimizing last mile delivery options for 3PL companies, retailers and e-commerce providers. Our last mile delivery platform is both fast and efficient. Locologic driver mobile app makes it easier for every driver to view the delivery details and update their status including proof of delivery. As soon as a delivery arrives, it is assigned to a driver depending on his or her availability which is either done manually or the system itself schedules them. The system makes sure that it provides the fastest route for delivery and the delivery takes place efficiently.

Challenges that can hinder the business growth – 

The goal of the last-mile carriers is often to deliver the goods from an intermediate shipment location to the final location. This stage offers a lot of potential pitfalls that could harm your brand and overall revenue. Major challenges that firms may run into with last-mile delivery include:

  1. Order cancellations and escalating logistics costs – Even though order cancellations in e-commerce are frequent, faults made in the last mile of delivery are one of the main causes of products being returned by customers. Deliveries that are delayed, packages that can’t be tracked effectively, goods that are delivered damaged, and orders that are lost can all result in increased returns. 
  2. Disappointing customer expectations – Customers frequently anticipate the same service elsewhere, given the standards that e-commerce behemoths like Amazon set. They may not bother about the difficulties that could arise during the final mile because they anticipate quick deliveries. Customers also anticipate deliveries to be durable. They seek flexible scheduling and lower expenses from their end, such as free delivery through Amazon Prime. Providing this level of assistance without last-mile supply chain optimization is impossible.

How can Locologic help you –

  • In comparison to traditional last-mile delivery firms, Locologic offers solutions for the whole range of fulfillment needs in addition to last-mile delivery. This results in a far better customer experience. Locologic provides cutting-edge services to eCommerce clients by keeping a holistic approach to business management. 
  • Locologic optimizes your last mile delivery or pickup Locologic is an enterprise solution for optimizing last mile delivery options for 3PL companies, retailers and e-commerce providers
  • Locologic integrates with different order systems to import realtime orders through APIs
  • Locologic offer free integration and programming for all paid plans so that your account is setup from day one.
  • Locologic makes sure that it provides the fastest route for delivery and the delivery takes place efficiently.
  • Realtime tracking is very important.
  • Locologic assists clients by providing specially tailored resolutions to their difficulties, starting with a solid grasp of its business strategy and extending how it provides value to its clients’ companies, distribution networks, and last-mile logistics requirements. Thus, if you want to start your business and are looking for delivery management software, Locologic is the solution for all your issues. 
  • Locologic is an application framework for 3PL companies, retailers, and e-commerce suppliers to increase last-mile delivery choices. Our platform for last-mile distribution is quick and effective. Using APIs, Locologic interfaces to different order constructs and imports real-time orders.
  • Additionally, for all paid plans, we offer a maximum of 40 hours of free integration and programming to make sure your account is immediately usable. We are a top provider of logistical solutions and offer a range of alternatives to satisfy the requirements of different businesses, making us the perfect winner for last-mile delivery management software.

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