How Mobile Apps Have Altered The Travel Industry Operations

How Mobile Apps Have Altered The Travel Industry Operations

Statista reports that travel apps are the seventh most downloaded category in the Apple app store in March 2021. Studies show that more than 60% of smartphone users use travel apps to plan their trips.

Travel and tourism apps have allowed travelers to book their flights themselves.

The travel app industry constantly develops new ways to help customers make bookings and pay for their services.

Travelport found that the majority of mobile users prefer apps to make travel arrangements to using the mobile website. Mobile apps have become more prevalent in the tourism and travel industry due to their better relationship with users.

Why are mobile travel apps preferred over websites?

This question is multi-layered, as a mobile app for travel doesn’t have a common concept definition. You can use various apps to make your adventure travel more enjoyable. These tourist-friendly apps have features to:

  1. Book your hotel and flight tickets now!
  2. Let us help you arrange accommodation and organize your trip
  3. You can plan various activities (sightseeing tours, etc.).
  4. You can book travel packages to different destinations
  5. We can help you find nearby banks, restaurants, and hospitals.

Travel apps have many benefits for the tourism and travel industry, including all-time access, connectivity, faster payments and more. But comfort rules them all.

Custom travel and tourism app development services have significantly impacted the landscape of the tourism and travel industry.

Let’s look at how technology is changing the face of travel and tourism.

  • Booking is easy and quick

According to Travelport’s findings, 39% of mobile users find it quicker and easier to access information and make travel arrangements via mobile apps.

Tourism software applications allow you to book hotels and flights with just a few clicks and make it easy to arrange last-minute plans.

If you have to book a flight the next day or the next week, it is much easier to use your smartphone to open a flight booking application and book your flight in minutes.

Before mobile apps were available for the tourism industry, people had to find agents and wait in long lines to obtain flight information. Digitalization has made the travel process much more accessible, enjoyable, and convenient.

  • Transactions are streamlined

Using mobile apps, it is now possible to store soft copies of any important documents related to travel on your mobile phone. This includes documents that relate to transactions, bookings, and flights.

Digital transformation in travel and tourism has helped reduce paperwork and made the process more simple and seamless.

The digital revolution in the travel industry has made it unnecessary for travelers to bring original documents or be worried about losing them.

You can also make a payment online for your trip. Travelers don’t have to bring a lot of cash when they travel.

  • Photos and videos from real destinations

Statisticians have shown that 80% of travelers spend at least 4 weeks researching destinations and reading reviews from other travelers.

It is normal for someone booking a holiday flight to search the videos in advance. According to a Google survey, 66% of respondents said that they look up videos before arriving at a destination.

The Travel Mobile App allows users to view photos and videos from different locations and learn more about the destination. This will allow users to choose their preferred destination and make arrangements accordingly.

  • Advanced apps with Modern technologies

Nearly every app being developed these days uses disruptive technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics. These technologies allow travel companies to offer recommendations to users.

This has greatly benefited the tourism and travel industry. These recommendations can also be constructive for users.

For instance, you might be tempted to take a vacation but have limited funds. You can use the app’s precise algorithms to find holiday plans that fit your budget.

  • Portable solution

Mobile apps for travel can give you all the information and data you need about your trip, from the beginning to the end. You don’t have to take a map or guidebook if you use travel apps.

The digital tourism platforms can also be connected to the GPS, making it easier to navigate the city.

Tourism board apps allow users to save information about their trips, such as important dates, must-see places, reminders, and other details. Some apps notify users of nearby discounts based on their location.

  • Customized Services

Travel apps have changed travel for customers and impacted how travel companies target customers. They are now using apps to provide customers personalized services, promotions, discounts and special offers.

Imagine a business traveler curious about the weather in his destination. A travel company could provide the weather function within their app. This would allow our business traveler to view the current and future weather conditions at his destination, possibly with links and offers for activities based on this forecast.

These custom services and integrations – whether it’s travel for business or leisure – give travel companies an edge over the rest while also providing valuable insight into their customers’ wants, needs and priorities.

  • Communication has increased

Another problem travel companies face today is communication with customers.

Despite the ease and practicality of communication channels, maintaining conversations with customers long after the plane has landed and bags have been unpacked is difficult.

But with mobile apps, they can communicate with their customers in a direct and personal way. Mobile apps allow travel companies to communicate directly with their customers, whether by asking for feedback on an excursion or activity that a customer has booked, offering similar packages, or sharing key information about tourism and travel trends in the hope of inspiring interest in new destinations and activities.


This information is only the tip of the iceberg. The impact of digital innovations in tourism with mobile apps has been huge on the entire industry. We expect to see traditional travel methods completely transformed by advanced technology in the next few years. Keep watching for more information!

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