How To Braid Hair For Beginners
How To Braid Hair For Beginners

How To Braid Hair For Beginners

It’s simple to begin braiding hair as a beginner, even if you’ve never done a style more complex than a ponytail. While they may appear extremely difficult, most braids are relatively straightforward patterns. Learning to grasp the hair and make a braid that looks balanced from top to bottom is sometimes the hardest aspect for a beginner.

The three-strand braid is a good place to start if you’ve never braided before. The basis for all other braids and braided hairstyles is this easy method. To become an expert braider, try these suggestions:


It helps to practice braiding while having all of your hair brushed over one shoulder and in front of a mirror. Start braiding your hair over your left shoulder if you are left-handed. If you are right-handed, do the opposite.

Additionally, you can try braiding fabric strips, licorice ropes, and shoelaces!

Never skip prepping your hair. 

It’s crucial to begin with, dry or barely damp hair (wet hair stretches too easily and is prone to breakage). For simpler braiding, always comb out tangles and use a thin Styling Paste.

Create neat, even sections. 

Make three equal parts in your hair: the left, the center, and the right. To keep the portions apart, comb through them and tie a tiny clear elastic around each one.

Find your rhythm. 

Cross the center section over the side section closest to your face first. Next, cross the segment on the other side over the newly created central strand. Up until the ends of your hair, keep repeating this easy pattern: right over center, left over center, right over center, left over the center.

Don’t drop your hair! 

Do your braids frequently turn out too slack? While braiding your hair, keep a tight grasp on each area, especially the central section.

Use the thumb and pointer finger of the opposite hand to catch a side piece as you bring it into the center, keeping your fingers close to the braid. A gentle, constant strain should be maintained, and the braid should be carefully cinched after each stitch to prevent it from slipping.

Add a finishing touch. 

After braiding your hair, use a clear elastic to hold the ends in place. Pull off a few little sections of hair to “pancake” your hair for a fuller braid. To keep your braid in place, use a light-hold hairspray after using your fingers to fine-tune the shape.

What comes after you’ve mastered the fundamental three-strand braid? By arranging your hair in two plaits or braiding just a tiny portion of it and leaving the rest loose, you can add some creativity to your conventional braids. Hair Factory in New York offers the best human hair for braiding if you’re looking for top-notch braiding hair. Visit now to look around!

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