How To Charm Your Boyfriend This Valentines Day

How To Charm Your Boyfriend This Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a very happy time. For many, it can be a daunting one. And there is a very food reason for that too. For example, if someone has just gotten out of a toxic relationship, the romantic vibes of Valentine might name them to think of their ex. But for others who have just stepped foot into this territory of love, this is a glorious occasion. This is the time of the year when anything you do wordlessly will have a whole meaning to it on its own. So if you find yourself often at a loss of words in wanting to express your love and affection for your better half, then we suggest you have a read at this blog. 


Women, in particular, have often been known to overdo valentines day. And it’s not a recommended course of action. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I recommend you reassess your relationship. If you are taking things slow, then do not make a big deal of valentines day. Instead, make it look chill and mellow. Secondly, men do not enjoy copious displays of affection. And if you gave yourself such a man who would rather spend the day with you cuddling and playing video games, then do not under any circumstances get him something extravagant on valentines.

So whether you fall in the first or the second category, the main thing that you can easily focus on this valentines day is getting him something that would make him feel valued. Make him feel like you have truly paid attention to his get-up. This complete list of valentines day gifts for boyfriend is your best shot at making him see how much you truly care for him.


What do you want to gift him?

Here are some of the most sought-after jackets and the right shirts that would make your boyfriend realize that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. 


Red and Black Deadpool Jacket with a Valentino Shirt

Now I am not one who would often recommend this, but with the vogue of the Ryan Reynolds Red and Black Deadpool Jacket, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Ryan Reynolds is a very handsome man. But it’s not his charming looks and talent of acting that makes him a show stopper. It’s the way he carries himself. He always knows what to wear and where to walk with it. His being cast as Deadpool is quite an achievement. Get your boyfriend this jacket, and here is a smart shirt option you can wear with it. 


A shirt that goes with it

The red and black jacket would look absolutely stunning in the Valentino shirt. This shirt is one that I would highly recommend. This shirt has a boxy appearance and will fit your boyfriend effortlessly. This is a button-up shirt and comes in a very vivid color situation. The neon blue and pink on the black background really bring the shirt to life. And it looks very, very refreshing with the red and black Deadpool jacket. The jacket itself has a very comfortable viscose inner which makes it slide comfortably on the shirt. 


Baywatch Red Bomber Jacket with Arket overshirt

Men don’t usually like the color red. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been enough representation of the color red in a manly situation. The color will look stunning on any make if he knows how to wear it without overdoing it. I think this David Hasselhoff Baywatch Red Bomber Jacket would be the perfect arrangement for your boyfriend. The jacket in red has a bomber style to it. This makes the jacket look clean and put together. 


A shirt that goes with it

With this jacket, it is pretty apparent that you do not have to do much. But if you have a boyfriend who likes to add a little bit of formal dressing to these casual attires, then get him the Arket overshirt with this jacket. The market shit that I am speaking of here is one that comes in green forest-like color. The shirt is made with organic cotton. Its best feature is that it will make you feel no chill at all in the colds of winter


Maroon Tuxedo for Men with the Bode Patchwork design

If your boyfriend is anything like other men, then trust me, he would absolutely love this. Though boyfriends tend to take off the formality from their attires after the thyroid date, they secretly still like dressing up in formal attire. But the only problem is that men do not have a lot of options to choose from. The most a man owns is in black or navy blue or a deep gray or brown.

They hardly ever own any other color when it comes to formal dressing. And I am not blaming them. But as his new lady, it is your unspoken job to make sure she always has more than one option to choose from. The Maroon Tuxedo for Men is ideal in this situation. Tuxedos are not rare. But a tuxedo in maroon is a rare feature. This maroon tuxedo has a lapel collar and makes him look fun and kept together. 


A shirt that goes with it

Solid colors are what women like most about men. But if your man already has enough solid color shirts, this is the next thing you need to get your boyfriend. The Bode Patchwork shirt would be ideal in this case. The shirt has a light blue color and white patchwork all around it. The light blue and white would be a great contrast with the maroon tuxedo. The shirt has a button-up design and would look great with a stylish maroon tuxedo. 


Thriller Jacket with Gucci’s geometric shirt

Now, if you and your boyfriend have the same taste in music, then this would be a great option. Of course, before you determine whether he is boyfriend material or not, you must know his music taste. And you know he is a keeper if he enjoys listening to Michael Jackson. So that is your hint. This time at valentines day, get him this Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket. The jacket is a slim-fitting one and will make you fall in love with your boyfriend all over again. This jacket has a lot of room for mobility and will make your boyfriend feel at ease. And if the style icon Michael Jackson himself wore it, then you know for sure he is a keeper. 


A shirt that goes with it

With a jacket as trendy as this, don’t skimp out on the shirt. Get him a Gucci geometric shirt. This shirt looks like a bowling shirt. The shirt has this really cool polka dot and striped design. The design of the shirt falls very well with the color of the thriller jacket. The shirt on its own would look like a complete party too. So that your boyfriend can take off the jacket anytime, he likes. 


Bonus tips 

Now that you are done with all of the things you can get your boyfriend, it comes down to the location you pick. And be very careful. The seriousness of the location can most definitely spook your boyfriend, and we don’t want that. So here are a few places you can take your boyfriend to on valentines day. 

  • POOL PARTY: This is a very casual party to go to. The party will have lots of people around. So if you are in the initial stages of the relationship, at least he won’t say you are being desperate to spend time with him. And when you are able to socialize with other people, you will also be able to judge his manners. If the night goes well, you might just end up with something more permanent. 


  • GARAGE PARTY: Music is a big part of everyone’s life. The quintessential garage party would make you look like you are very chill and cool about the relationship. You don’t want your boyfriend to think that you have nothing more important to do than to hang out with him. You can, however, make him feel that he is an important part of your life without having him think that he is the only one. 


  • COFFEE DATE: Coffee is my favorite beverage. It is calming, soothing, and perfect for casual dates. It will also make you stay on your toes when you are around your boyfriend. You don’t want him to take a wrong impression of you by something that you say when you are inebriated. It can be a romantic thing. Take a pick of your favorite jacket and shit from the above things. Then after that, you take him to a coffee shop and gold his hands when you do so. 


Don’t carry it away ladies!

One thing that I encourage all women to do is to let the guy set the pace of the relationship. Not when it comes to taking things fast, but when it comes to taking things slow. If he does not want to be seen with you in a public event, then believe it. Do not delude yourself that he is not feeling up to it because he will let you know if he wants to be with you. The key here, ladies is to give him space. Let him take the lead in this case, ladies. Just focus on getting him the right gift on Valentine’s and live your greatest life. 

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